Top 8 Fantasy Football Streamers Week 1 (PPR): Eyes on N’Keal Harry

After the draft, you may find out that you have a weakness at a certain position as you focused mainly on getting a type of player whether that be runningbacks or wide receivers. Maybe you forgot to pick a quarterback or tight end. Whatever the case may be, you may be in the position where streaming a position is your only move. This article is for you. I will be covering my favorite targets this week for streaming. I look at the players’ matchups and their role on their team in determining who will have the best shot at exceeding predictions this week. All the players are owned in less than 50% of leagues so there is a good chance that they will be available for you if you are in need. Here are the top fantasy football streamers for week 1.

Anthony Miller, Chicago Bears

Opponent: Detroit Lions
Own %: 33.8

Anthony Miller sits at the number two on the Bears’ wide receiver depth chart. I will preface by saying that the Bears’ offense is not a strong offense to be banking your team around, but this week would be one of the best to jump on then off it. Miller proved to be a viable and strong option in the offense last season along with Allen Robinson. He had the most yards per reception for the Bears and is one that is out on the field a lot which increases his chances of having a huge game. Why this week is the best for him is because they are playing the Lions who have a crumbling secondary. Miller is the type to pick apart the holes in the defense and the Lions will present many holes.

N’Keal Harry, New England Patriots

Opponent: Miami Dolphins
Own %: 40.8

N’Keal Harry was plagued by injuries last season in his rookie year and never really got a chance to break out. He is entering the season healthy this year with a new quarterback, Cam Newton, and looks great in camp. As the season came to a close last year, Harry’s targets were on the rise. They finished the season against the Dolphins in which he had his career-high 7 targets. With only Julian Edelman ahead of him, he should be bringing in his fair share of targets. The Patriots open up against the Dolphins just as they ended last season. If that last game was any sense of what we could see this year, it looks good for Harry. If he can improve at securing the catch, he will be a great option for this week.

Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 35.4

If you really failed at getting a running back early and find yourself in desperate need of one, your best shot may be Nyheim Hines. The Colts just draft Jonathon Taylor, but his usage is still up in the air as of now. Marlon Mack remains, but he is the on-the-ground back. Where Hines shines is through the air. In PPR leagues, this is what you want in a running back as the yardage is not as much of a concern as the volume is. Hines will be out there for many third-downs where dump-off passes are their best move. While he will probably not finish as a top back for the week, his receiving value will be a great addition to a team struggling in the running back position this week as the Jags have had a hard time guarding running backs in the past.

Chris Thompson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Opponent: Indianapolis Colts
Own %: 30.7

Recent news broke about Leonard Fournette leaving the Jaguars, leaving the team in a weird place in terms of running backs. Ryquell Armstead ranks as the number one back in the offense, but Chris Thompson will no doubt be the receiving back on the team, especially since Fournette is gone. He always finds a way at being an undercover running back who provides good value for where he ranks. Fournette leaving brings up his value ten-fold as the number two back in the offense. While the offense will not be very good, PPR leagues will give Chris Thompson the additional value that will give possible flex value or value for teams completely lacking at running back.

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: Washington Football Team
Own %: 25.6

Dallas Goedert is behind Zach Ertz in terms of tight ends on the Eagles, but if last year shows anything, it is that the Eagles love their two tight end sets. Granted a lot of it was because they ran out of wide receivers from injuries, but we now see what Goedert is capable of. There were weeks in which Goedert scored more than Ertz when both were playing. They are both strong tight ends with Goedert coming in at a much better discount. The Eagles are set up for a huge game against Washington this week. Washington has gotten rid of most of the talent they had from last year and has not made any steps in getting better. This gives all the more reason for having faith in Goedert this week if you need a tight end.

Allen Lazard, Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Minnesota Vikings
Own %: 23.7

The Green Bay Packers picked up Lazard to add him to their struggling wide receiver corps. When Davante Adams sat out with an injury, it was Marques Valdes-Scantling that stepped up to fill the main role. Lazard is set to play more of a role in the offense as defenses continue to heavily focus their attention on Adams. He is listed as the number two in the offense and we all know what Aaron Rodgers is capable of as a quarterback. Not every ball will go to Adams, giving Lazard his expected fair share of opportunities to show his worth. The Vikings have one weakness in their defense from last year and that is throwing the ball. You can expect the Packers to be doing just that as they always have, giving Lazard great value for week 1.

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Opponent: Arizona Cardinals
Own %: 36.7

If you are one of the teams that are in full streamer mode for quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo is a great pick for you in week 1. While it is not a great idea to stay with him all season as the 49ers are a more run-heavy team with some questionable wide receiver options, when the matchup heavily favors you, any quarterback can perform. The Cardinals ranked at the very bottom last year against the pass and tight ends were the worst part of it. Good news for the 49ers, they have one of the best tight ends in the game with George Kittle. You can expect Garoppolo and Kittle to have a field day out there. This may only last for this week, but if you are streaming, that does not matter.

Parris Campbell, Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 30.7

The Colts’ offense has been making improvements over the offseason with the addition of Philip Rivers. Having a solid quarterback in place will greatly increase the value of all wide receivers in the offense and Parris Campbell is the number two guy behind TY Hilton. Hilton will take the majority of the targets like he always has, but as he is prone to injuries, Campbell would be the one to step up in his replacement spot. Even without an injury, Campbell’s value with Rivers throwing the ball jumps up immensely. The Jaguars’ defense has begun to crumble to the point where they are ranked in the lower tier. The Colts will have tons of offensive drives to get Campbell the ball and make his ownership for week 2 jump.

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