Top 10 Fantasy Football Defense Rankings for Week 4

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Week 3 saw no change in who the good defenses are. If you look through the final scores and find those who gave up the least amount of points, they are the ones who have looked amazing all year. In this article, I will be going through the top 10 defenses moving into Week 4. There hasn’t been much of a change from past weeks, but there are some good matchups to look at.

1. New England Patriots

Opponent: Buffalo Bills

New England PatriotsIt is hard to put anyone at #1 besides the Patriots. They have held the Steelers to one field goal, shut out the Dolphins, and technically shutout the Jets because both of their touchdowns came while the Patriots’ offense was on the field. They have yet to give up one touchdown to the opposing offense. The Bills will be their first real challenge of the season, and it will be interesting to see how they defend against Josh Allen who is both a threat with his arm and his legs.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Opponent: Denver Broncos

Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars’ defense finally showed up for a game this year against the Titans last week on Thursday. They held Derrick Henry to just 44 yards on 17 carries which averages 2.6 yards per touch and also kept Marcus Mariota from finding the endzone even once. They have an extra break from playing on Thursday so they have all the time in the world to prepare for the Broncos who have yet to score more than 16 points in a game this season. Joe Flacco has struggled with getting used to the new offense and Philip Lindsay has yet to perform at all like he did last season.

3. Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: Miami Dolphins

Los Angeles ChargersThe Chargers had a rough time defending against Deshaun Watson last week as he scored three times and threw for 351 yards. Despite that, there is a bright side. They held the Texans to 39 total rushing yards. The Chargers will get to face a much easier opponent this week with the Dolphins. There is no good thing to say about the Dolphins this year. Whichever team is playing against them is bound to have a good game, especially that team’s defense. The Chargers are in a great spot to be able to turn it around.

4. Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Los Angeles RamsThe Rams were ranked the 2nd best defense before the season started. So far they have lived up to their standards the last two weeks. They prevented an explosive Saints’ offense from scoring even one touchdown (granted they injured Drew Brees) and let up only one touchdown to the Browns last week. The Rams can look ahead to a good matchup against the Buccaneers. Jamies Winston and Mike Evans led them to a very high scoring game against a weak Giants defense, but they have failed to put up big numbers against the good defenses they have played like the 49ers and Panthers. The Rams should handle them with care this week.

5. Chicago Bears

Opponent: Minnesota Vikings

Chicago BearsAs the number one ranked defense chosen first among defenses in almost every league, the Bears have immense standards to live up to. The offense hasn’t helped their situation so far this year, but nonetheless, they have given up point totals of 10, 14, and 15. They also have 6 turnovers to add to that. They rank 5th among NFL teams in sacks per game. This week will be a game of Dalvin Cook vs the Bears. If the Bears can shut down Cook, they should have no problem with continuing their dominance into Week 4.

6. Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Oakland Raiders

Indianpolis ColtsThe Colts are set up for a great matchup this week against the Raiders. They are my number one waiver add of the week for defenses and is a good choice for everyone streaming defenses. The Raiders have scored 10 and 14 points the past two weeks. The Gruden Grinders have not been as explosive since the loss of Antonio Brown. Darren Waller has been the one to step up in his place, but if the Colts can figure out a way to take care of him, they will have no problems with handling the Raiders this week. There is a small chance of Darius Leonard returning which would make this matchup even better.

7. Baltimore Ravens

Opponent: Cleveland Browns

Baltimore RavensYou cannot just look at last week and say the Ravens’ defense is trash. We learned yesterday that there is probably not a defense in the league that can stop Patrick Mahomes. The one game we can look at is the Cardinals since the Dolphins are pretty much a free game. The Ravens held David Johnson to a total of 14 all-purpose yards. They also kept the air raid attack of Kyler Murray out of the endzone. That is a success in all forms. The Browns are an easier opponent for this week. Guarding Odell-Beckham Jr. will be the hardest part.

8. Atlanta Falcons

Opponent: Tennessee Titans

Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons are also a very good pickup this week off waivers. They aren’t a good defense to play consistently but this week’s matchup against the Falcons is a good one. Marcus Mariota has been struggling to find his groove, only leading the Titans to one touchdown last week. The week before that was another disappointing week for the Titans. To add to all of this, Mariota is the most sacked quarterback in the league with 17, so the Falcons should find success in their pass rush. Needless to say, the Titans have struggled to score lately and that works perfectly for picking a defense to start this week.

9. Seattle Seahawks

Opponent: Arizona Cardinals

Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks are set up nicely facing the Cardinals this week. The Cardinals’ offensive line has allowed Kyler Murray to get sacked a whole 16 times. This only trails Marcus Mariota who has been sacked 17 times. Blitzing will be important for the Seahawks this week. The air raid attack of the Cardinals also leads to a lot of chances for interceptions which the Seahawks have one of so far this season. The Seahawks are owned in very few leagues and could be a very good pickup this week off the waiver wire.

10. Carolina Panthers

Opponent: Houston Texans

Carolina PanthersThe Panthers have grown to be a very dependable defense for the past two weeks. They held the Buccaneers to 20 points with 3 sacks. Last week they sacked Kyler Murray 8 times and picked him off twice. Deshaun Watson will be a much harder task this week, but he has been sacked an average 4 times per game. While this may turn into a very high scoring affair, the Panthers should get a lot of points off sacks and maybe a turnover or two.

I started playing fantasy football in 2010 at 12 years old where I subbed in for an owner who was having a baby. That year I won the championship in a 16-team league, carried by Arian Foster and Michael Vick. I have yet to bring a trophy home since then, but my love for fantasy football has grown, delving more and more in the statistics and finding ways to improve my drafting ability.

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