Tevin Coleman Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking- RB32, ADP- 6.08, Auction Value($200)- $10, Team- SF, BYE- 4

With Devonta Freeman out for most of last season due to injury, Tevin Coleman stepped up as the Falcons lead back down the stretch. He parlayed that into a 2 year deal with the San Francisco 49ers, where he’ll reunite with his former offensive coordinator and now head coach Kyle Shanahan. Coleman is an extremely gifted athlete and one of the fastest and most agile players in the league. At 6’1 and 210 pounds, he can be utilized as a physical back that plows through the trenches, but he’s most effective in the open field. Any time he can get space and an open hole, he’s extremely dangerous as there aren’t many players that can stick with him, as Pro Football Focus noted.

The 49ers were expected to be a breakout team last season, but they faced numerous injuries down the stretch that hampered them. They’ve since upgraded their roster even more and will be hoping that injury luck will be in their favor this season. The 49ers face a pretty difficult schedule, but at the very least they should be competing for a wildcard spot if everyone stays healthy. It’ll be interesting to see how Shanahan utilizes Coleman and the rest of the 49ers running backs. On paper, they have three solid backs in Coleman, Matt Breida, and Jerick Mckinnon. We’ll see which one can establish themselves as clear cut starter on the team.



Coleman is very familiar with Shanahan’s system, so there shouldn’t be too much difficulty in his transition. Coleman would seem to have the upper hand on his competition for the RB1 position as well. He’s far more experienced than Brieda, and unlike Mckinnon, he isn’t coming off a major injury. Coleman was always an efficient, useful runner, but he got a chance to prove he could be the main running back last year and made the most of it. Coleman is an excellent fit in the 49ers offense and could be a surprise breakout player this year. His ceiling is a 1000 rushing yard, 500 receiving yard, and 13 touchdown season.


Even if Coleman does appear to be the likeliest bet to establish himself as the 49ers lead back, Brieda and Mckinnon will still get their fair share of touches. It’s unlikely that Coleman would get the normal amount of touches a RB1 would see. There’s also a decent possibility that Shanahan doesn’t even declare anyone the starter and instead creates a running back by committee system. Coleman has always been efficient and that is unlikely to change, it’s just that he may not be as utilized as frequently as expected. His floor is a 550 rushing yard, 250 receiving yard, and 7 touchdown season.

What to Expect

San Francisco 49ersColeman is currently ranked as the 32nd best running back and holds an auction value of $10. He’s expected to be drafted in the 6th round. Coleman’s draft position might be a little bid too high, but his auction value is pretty low considering the circumstances. Getting him for $10 has a chance to be a steal, especially when looking at the prices of some other players his caliber. There are some other running backs far less proven than Coleman that cost significantly more, such as Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, and Tarik Cohen. Given that Coleman costs less than half of all of them, he’s a pretty good bargain.

Coleman is probably going to provide no more than quality RB2 value, but even that is good value when comparing it to his price tag. The 49ers don’t have an easy road ahead of them, but their running backs are something they should feel comfortable in counting on. Shanahan’s system favors versatile players like Coleman, who can be effective in both the running game and the passing game. I think Coleman will have a season similar to his last one, where he excels with medium volume. I foresee a 800 rushing yard, 300 receiving yard, and 10 touchdown season.

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