Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking– WR33, ADP– 9.03, Auction Value ($200)– $4, Team– ARI, Bye– 12

In an interview early this June, Larry Fitzgerald told reporters that Kyler Murray’s passes are “very catchable, accurate especially on the move [and] great placement”. If that’s the case, we’ll hope to see big connections between Murray and Fitzgerald as the two look to build a strong connection in the QB’s rookie campaign.

The Arizona Cardinals ran a 2 tight end set, leaving the receiver spots to veteran Larry Fitzgerald and rookie Christian Kirk last year. Their offense ranked last in passing categories and overall as the team struggled to find an answer at the QB position. They flipped from Sam Bradford to Josh Rosen and this year, it’ll be #1 overall pick Kyler Murray at the helm. We’ll see if Murray can finally be the answer at QB and give the Cardinal receivers some stability at that position.



Larry Fitzgerald has been on the league for a very long time and is due for a decline. This year, we might see second year receiver Christian Kirk leapfrog him in the stepping order and receiver more targets than the vet. If Fitzgerald does remain as the top dog, look for the rookie quarterback to trust in his veteran wideout and target him roughly 25% of the time. This would give a large target volume for the 16 year veteran. We could see him break out for 900 receiving yards and 7 TDs.


In 2018, Fitzgerald was targeted 21.7% of the time while Kirk was targeted at 18.3%. However, with their reception percentages nearly equal at 62 and 63 percent, Kirk may get the edge with more yards per reception. It may be time for a set of fresh legs to take over as Arizona’s new receiver and thus, Fitzgerald might not be able to deliver on his draft pick potential. His floor, assuming he declines to the WR2 slot is 650 yards and 5 TDs.

What to Expect

Arizona CardinalsFitzgerald is currently ranked as the 33rd wide receiver off the board and holds an auction value of $4. He’s currently projected to have 9th round draft value. Though he hasn’t been a 1,00 receiver for a while or the potential to reach that stage, Larry Fitz is a very solid option for a 9th round pick. He’ll give you WR4 production with an outside shot at a low end WR3. However, in the 9th round, I’d ideally be looking for a player with some upside and Fitzgerald isn’t that player.

If you need a serviceable receiver that could get around 5-8 points per week, he’s your guy. For auction drafts, $4 is a reasonable price to pay for a receiver that might end up on your bench. If you are desperate for a starting wideout, you might just have to go for a safe option in Fitz. Otherwise, why not take a risk on a bench player with the same budget or pick.

Though he may still be the primary option in Arizona, Fitzgerald might not get the same amount of attention he has in the past. You’re possibility drafting a receiver with a diminished skillset in a situation where a young receiver is emerging. All Fitzgerald has going for him is his name and past accomplishments. I expect to see Fitzgerald accumulate 750 receiving yards and 5 TDs this year. It’s a solid stat line but lacks potential for growth.

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