Week 10 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Target Eagles vs. Giants Matchup

The Saints’ defense looked incredible on Sunday Night football. Not only did they hold Tom Brady and the Buccaneers’ offense to just three total points, but they also picked him off and sacked him three times. Another impressive stat from the game is the Bucs’ eight total rushing yards throughout the entire game. The Ravens’ defense scored their fourth touchdown on the season to tie the Colts in total touchdowns. Funny enough, it came against the Colts too in which they held them to 10 points and with two turnovers. The Titans were the only other team with a touchdown as they dominated the Bears. Two fumble recoveries, three sacks, and 17 points against led to an impressive performance with a Colts’ matchup next which could be favorable for them once again. We are now even deeper into the fantasy schedule and are in crunch time. Here is a list of defenses to help you gain an edge in sealing your win this week and get into the playoffs.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Philadelphia EaglesNew York Giants37.3
New Orleans SaintsSan Francisco 49ers39.2
New York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles36.6
Minnesota VikingsChicago Bears19.2
Green Bay PackersJacksonville Jaguars18.1
Tennessee TitansIndianapolis Colts28.8

Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: New York Giants
Own %: 37.3

Philadelphia EaglesIn the Eagles’ past two games, they have jumped into the top ten fantasy defenses. They dominated the Cowboys with some garbage time points to seal the deal. A late touchdown and safety sent them over the top for the best week 8 defense performance. After a bye this past week, they will be well-rested for their matchup against the Giants which has been one of the best matchups to target all season long. The season-ending injury to Saquon Barkley has had massive effects on the efficacy of their offense. The Eagles had three turnovers and three sacks against the Giants three weeks ago which sets the stage beautifully for their rematch this week. Not only is a good to get ahead of the curve by picking up the Eagles for this week, but their matchup in the following week against the Browns also looks appealing with their recent struggles.

New Orleans Saints

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Own %: 39.2

New Orleans SaintsAfter a highly impressive game against the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football, the Saints have a better matchup against the 49ers in which they could put up similar numbers once again. The 49ers are banged up with injuries to every part of their offense. If they can stifle Tom Brady like what we saw on Sunday, they should have no problem with Nick Mullens, who is working without Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, or Tevin Coleman. Momentum is on the side of the Saints who have had solid defenses performances two weeks in a row. Seeing how well they can play last week, there seems to be no reason why they should not at least reach expectations this week.

New York Giants

Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Own %: 36.6

New York GiantsThe Giants created five turnovers last week against Washington along with two sacks. Granted that Washington has one of the worst offenses in the league, but yet another solid performance from the Giants’ defense is pointing towards them being a viable defense moving forward. Another matchup in their favor for week 10 makes them a solid candidate for a streamer this week. The Eagles have struggled offensively, allowing the most sacks per game in the NFL. They are also tied for throwing the most interceptions as well. Seeing how well the Giants have been at creating turnovers recently, these stats will mesh well together for the Giants. If both of the above options are not available, the Giants will still be a solid option.

Minnesota Vikings

Opponent: Chicago Bears
Own %: 19.2

Minnesota VikingsThe Vikings are among the worst defenses in the league, but there is a reason to play them this week. The Titans faced off with the Bears last week and the Titans’ defense was among the top-scoring defenses for the week despite being one of the worst in the league. This shows that it is possible for a bad defense to outperform expectations when they are playing the Bears. The Vikings also doubled their total of interceptions on the season in just one week against the Lions last week. Between Matthew Stafford and Chase Daniel, they intercepted the Lions three times with two sacks. The Vikings have had some miserable defensive performances throughout the season, but this week is gearing up to be one of their successful ones.

Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 18.1

Green Bay PackersThe Packers had a successful rout of the banged-up 49ers last week. They have not necessarily been the best defense in the league by any accounts but they have also not been the worst. In only two of the seven weeks have they given a subpar fantasy performance. The momentum from week 9 can carry into week 10 with a great matchup against the Jaguars. The Jags started Jake Luton last week who, after a long touchdown on the first drive, did not do much. The running back situation has been messy and the injury to Gardiner Minshew has not shown to help at all. The Packers are not a team to target if better options exist, but if you find yourself in a sticky situation, this could be a way out.

Tennessee Titans

Opponent: Indianapolis Colts
Own %: 28.8

Tennessee TitansThe Titans had their best defensive week last week with three sacks, two turnovers, and a touchdown. This season has been full of ups and downs for the Titans’ defense. Their matchup for week 10 looks to be favorable for the Titans once again. The Colts have had a rough time on offense. T.Y. Hilton’s injury has hurt the offensive production and Jonathan Taylor has not been putting up the numbers he did earlier in the season. The Ravens dominated the Colts last week after an early touchdown and even scored a defensive touchdown. The Titans are coming off a defensive touchdown of their own. With the Colts down in the dumps and the Titans on the high road, it could be a move to start their defense this week if no other good options are available.

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