Marquise Goodwin Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking-WR38, ADP-14.09, Auction Value($200)-$7, Team-SF, Bye-4

Marquise GoodwinMarquise Goodwin had a strong 2017 season but regressed last year, in large part due to injuries. Not only did he have to deal with problems of his own, but the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went down in week 3 against the Chiefs with a torn ACL. Goodwin is known as a speedster and he got a chance to prove it at the first ever 40 yards of gold tournament where he came out on top.



Next season should be interesting for the 49ers. They’ve dealt with numerous injuries in the past couple years, but if they’re healthy they should be contenders for a wild card berth. Goodwin formed a strong rapport with Garoppolo to close out the 2017 season and will be looking to build on it this year. The 49ers have upgraded their receiving corp. but Goodwin should still be a starter on the team.


Goodwin’s tremendous speed allows him to be an elite deep threat. Kyle Shanahan remains one of the most innovative minds in football so there should be no worry that he’ll be misused on the team. The shine off Garoppolo has worn off a bit after his injury but he’s still only lost two games in his career. If Garoppolo and Goodwin can both stay healthy they can help each other have breakout seasons. The supporting cast has received a significant upgrade since 2017 as well, so it theoretically should be even easier than it was then. If everything goes perfectly, Goodwin may exceed 1000 yards and score 7 times.


Goodwin has only had one good season in his career so there is worry he’s a one hit wonder. Both he and his quarterback have proven to be injury prone so there should be significant worries about their health as well. Not only that, but with the rising Dante Pettis and George Kittle, as well as rookie Deebo Samuel, Goodwin may find he won’t be as targeted as much as he likes. If he gets hurt and leapfrogged in the depth chart, Goodwin may disappoint. A worst-case scenario stat line would be 400 yards and just 3 touchdowns.

What to Expect

San Francisco 49ersGoodwin is currently ranked as the 38th best receiver with an auction value of $7. He has an average draft position in the 14th round. Getting Goodwin as a flex receiver is a pretty solid idea, and he’s relatively cheap at $7. There are slightly cheaper players that might be better bargains, but most of them don’t have the ceiling Goodwin has. Absolutely pick him up if you need more receiver depth on your team.

Goodwin, despite all his injuries, has not lost a step. His speed and agility remain as high as ever and there’s little doubt Shanahan is dreaming of ways to utilize him. The type of game he plays does incur injuries but I’m confident he can play in at least 11 or 12 games. It’d be if helpful if Jimmy Garoppolo stays healthy, but even if he doesn’t, Nick Mullens has proven to be an adequate backup. A 700 yard 5 touchdown season appears to be in play for Goodwin.

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