Fantasy Football Tools

Instead of wandering around looking for various fantasy football tools, we have compiled all of our fantasy football goodness into one page. Below you have access to all things fantasy football related and tools to help you win your fantasy football leagues. Our detailed fantasy football rankings will give you an in-depth look for how we view players before the season starts, as well as for each major scoring format. If you are curious to see who is allowing and scoring the most fantasy points, we have you covered. During the season you will need to work the waiver wire, which is why we offer up weekly advice for all league sizes. As depth charts and team stats change throughout the season, we update often to keep you up to date with the most recent team information.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

To have a successful fantasy football season you are going to need to work the waiver wire. We bring you our top pickups for each week to help you win your league.

Fantasy Trade Analyzer

If you find yourself debating a trade in your league, run it through our trade analyzer to see if it is in your team’s best interest for the rest of the season.

Sit/Start Tool

The Start/Sit tool helps you analyze your tough weekly lineup decisions of who to start and sit. Our tool breaks down the best option based on matchup and player data.

Team Name Generator

Having trouble coming up with a fantasy football team name? The name generator will churn out team names for you to choose based on your input or from random.

NFL Depth Charts

If you are looking to see who has become the new number one running back or who is going to start for the star wide receiver, you are going to need to dive into the NFL Depth Charts.

NFL Odds

Keep tabs on NFL odds for each week and keep track of line movement throughout the week. All odds are posted for upcoming games, showing you who the favorites and underdogs are.

Free Fantasy Football Tools

The 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings bring you a look into how we view players for fantasy in the upcoming season. The rankings are broken out by scoring format, as players will move around based on the scoring format. For example, receiving backs get a bump in PPR formats, where they don’t have as much value in standard leagues. The rankings update throughout the offseason and leading up until Week 1, so you can get the most up to date rankings for your draft day. There are projections, 2019 total fantasy points, and broken out projections to help show you how they are going to get those fantasy points.

If you are playing in auction leagues or snake draft leagues, we have up to date auction values for each player and, the average ADP shown as well. Every bye week for each player is listed, to make sure you are not drafting a backup quarterback with the same bye week as your starter. Playing in IDP leagues? We have the top-ranked IDP names in the league ranked. Gear up for draft season with these rankings to help win your leagues.

Fantasy Points Scored & Fantasy Points Allowed

Every team is going to produce fantasy points in different ways. A team might have a strong core of running backs that rack up fantasy points, or a team might be more pass-happy and link up with wide receivers more. You can also see what team’s kickers and defenses are producing the most points. Every team is also broken into two ratings, the offense and defense ratings showcase our own views on what they are producing for stats. The fantasy points scored table can be shown for game logs, sites, and scoring. If you want to use the slider to adjust for specific weeks, it will show teams scoring fantasy points for that time span.

When the season gets going, using the fantasy points allowed tool is going to break out what teams allow the most or least fantasy points to specific positions. This should be one of the pitstops for making your weekly decisions as you can see if the matchup for your RB1 is a good one, or he is going up against a defense that is limiting fantasy production. You can switch around scoring and also take a look at game logs to see how they did against specific opponents and in certain game scripts.

NFL Depth Charts

Reviewing and keeping tabs on team depth charts is an important part of fantasy football success. Throughout the season there will be injuries and changes to starters. Seeing what running back is listed first or how the wide receiver core is shaking out will give you an idea of how touches are divided. You can also be on top of names to pick up when injured players go down. There tends to be a mad dash to the waiver wire, and you need to make sure you are getting the right player.

Snap Counts, Touches, Targets, & Receptions

When looking at players for fantasy football, there is a lot to break down. Looking at snap counts is going to give you an indication of who is out on the field. This is important when evaluating something like a running back committee. You are going to want to see how snaps are divided within the group. The same goes for a potential WR3 who might be on the field a ton. Snap counts can help tell you a story about how teams use that player. If you are in an IDP league, you are going to want to make sure that players are on the field, as teams will rotate them in and out based on different defensive packages.

Opportunity and volume are what we are after when looking at fantasy players. The more touches a running back has, the more chances for fantasy points he has. We want running backs who are going to see 15+ touches a game, but that isn’t always the case. Some teams will break them up between two or three running backs, which can be a tricky fantasy situation. Sometimes they can get a workhorse back who is seeing 20+ touches a game and that is where a fantasy goldmine can occur.

In the passing game, every passing attempt is going to be a target for someone. That can be for running backs, wide receivers, or tight ends. When looking at a passing offense, you are going to want to see where those targets go. The WR1 is going to usually see the most targets, but a strong TE1 might be right up there as well. After that things get more divided, and there are a few different ways it can go. The WR2 and WR3 will fall right in line as you see a drop in targets for each, but the WR2 still has fantasy relevance. You might see a team flat out spread targets evenly with a running back, tight end, and then the rest of the wide receivers. That is another tricky situation that can occur.

NFL Odds

NFL odds each week can tell you a lot about how games are projected to play out. You can tie this into fantasy football to help make some decisions. For example, games with high totals are going to correlate with big fantasy points. Teams that are touchdown or more favorites are predicted to be ahead and the game script will be favorable for the running game. Teams that are projected to trail can see a tick up in passing attempts. Odds will also change throughout the week as oddsmakers react to news. This could point towards a player is in or out if they are questionable, especially if they are a major player. If there is some bad weather projected and oddsmakers drop the total down, it might be a red flag to start a fringe player in this game. Overall odds can be very helpful and are not just for betting purposes.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

The waiver wire can be a battle throughout the year, and we pride ourselves on bringing some of the top waiver-wire advice to help you pick up the most crucial pickups for the week. No matter if you are in a deep league, or shallow league, there will be recommendations for all. If you need a deep dive player who is a single-digit owned guy to pull into your roster, we will make sure the options are there. If you are playing in a FAAB league, which means you have a budget to bid on free agents over the course of a season. We give our estimation on what that player is worth based on the FAAB budget, that way you don’t overspend on a player.

Fantasy Football Projections

Projections have become a big part of the fantasy football industry, as daily fantasy football has taken off over the last decade. Our projections bring you a few different looks, as it offers floor, ceiling, and a base projection to help you see the range of outcomes for each player. Projections will update throughout the week and up until game time as there will be news that dictates the projection. Now these projections can be used for both daily and season-long fantasy football. It can help you build a daily fantasy lineup, but also help you make decisions in season long as you might be between two players. If you are betting on player props, the projections are broken out so you can see whether a player is projected to hit or miss the player prop chosen for him.

Fantasy Football Player Stats

Fantasy football stats deliver all the goods you need for when evaluating a player. Toggle between positions, totals, or per game numbers and also use the slider to fixate on specific weeks. Within each position tab you will see stats for players and how those stats translate into fantasy points. You can also see fantasy points per touch, snap, and per game. The stats will update weekly after players have played their current games. You can also go back to prior years and check out what players dominated or struggled with scoring fantasy points.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Play Fantasy Football?

First you will need to join a league, whether that is private or public on any site that offers the product. Assemble a team through a draft and begin playing against other owners by setting your lineup each week as it accumulates fantasy points.

How Do I Use The Waiver Wire?

The waiver wire is where you pick up players that no other fantasy owner has. There is a priority list that is usually based on league standings. This is where you can pick up players to cover for injuries or bye weeks, or just pick up a stronger player.

What Are Red Zone Stats?

Red zone stats are going to be offensive stats accumulated when inside the opponent’s 20-yard line for an offense. You will see player’s touches, targets, touchdowns, and other various stats that happen in the red zone for offensive players.

What Type Of Fantasy Football Drafts Are There?

There are two popular styles of fantasy football drafts. One is a snake draft where it will go from 1-12 and 12-1 in order to balance out draft picks. The other is an auction draft, where you bid on players with a set budget.

What Position Gets The Most Points In Fantasy Football?

While a running back or wide receiver might lead the league on occasion, quarterbacks generate the most points on a weekly basis. When you sort players by fantasy points, quarterbacks rise to the top of the list. They have the most volume of any position.

What Is The Flex Position?

The Flex position in fantasy football is where you can play a running back, wide receiver, or tight end. It is not limited to a single position. A Superflex league will include being able to play a quarterback at the position.

Who Is The Number One Player In Fantasy Football?

Christian McCaffrey is the number one player in fantasy football. Leading all running backs in fantasy points last year, he had over 350 PPR points and posted over 2,000 all-purpose yards. He is the consensus number one pick in 2020.

Who Scored The Most Fantasy Points In 2019?

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens scored 415.7 fantasy points this season in 15 games played. This led all fantasy players, where the next closest was Christian McCaffrey at 353.2. Jackson rushed for over 1,000 yards on the ground and had 43 total touchdowns.

When Does Fantasy Football Playoffs Start?

Week 14 is generally when fantasy football playoffs start. If you use default settings, it will be Week 14. However every fantasy league will have different settings and can adjust the start week for the fantasy football playoffs. League size also factors into it.

What Is IDP Fantasy Football?

IDP stands for individual defensive position. These fantasy leagues will have a roster that requires one or more individual defensive players are on your team. They can be broken out into position like defensive end, or are just an overall defensive player.

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