Top 7 Flex Fantasy Options for Week 13: Robby Anderson Looking at a Potentially Huge Game

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While there are no bye weeks left in the season and therefore you won’t have to be plugging holes in your roster each week, there are still a lot of valuable players on the waiver wire who you might want to consider. Here are some recommendations for FLEX players to pick up off of waivers for week 13.

Jonathan Williams

In my opinion, Jonathan Williams is the most valuable running back on the waiver right now. He’s just under 60% rostered, and his ownership has been steadily rising, so I’d pick him up as soon as you can. Since coming in for Mack in week 11 he had 15.7 and a 21.1 point games in PPR leagues. He had 26 carries in week 12 against the Texans, so it’s clear they trust him enough to feed him. Any back getting that many carries is worth a look, but especially one who can turn them into 104 yards and a touchdown. The Colts are matched up against the Titans this week. Last week, the Fournette got 36.9 points in PPR leagues against the Titans defense, so I’m expecting Williams to have a big game on Sunday.

Rashaad Penny

Penny had his biggest game last week against the Eagles. Carson was taken out of the game as he’s been fumbling too often, and Penny capitalized on the opportunity by taking his 14 carries for 129 yards and a touchdown. I believe the Seahawks said that Penny would have a bigger presence in the backfield from now on, which makes sense considering how great his performance on Sunday was. The Seahawks are up against the Vikings, who are tougher to run against. I think Penny is still going to have a bigger presence in this game and will be getting a fair amount of carries.

Darrel Williams

Darrel Williams entered the Chiefs’ last game after Damien Williams left with a rib injury. Damien Williams will be missing the Chiefs’ next game against the Raiders, so Darrel Williams will be given a good opportunity once again. The Raiders just allowed the Jets to put up 34 points in week 12, so I think the Chiefs are in for a big scoring game. Williams is a great choice anyway based on his position in one of the strongest offenses in the league, but the good matchup this week makes him even more lucrative.

DeVante Parker

I think the fact that Parker is on the Dolphins has scared a lot of people away from picking him up this season. However, he hasn’t had a game below 11 points since week 3. He’s been incredibly consistent this season, and has shown bigger-game potential too by putting up 20.5 fantasy points against Buffalo (one of the best pass defenses in the league) in week 11. The Eagles’ secondary has been ranked in the top half of the league this season, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a reason not to pick up Parker for this week. As I said before, he had his biggest performance against the Bills, who are a top 5 pass defense this season. I think Parker is a great pickup and that he’s pretty slept on this season.

Deebo Samuel

Over the past three weeks, Deebo Samuel has been having some great games. He put up 19.2 points in week 10, 21.4 in week 11, and 13 in week 12. That week 13 dip is due to Kittle and Sanders becoming healthy again, which probably lowered Samuel on the priority list. However, I think he proved himself pretty well in the past couple games, and even though Sanders and Kittle were back he still managed two receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown. I think he’s still a good pickup for this week even though the 49ers have a tough matchup against the Ravens, just based on his efficiency and efficacy over the past few weeks.

Robby Anderson

The Jets played a dominant game against the Raiders on Sunday, beating them 34-3. Robby Anderson benefitted from their powerful offensive performance with 4 receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown, an 18.6 point game in PPR leagues. The Jets have put up 34 points in their last three games in a row, but this is the only one Anderson has had above 10 fantasy points in. While it isn’t the most reliable choice, I think picking up Anderson this week could be really beneficial for your team. The Jets are carrying their momentum into a great matchup against the Bengals, and I think Robby Anderson could have a huge game against their secondary.

Jack Doyle

For the Colts, tight end receptions were split between Ebron and Doyle for most of the season. However, Ebron was placed on IR, which makes Doyle a much more valuable fantasy tight end. He only put up 5.8 fantasy points in their last matchup against the Texans, but I’m expecting more from him this week against the Titans, who have bene much easier to throw against. It’s totally possible that he gets the same amount of points as a wide receiver or even a running back if he has a big game, so I think he could be worthy of a FLEX position this week, and might be good to keep on your roster if it turns out he is hugely productive.

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