Top 7 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 7 Fantasy Streamers

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Yet again, we had a dominating performance out of the Patriots’ defense, leading the way in scoring for defenses. We also had a shutout from the Broncos who have emerged as a top defense the past couple weeks. The Panthers also had a big week with 5 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, and 7 sacks. I will be going through my favorite options for this week who have an owned percentage under 60% (note that this is a bad week for streaming). These are my defense waiver wire pickups for Week 7.

TeamOpponent% Owned
San Francisco 49ersWashington Redskins58.5
Green Bay PackersOakland Raiders37.6
Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys55.3
Houston TexansIndianapolis Colts23.4
Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos15.1
Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings2.7
Washington RedskinsSan Francisco 49ers57.8

San Francisco 49ers

Opponent: Washington Redskins
Own %: 58.5

San Francisco 49ersOwners have finally begun to realize how good the 49ers’ defense is but not entirely yet. In some leagues, they are the number 2 defense in scoring behind only the Patriots, yet they are not owned in over 60% of leagues which is absurd. They completely shut down a dominant Rams’ offense last week and face a troubled Redskins’ offense next. There is no reason why the 49ers shouldn’t be started in every league.

Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Oakland Raiders
Own %: 37.6

Green Bay PackersThe Packers play Monday night against the Lions which should be a good indicator of where this defense is headed. They started off hot against their division rivals but have slowed down against the Eagles and Cowboys. They play the Raiders in Week 7 which is looking to be a good matchup. They have shown glimpses of hope the past few games, but I expect them to return to the normal Raiders’ offense. I would base this pick off the game tonight though so be watching.

Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: Dallas Cowboys
Own %: 55.3

Philadelphia EaglesThe Eagles did not fare well against the Vikings last week who let Kirk Cousins throw all over them, mostly to Stephon Diggs who found the endzone 3 times himself. The pass coverage for the Vikings is their big issue currently which they hope to turn around against the Cowboys next week. Dak Prescott the boys managed to get beat by the Jets last week which is saying something. That loss will leave an effect on the team that the Eagles can exploit this coming week.

Houston Texans

Opponent: Indianapolis Colts
% Owned: 23.4

Houston TexansThe Texans have kept their streak of at least one turnover every game and have looked good after their poor Week 1 showing. This week they get to host the Colts in a divisional battle that will likely show who will take control of the AFC South. The Texans managed to keep an explosive Chiefs offense to 24 points with 2 turnovers. The Colts are a far worse offense that is coming off a bye week. If they can maintain Marlon Mack on the ground, they are in for a big week.

Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: Denver Broncos
Own %: 15.1

Kansas City ChiefsLast year, the Chiefs’ defense was absolutely horrible, especially when compared to their offense. This year, they have been able to turn it around for the most part. Even when Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been at his best, they have kept the Chiefs in every game. This week they have a much easier opponent in the Broncos. The Broncos have still only managed to score over 20 this year. If they can manage to keep up the turnovers that they have been producing, they are in good shape.

Detroit Lions

Opponent: Minnesota Vikings
Own %: 2.7

Detroit LionsThe Lions face a tough challenge Monday night against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. How that game goes will signify if the Lions are an actual defense to consider. They have been able to stop the Eagles on the road and held Patrick Mahomes to 0 touchdowns in Week 4. I would wait to see what happens against the Packers before picking up the Lions and see how that game goes, but if they look good, the Lions aren’t a great option, but they could serve a purpose this week.

Washington Redskins

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Own %: 57.8

Washington RedskinsThe high ownership of the Redskins is due to their last matchup against the Dolphins where they played very well. They managed 2 interceptions and 5 sacks, but that was against a very bad defense. I wouldn’t consider the Redskins a good pickup this week, but if every other good defense is picked up this week, I guess this is your best option. The 49ers haven’t been an extremely good offense this year, but better than the Dolphins. I wouldn’t expect anything good out of the Redskins so pick up someone else on this list or if a higher-ranked defense is somehow available.

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