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Mohamed Sanu will be considered WR3 for the Falcons in 2019. Despite the title maybe denoting less production, WR3 on the Falcons still isn’t a bad fantasy choice. Sanu finished 31st in the NFL with 838 receiving yards on the year in 2018. He had 66 receptions and 4 TDs, which isn’t too shabby for the third in line to be looked at by veteran QB Matt Ryan. As Ridley (WR2) is gearing up for his second season, we could see him get more looks as he matures and becomes a more ingrained part of the Falcons’ offense. In 2018, Sanu had 2 more receptions and 17 more receiving yards than the young Calvin Ridley.



PFF’s Falcons specific PFF Atlanta account tweeted out the above stat. When really examined, it is quite remarkable how few catchable passes Sanu has dropped in his three seasons with the Falcons.

2019 Fantasy Player Outlook & Value Profiles

At Lineups we currently have Sanu listed as WR46 and projected for 724.3 receiving yards on 63.2 receptions. This seems like a pretty feasible prediction, but if things stay similar to the way they were last year, I could easily see Sanu putting up more than 724.3 receiving yards. With only 4 TDs on the year last season, he’s obviously not a go-to guy in the redzone for Atlanta, but he’ll get consistent looks throughout the game, especially for a guy you can likely get later on in the draft.


Sanu doesn’t have an unbelievably high ceiling on the year. Sure, he can put up numbers similar to last year, but there really doesn’t seem to be a reality in which he has a break-out season. With Sanu, what you see is what you get, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

A good thing about Sanu, though, is I don’t see his floor being very low, either. He’s a receiver who’s pretty solidified as an average performer, so I don’t think his numbers will waiver very much in the 2019 campaign.

Atlanta FalconsHe currently has an average draft position of 14.33. If you can find a way to get him exactly around there, I would say don’t hesitate to do so. He has the potential to have a better than predicted season, but likely won’t underperform. He’s well-established enough with the Falcons that the offense will continue to rely on his production. His auction value is currently valued at $3 out of $200. I don’t see any problem with taking him at the three dollar asking price if you’re low on money and need to fill a receiver spot. He’s solid enough, and the $3 won’t be wasted.

What I like about Sanu is just how integrated he is with this current Falcons’ roster. He seems to have a good relationship with QB Matt Ryan and the rest of the team as a whole. It may seem unrelated, but chemistry is something that I see as a very important indicator of a player’s potential.


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