Top 9 Fantasy Football Defense Rankings for Week 6

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This article contains my list for the top 10 defense for Week 6. Yet again, you will find the Patriots at number one just because they look unbeatable, even after five games. Most of my rankings have to do with matchups, so I will be diving into who has the best matchups this week and what to look for there. Here are my top 10 defenses for Week 6.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Opponent: New York Jets

Dallas CowboysThe Cowboys have had the easiest run on defense to start to the season and yet they still haven’t run out of poor offenses to play. The Jets have looked sloppy, partly because they have been playing under their third-string quarterback, Luke Falk. Sam Darnold only played the first game and sat out since with mono. He is cleared and expected to return, but how much will that do for them? The Cowboys should keep the Jets under 17 this week with maybe a few sacks and turnovers to add to the beat down.

2. Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers

Los Angeles ChargersThe Chargers face the Steelers who have been banged up with injuries, mainly to their quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger sustained an elbow injury that requires season-ending surgery. Just last week, backup Mason Rudolph, took a shot to the head that left him unconscious. He was able to walk back to the sideline but head injuries are scary and he will have to sit out for at least a few games. The Steelers are relying on an undrafted free agent, Devlin Hodges, to lead the team. The Chargers are sitting pretty with this matchup.

3. Washington Redskins

Opponent: Miami Dolphins

Washington RedskinsWhile the Redskins haven’t been the best defense this year, they haven’t been the opposite. They have been dealing with a miserable offense that has set them up for failure a lot. This week they place the Dolphins who are an even more miserable team. Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to lead the team and failed. They turned to Josh Rosen who hasn’t been the light that they want. He actually is the 31st ranked quarterback on Pro Football Focus. This matchup is the best for defenses and this week, it is the Redskins’ turn to reap the benefits.

4. San Francisco 49ers

Opponent: Los Angeles Rams

San Francisco 49ersThe 49ers have been an overall solid defense this season. It’s tough to say how good they really are since their strength of schedule has been below average, but they have been able to hold teams to an average of 14.2 points per game which is 4th best in the NFL. The Rams will be their first major test of the year, but they fit right into the 49ers’ strengths. The Rams are a much more pass-heavy team that the 49ers have guarded well. They rank 2nd in passing yards allowed per game with 175.8. The Rams will be difficult with all their options but nothing they can’t handle.

5. Baltimore Ravens

Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore RavensThe Ravens are in a must-win scenario against the Bengals in which they look to extend their divisional lead. The Bengals will be without A.J. Green or John Ross which really hurts them at the receiver position. They almost pulled off a comeback victory against the Cardinals but fell short. The Ravens started the season as the top defensive add but have fallen apart the past few weeks. They had a strong performance last week against the Steelers in which they had 2 turnovers and a sack which they look to carry forward against the Bengals.

6. Tennessee Titans

Opponent: Denver Broncos

Tennessee TitansThe Titans opened the season extremely strong with three interceptions and a touchdown and haven’t stopped dominating since. Only the Jaguars have managed to score 20 points on them. The Broncos will not be the team that breaks over 20 points. The Broncos themselves have only scored over 20 points once. Joe Flacco is not the quarterback he used to be. Same with Philip Lindsay looking at his production last year. I would expect the Titans to surrender about 10-20 points this week with a couple of turnovers and/or sacks.

7. Carolina Panthers

Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina PanthersThe one job of the Panthers is shutting down Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Last week, the Panthers had 3 fumble recoveries including a return for a touchdown. They have posted multiple turnover games the past three weeks which is highly impressive. The one downside is how many points they allow. They manage a lot of turnovers and sacks, but also give up a lot of yards. They will have to find a way to eliminate the big plays this week as they travel to London to face Jamies Winston and the Buccaneers.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Opponent: Cleveland Browns

Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks have had a couple of big games defensively this season and are set up nicely with a matchup against the struggling Browns. Baker Mayfield looked his absolute worst last week which has broken the confidence of the Browns’ fanbase. The Seahawks have the opportunity to put their foot down and not let the Browns even breathe. With at least one turnover in every game this year, it is highly likely Mayfield throws up another interception or two to the Seahawks this week which makes them a decent start this week.

9. Denver Broncos

Opponent: Tennessee Titans

Denver BroncosThe Broncos are coming off a big game against the Chargers in which they held them to 13 points, picked off Philip Rivers two times, and blocked a field goal. As for the Titans’ offense, they came back down to earth last week after an impressive Week 4 against the Falcons. They only managed to put up 7 points on the Bills in a very low scoring affair. The one worry is that the Titans run the ball more than they throw. The Broncos’ run defense has allowed 126.4 rushing yards per game which is above average. We will see if they can stop Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota.

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