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The big narrative going into this season about Brady will be the high level he plays at despite his being 42 on the day the 2019 season opens. There’s no denying Brady is an elite QB and what he’s done over the past few years as he’s gotten up there in age has been remarkable. It’s a narrative that plays well, and I can’t necessarily bash anyone for using it. That being said, at Lineups we currently have Brady slotted at QB8 behind a slew of other top talents in the league. Despite all the success he’s had on the field, his team around him is so good that many of the fantasy points get sucked into the run game, etc.


Brady doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2019, though. Add Twitter to the list of things Brady does well, as his recent emersion on the website has been a massive success thus far.



Somewhere on a beach that neither you nor I would be able to afford stepping foot on, Brady is hard at work to stay in peak shape for the 2019 season. His youthful appearance and physical abilities are a legitimate modern marvel. Unrelated to fantasy, it’s likely that we won’t see anything quite like it for the rest of our lives, so I’d take the time to watch Brady as much as possible before his inevitable retirement comes.

The upside for Brady is what he’s proven he’s capable of year after year. He wasn’t at the top of any of the four major QB stats in 2018, but he was solid in each of them. He finished the year 7th in passing yards, 10th in TDs, 15th in interceptions thrown, and 6th in QBR at 70.5. Even though the playoffs don’t count towards those stats or fantasy stats in general, it’s nice to see what Brady is truly capable of.

New England PatriotsGoing into this year I feel like the floor is lower for Brady than it’s ever been. He hasn’t shown his age yet, but he has to at some point, right? Right? One of these seasons we’ll see a steep drop-off in Brady’s abilities, and before making your TB12 pick, it’s at least something to think about.

We currently have Brady projected for 4,484.4 passing yards on 394.9 completions. The 4,484.4 passing yards prediction has him slotted at 5th overall. Despite his lower than usual floor, I don’t see Brady having any trouble hitting this mark. When all is said and done, doubting Brady hasn’t gotten anyone very far before, and my gut feeling is 2019 isn’t the year to start.

What I like most about Brady is his dedication to the Patriots as an organization and his individual teammates. We’ve seen an on-the-field and off-field relationship form between Brady and Edelman over the years, and I honestly think that strong bond lends itself to their strong on-field chemistry.

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