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Matt Ryan is coming off a top 15 QB season all-time for fantasy football. He gets to play a majority of his games indoors where the Falcons offense thrives, and even over the age of 30, Julio Jones is one of the most dominant wideouts. It was a down year for the Atlanta Falcons, and a lot of that was because of the injuries on the defensive side. Ryan comes into the 2019 fantasy year ranked inside the top five for projections, and is also a decent bargain. Being involved in one of the most consistent offenses over the last few seasons, and while this Ryan-Jones duo is getting up in age, they still bring the production year in and year out.

2018 Fantasy Recap


Matt Ryan was one of four quarterbacks last season with over 600 passing attempts, and ranked third in passing yards behind Patrick Mahomes and Ben Roethlisberger. Ryan thew 35 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also had three rushing touchdowns which is a volatile stat that is tough to repeat. The 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns is easier to repeat, which his projections are in range of. Ranking third in touchdowns last season, Ryan has shown to have a somewhat up and down nature to that category. In his last five seasons, his passing touchdowns numbers have been, 28, 21, 38, 20, and 35. While the defensive play certainly helped Atlanta get into some shootouts and chase games, Atlanta has been one of the more balanced offenses over the last few seasons. It won’t hurt Ryan in 2019.

2019 Fantasy Outlook

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We have seen big years from Matt Ryan before. His MVP season he threw 38 touchdowns and had 4,900 yards. He has consistently thrown over 4,000 yards in each season since 2011. His only season below 4,500 in that span was 2017. Ryan remains one of the more efficient quarterbacks too, sporting over a 65% completion percentage in six of the last seven years. Over the last few seasons, Ryan has generally lacked touchdowns after big seasons. I don’t believe that will be the case this season.

He gets a reasonable passing schedule, and playing in the NFC South is generally a place we find high scoring quarterbacks. Atlanta should have a much improved offensive line, and they desperately addressed it through the draft. Calvin Ridley will be in his second year, and that guy Julio Jones ain’t too shabby either. Mohammed Sanu and Austin Hooper are solid secondary options. Ryan is a top five quarterback lock for me, and someone I value in terms of where he is drafted.


Draft & Auction Value

Currently being drafted as the sixth quarterback off the board is Matt Ryan, and there are leagues where names like Drew Brees, Carson Wentz, and Russell Wilson are drafted even before him. Insert any wrong gif into the article, as Ryan is one of my favorite quarterbacks headed into 2019. The potential to finish as a top three QB is there again, and the value you get on him is one of the best at the position. There is also a good chance of pairing him up with one of the stud wideouts. The auction value is not bad either, and he will likely be at a reasonable price in comparison to other names in the top ten.

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