Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2021

If lightning in a bottle was personified, it would be Tyreek Hill. Hill isn’t called “Cheetah” for nothing as he is by far the fastest and most electrifying player the league has to offer. He is borderline unstoppable with his hyper-quick feet and his incredible burst of speed. Combine those physical traits with the cannon-armed quarterback Patrick Mahomes and by golly is their offense one of the best in league history. Hill went bananas in 2020 and was a key part of why the Chiefs went to the Super Bowl. Hill, Mahomes, and tight end Travis Kelce are the best offensive trio in the NFL and they will all need to step up their game in 2021 if they want to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year.  

2020 Recap 


Hill played out of his mind in 2020. For his personal accolades, he recorded a career-high in touchdowns and the second-most receiving yards in a season. He also scored the most touchdowns on the Chiefs, the seventh most receiving yards in the league, and the second-most receiving touchdowns in the league. Hill recorded 13 games with 10+ fantasy points and in 4 of those games, he scored 20+ fantasy points. The most impressive game of his season by far was the time he went ballistic against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and scored 51.4 fantasy points on 13 catches for 269 yards and 3 touchdowns. This game was incredible to watch as Hill straight-up burned whoever was covering him and did most of his damage in the first quarter. Hill was a dominant player in 2020 and will need to replicate his success in 2021 if the Chiefs want to have a deep playoff run.

2021 Projections 


Hill is the best vertical threat in the game and Patrick Mahomes has the arm to get it to him. So I think Hill is going to be just fine. Hill is like if the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes Cartoons was playing in the NFL, just running around really fast and leaving destruction in his wake. Hill is so funny to watch because he makes some of the fastest athletes in the world look like they are running in quicksand. Hill is both unfairly quick and fast which makes your only option of covering him is to double-team him. And with the stats that he has put up, stop doesn’t feel like the appropriate word. Hill is undoubtedly one of the best receivers in the league and will throw up his signature peace sign celebration into another top 5 fantasy receiver finish.

ADP & Auction Value 

ADP: 12, Rounds 1-2, WR2

Auction Value: $51

Hill is really expensive this year and he might be worth every penny. When you want to talk about blazing speed, Tyreek Hill is the gold standard. Hill is so fast that he is able to catch up to teammates who are already running 20+ mph on their way to the endzone. Hill is going to have another superb fantasy season and his only real competition for the title as the best fantasy receiver is Davante Adams and Stefon Diggs. Hill is in the best situation of the three because Adams still doesn’t know if MVP-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers is throwing to him and Stefon Diggs is the only receiver on the Bills’ roster, so he will be double-teamed with no one to help him. Hill benefits from having Travis Kelce taking some attention away from him and having one of the best quarterbacks in the league throwing to him. Don’t be surprised if Hill finishes as the best fantasy receiver in 2021. 


The only thing that I can see slowing Hill and the prolific Chiefs’ offense down in 2021 is injuries. Hill has only missed 4 games in his 5-year stint with the Chiefs with a chest sternum fracture. Hill also looks like he tore his hamstring clean off the bone when he limps to the sideline though. Hill makes such quick movements that sometimes he jukes out his own body leading to him hobbling towards the sideline. If Hill could avoid injuries in 2021, there is no reason why he shouldn’t become the new best receiver in fantasy. 


Hill and the Chiefs’ offense have blown the brakes off of every defense they have come across since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback in 2018. Besides their Super Bowl game against the Buccaneers, they have steamrolled every team with their insanely high-powered offense. And the game-breaking speed of Tyreek Hill is a big reason why. The Chiefs love to get Hill the ball and they do so in a very creative way. He can run across the field faster than people can catch up or he can run a simple screen pass and go the distance with some blocking. Hell, Andy Reid even got bored sometimes and made Hill run the ball sometimes. The thing is that it worked as Hill rushed 13 times for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2020. Hill is a fantasy receiver staple and will have another monster season in 2021. 

Kansas City Chiefs Offense 

What is there not to love about the Kansas City Chiefs offense? Kansas City ChiefsYou want a franchise all-time great QB? Boom, you have Patrick Mahomes who could become the best quarterback ever someday. You want some of the fastest wide receivers that have ever been assembled on the same team? Bang, you have Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman. You want one of the best receiving tight ends to ever play the game? Pow, you get Travis Kelce. Kansas City can do anything they want on offense and it’s a miracle they don’t average 50 points a game. This team had the most yards, scored the 6th most points, and scored the 6th most touchdowns in the NFL last season. This team also revamped their offensive line after almost getting Patrick Mahomes killed in the Super Bowl. Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz might have left, but the Chiefs were busy this offseason by trading for Orlando Brown Jr. and signing veterans Joe Thuney and Kyle Long from free agency. Kansas City will look to establish the run more this season as the only blemish on their almost perfect offense is that they ranked 16th in rushing yards last season.

Strength of Schedule

The Chiefs have to play the AFC North and NFC East along with the Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders twice and the Packers, Bills, and Titans once. This would give them the 11th hardest schedule for the 2021 season based on opponents’ combined winning percentage in 2020. The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC still goes through Kansas City, but clinching that #1 seed won’t be easy for the Chiefs. The AFC North is one of the hardest divisions in football because they house the Ravens, Browns, Steelers, and Bengals. All of those games will be difficult to win as well as their always tough division rival games against the Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos. The Chiefs have to play 5 division winners this upcoming season in the Washington Football Team, Steelers, Packers, Titans, and Bills, and that’s to be expected as the reigning Super Bowl contenders from the AFC. Every team will be looking to give them their best shot, but some of their easier games are against the Eagles, Giants, Bengals, and Cowboys. Regardless of the schedule, I still expect the Chiefs to be top dogs of the AFC and to be competing for a Lombardi Trophy in 2021.

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