Mike Evans Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Despite the Bucs having a rough go at things last season, Mike Evans had the (arguably) best year of his career. He finished with a career-high 1,524 receiving yards which put him at 3rd in the NFL. His 86 receptions put him in the middle of the road at 17th in the NFL, and he ended the year with 8 TDs. At Lineups we have him listed at WR8 and projected for 1,365.6 receiving yards with 87.7 receptions.



The above stat puts things into perspective at just how profound Mike Evans’ impact has been. He’s been forced to take on a big role with the Bucs since the beginning and he’s filled it out nicely. Putting him in a statistical grouping with Randy Moss and AJ Green should speak for itself.


In terms of a floor, we can see from last year that Evans is Bucs-being-bad proof. Despite the team going just 5-11, Evans still finished with the 3rd most yards in the league last year. On top of that, his 17.7 yards per catch was the best of his career. He was getting more big plays last year than he was in the past. If the Bucs relied on him more in the redzone, I could see him being up there at WR3 or WR4. However, 8 TDs still isn’t too shabby.

A more exciting thing to look at is Evans’ ceiling for 2019. The Bucs are looking to be at least a little better going into this season. Jameis Winston should be able to continue getting good time in the pocket after Tampa Bay went ahead and re-signed Donovan Smith, arguably the best left-tackle that was available in free agency. Evans will continue to get much of the attention as WR2 is Chris Godwin, a good option, but nowhere near as solid as Evans.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersWe have Evans at an ADP of 2.08, which I think is perfect in terms of his evaluation. Sure, he’s not going to be a DeAndre Hopkins or Julio Jones, but he’s going to be close. I wouldn’t hesitate to grab him if he’s on the board and Jones, Hopkins, or Adams aren’t. When it comes to top WRs, there’s often a little bit of luck that goes into which will be the most productive in a given year, but I have a good feeling about Evans in 2019. Evans’ auction value is currently at $27 out of $200, which I actually think is undervaluing the 26-year-old receiver.

What I like most about Evans is his character and willingness to stick with the Bucs through the tough times. A quick browse through his Twitter feed shows numerous charitable events he’s attended throughout the off-season, and just how much he means to the city of Tampa Bay. It may seem unrelated to fantasy, but in a way it’s not. If someone suits up every game like it’s the most important thing in the world (which I believe Evans does), it’s only going to serve his production well.

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