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Despite how late it is in the season, there are some really valuable players left on the waiver wire. These players all have the potential to do a lot for your team, and could be the difference between a win and a loss in the fantasy playoffs. Here are my recommendations for PPR streamers for week 15.

Raheem Mostert

Mostert is a great waiver wire pickup and if he’s available in your league I highly recommend picking him up. Over the past couple of weeks he’s had two games over 20 points in PPR leagues. To be fair, he wasn’t given a ton of chances last week. He was given only 10 carries and had only one reception. He just capitalized in a big way, taking those 10 carries for 69 yards and one touchdown and that one reception for 40 yards and a touchdown. I still think he’s going to be a bigger part of this offense going into the end of the season, so he’s a good pickup. Especially when you consider their matchup against an easier Falcons defense this weekend.

Patrick Laird

Patrick Laird has become a bigger part of the Miami offense since Ballage was placed on IR with a leg injury. A Miami running back is not always the greatest call as their offensive line hasn’t been the greatest and they haven’t been able to get much going on the ground for the majority of the season. However, Laird has had 4 receptions in his past two games, which makes him a good target for PPR leagues. The Dolphins are up against the Giants this week who have been an easier team to both throw and run against as well. I think Laird’s usefulness as a receiver as well as a back is going to give him a fair amount of points this week and he might be worth a pickup.

Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel has been killing it lately, with 4 of his last 5 games over 14 points in PPR leagues. It was a question whether or not he would still be seeing the ball once Emmanuel Sanders and George Kittle returned healthy, but it seems like Samuel has cemented his spot on this offense. He had 5 receptions for 76 yards off of 8 targets last week against the Saints, as well as 33 yards from 2 carries. The 49ers have an easier matchup against the Falcons who have been easier to throw against, so I’m expecting another mid to high teens point performance from Samuel.

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Allen Hurns

While it’s no doubt that DeVante Parker is the Dolphins number one receiver, Hurns has been seeing some more action lately. He was targeted 8 times in their matchup against the Jets, 5 of which he caught for 68 yards total. DeVante Parker is questionable this week with a concussion, and if he’s not playing on Sunday I think Hurns will move into that number one position and get a lot more play. The Dolphins are up against the Giants, who have been easier to throw against this season, so it’s looking good for Hurns even if Parker does return.

Jacob Hollister

Hollister has been seeing a lot of targets lately with 6, 10, 4, 8, and 6 over their last 5 games. He didn’t have as impressive of a game against the Rams, catching 4 of his targets for 34 yards and netting a total 7.4 points in PPR leagues. However, the Seahawks have a great matchup against Carolina this week. They seem to be trusting Hollister with more chances as of late, and I think that will really pay off against a Carolina defense that has been easy on quarterbacks lately, allowing Matt Ryan a 20+ point game last week.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill has been off the charts lately. Since he took over as starter the Titans are looking great and in the 7 games since he’s taken over he has averaged over 22 PPR points per game. Tannehill and the Titans are facing off against the Texans next, which is a good matchup for Tannehill. The Texans just allowed a 23.9 point game to Drew Lock and the Broncos, and the week before allowed Tom Brady and the Patriots’ struggling offense 24.3 points. I’m expecting a good game and a lot of points from Tannehill once again.

Packers Defense

Finally, the defensive recommendation of the week goes to the Packers. The Packers defense has had some good games over the last two weeks with three interceptions in week 13 against the Bears and four sacks and an interception against the Redskins in week 14. The Packers are up against the Bears who have been looking a lot stronger lately. However, they’ve been looking stronger against the Giants, Lions, and Cowboys, which aren’t the leagues best defenses. The Packers defense isn’t the best either, but it’s definitely better than the Giants and the Lions and I think it’s better than the Cowboys’ defense as well, so I think they’ll put up a better fight against the Bears.

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