Philip Rivers Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking– QB14, ADP– 10.18 Auction Value ($200)– $15, Team– LAC, BYE– Week 12

In a June 12th media availability after minicamp, Philip Rivers mentioned strategies changing from “year to year” and finding ”the right routine [to] allow yourself and the team the best chance to win”. That’s exactly the mentality he has to have after falling short in the playoffs last season.

Los Angeles ChargersPhilip Rivers has been in the league for a very long time. Last year, he had one of his best all around years in the first year out of San Diego. Though the special teams side of things ranked 31st, the offense was the 8th best in the league. They ranked 8th in passing TDs and 10th in passing yards. They were led by star wideout Keenan Allen and secondary receivers Mike Williams and Tyrell Williams.



Rivers was his usual self in 2019, passing for 4,308 yards and 32 TD’s. He finished with a 105.5 QBR on the year and was one of the best QBs of the year. Like other veterans, Rivers has already established himself in the league and most defense will look to approach him much in the same way as last season. His ceiling this year will be 3,500 passing yards and 35 TDs. Even though this might not seem high, Rivers is a very consistent quarterback you can get without paying a premium price tag.


As mentioned earlier, Rivers has fared pretty similarly in recent years and fantasy owners should expect nothing but the same. In 2019, there may b e some regression from his terrific 2018 performance but nothing that should severly affect your roster. His floor should look something like 4,000 yards and 25 Tds. Though that’s not great by any means, those stats shoudld still conwould still consider Rivers a startable QB in most weeks.

What to Expect

Los Angeles ChargersRivers is currently rated as the 14th overall player at his position with an average draft position in the 10th round. His auction value with a $200 budget is projected to be $15. Rivers’ evaluation is a bit strange as his 10th round projection should warrant a high price tag. By comparison, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady, both of whom are projected to be drafted in the 11th round, hold auction vaules of $26 and $27, respectively. This simply doesn’t make sense and anyone who can get Rivers for $15 is getting a steal.

Though there’s a ton of value to be had at his auction price, drafting Rivers in the 10th round seems just about right. That puts him in the mix of all other veteran QBs though he should be the most consistent of all. He’s not going to be an exciting pick by any means but one that will provide solid play on a weekly basis. You can’t go wrong with the Chargers’ signal caller.

I expect a 4,250 passing yard season from Rivers who will throw for 33 TDs. Those put him right in line for a slightly worse season than last year. With the Chiefs in their division, Rivers may be put to the test to win head to head games with his arm. Whether he’s successful or not is anyone’s guess.

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