Top 7 Fantasy Flex Options for Week 1: Can DeVante Parker repeat his season last year?

Want to know where all of this year’s NFL players rank? Check out our fantasy football rankings to decide who you want to start. If you are still unsure, you have come to the right place. Here are some players ranked 20+ in their position, making them flex options in a standard nine-player starting lineup, ten-team league. It is important to remember for draft strategy that wide receivers should be favorited as flex options because the wide receiver position runs deeper in player value as opposed to running backs or tight ends in the league. The chances of finding a third running back to start over a starting wide receiver would be difficult in a ten to twelve team fantasy football league.

1. DeVante Parker

In our fantasy football rankings, we have DeVante Parker at wide receiver #31. Last year, he was fifth in receiving yards and added nine touchdowns to a very impressive fifth year in the league. Even with the Dolphins’ quarterback battle and overall franchise struggles with a 5-11 record, DeVante was still able to thrive with fantasy value. This year they have added Tua Tugavailoa at quarterback with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Both of these guys are feasible options to throw the ball to Parker, who had 20% of team target shares last season. While the Dolphins have a tough first game against the Patriots, that should not take away from starting DeVante Parker at flex.

2. Michael Gallup

Last year Michael Gallup was a top 20 receiver in the NFL while missing two games. He had over 1,000 yards and six touchdowns off of 113 targets, just six targets short of Amari Cooper. While there will be more competition for targets with Oklahoma rookie CeeDee Lamb, his ranking as wide receiver #32 makes him an undervalued fantasy player. He has one of the best quarterbacks, offensive lines, and running backs in the league to help diversify the attention from opposing defenses. He should thrive as the Cowboys second pass option in week one against the Las Angeles Rams.

3. Terry Mclaurin

Terry McLaurin has a similar situation to that of DeVante Parker. The Washington Football Team last year was 3-13 in the NFC East with quarterback struggles, coaching changes, and a poor offensive line. Meanwhile, Terry McLaurin was still able to put up nearly 1,000 yards receiving and seven touchdowns in his first year in the NFL. The most appealing factor to McLaurin’s potential for the first week and the season is his target share. Last year he pulled in 23% of team targets for Washington from a hopefully improving and former teammate Dwayne Haskins. Right now he is ranked at wide receiver #27, making him a viable underrated flex option. For week one against the Eagles, he should be considered in all fantasy football starting lineups.

4. Jalen Reagor

The Philadelphia Eagles have wide receiver struggles and it is obvious. Last year their top three receivers included their two tight ends and running back. Not to mention, the average amount of games played last year from their top three wide receivers were nine games. For a team that was top ten in pass attempts last year, it makes sense that their first-round pick went to TCU product Jalen Reagor. The most attractive part about Reagor’s potential will be his target share at the wide receiver position. He has to share with Zach Ertz and the run and backfield pass with Miles Sanders, but I think Jalen will get plenty of opportunities to be considered a flex. Their first-week matchup against the Washington Football Team should allow him to show off his receiving abilities.

5. Jonathan Taylor

The star 2020 second-round pick Jonathan Taylor in a solid Colts offense will be a fantasy football superstar down the road. He ran for more yards in three years than any other running back in NCAA history. The issue for him is the timing of his takeover against Marlon Mack, who had an outstanding season last year as the 11th leading rusher in the league. However, Taylor should get plenty of touches in week one against a weaker Jaguars defense. His athleticism and opportunity should be enough to make him even a possible RB2.

6. Raheem Mostert

I feel like this pick is cheating because I wrote about Raheem’s ability in my article about week one start ’em and sit ’em running back picks. But, Raheem Mostert puts up quality numbers with his limited carries while he splits with Tevin Coleman. He has momentum coming into this season from receiving the bulk of touches in the playoffs for the 49ers. I would not be remiss to say his handcuff Tevin Coleman could also be considered a week one flex option. But, I expect Raheem to have a solid number of touches week one versus the Arizona Cardinals, making him a solid flex option with his ranking at #25 in running backs.

7. Austin Hooper

It’s important to remember tight ends put up good enough numbers to be considered a flex option. While wide receivers should be considered as flex options because of their depth in the NFL versus other positions, it’s possible in some drafts tight ends will fall and have good value. My pick for a tight end ranked above #10 is Austin Hooper. Last year he had almost 800 yards and six touchdowns and is ranked #12 in tight ends. His offense with the Cleveland Browns on paper is one of the best in the NFL and he adds value to it. I think Hooper is worth the flex option for week one versus the Seattle Seahawks.

Honorable Mention: Jarvis Landry

One flex option that deserves an honorable mention is Jarvis Landry. Last year he posted a solid year as the 10th leading receiver in yards and six touchdowns with a loaded receiving core with the Browns. The Browns have improved their offensive line, their run game is solid, and Odell Beckham Jr. takes the attention of defensive backs in tough matchups. While the Browns struggle to click on offense, I think they will improve with time as they continue to play together. Landry is ranked as wide receiver #33 with our rankings, and I think he is a solid option for flex in week one against the Baltimore Ravens.

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