Week 10 Kicker Rankings: Fantasy Kickers Pickups & Streamers

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Here are the top 10 kickers for week 10. There are a lot of familiar faces on the list this week, and a couple of new players due to some favorable matchups.

Justin TuckerRavensBengals99%
Will LutzSaintsFalcons84%
Harrison ButkerChiefsTitans95%
Greg ZuerleinRamsSteelers94%
Zane GonzalezCardinalsBuccaneers55%
Brett MaherCowboysVikings45%
Adam VinatieriColtsDolphins24%
Matt GayBuccaneersCardinals58%
Joey SlyePanthersPackers51%
Robbie Gould49ersSeahawks85%

Justin Tucker

Tucker scored 7 points for the Ravens in their 37-20 win over the Patriots on Sunday. Tucker is still 100% accurate on field goals this year, making 17 of the 17 attempts he’s had. He’s only missed one extra point, coming in at 24 out of 25. Tucker is the most accurate kicker in the history of the game, and therefore is an incredibly reliable kicker for your roster. The Ravens have a great matchup against the Bengals this week, and with an offense as powerful as theirs against a mediocre to weak Bengals defense, I think Tucker is going to get a lot of chances.

Will Lutz

Lutz is 16 of 20 on field goals and 19 of 20 on extra points so far this season. He’s coming off of a bye week and is going into his matchup against the Falcons fresh. The game on Sunday is a great matchup for the Saints. The Falcons pass defense has been ranked toward the bottom this season, and especially with Brees back I think the Saints are going to dominate them. Watch out for Lutz this week as he’s got a great matchup.

Harrison Butker

Butker scored 14 points in the Chiefs’ matchup against the Vikings last Sunday, including a last second game winner. Butker is 19 for 22 on field goals and 27 for 28 on extra points. Clearly, he gets a lot of chances at the ball due to being part of a high powered Chiefs team, and is pretty accurate on those chances. The Chiefs have a good matchup against the Titans, whose defense has been ranked in the bottom half of teams this season. I think the Chiefs are going to have a great game against the Titans, and therefore Butker will get a fair amount of chances.

Greg Zuerlein

Zuerlein is coming fresh off of a bye week into a matchup against the Steelers this weekend. Zuerlein is 16 for 20 on field goals and 22 for 22 on extra points. The Steelers have a pretty good defense, so the Rams won’t exactly be able to carve through them like they do to some other opponents. However, I think they’re good enough to get Zuerlein some chances on Sunday.

Zane Gonzalez

Zane Gonzalez has gotten the most field goal attempts among kickers this year, with 25. He’s 22 for 25 on the year for field goals and 15 for 15 on extra points. The Cardinals have gotten a huge boost to their offense after picking up Kenyan Drake, and are looking stronger now. They’re playing the Buccaneers on Sunday, a pretty formidable matchup for them. The Buccaneers have been a top defense against the run, but a bottom defense against the pass. I think this game is going to be a shootout, which means a lot of points for Gonzalez.

Brett Maher

Maher scored 13 points against the Giants on Monday night. He’s 13 for 18 on the year for field goals and 26 for 26 on extra points. While he hasn’t been the most accurate field goal kicker, he’s great from range and set a record this season for the most 60+ yard field goals made in a career when he sent his 3rd through the uprights. The Cowboys are playing the Vikings this weekend, which is going to be a tougher matchup. However, I think due to the tough defense of the Vikings, Maher might be getting more chances, as the Cowboys may be stopped in field goal range more often.

Adam Vinatieri

Vinatieri is 12 for 17 on field goals and 14 for 19 on extra points this season. He hasn’t been the most accurate kicker in the league. However, he deserves to be on this list for his matchup alone. The Colts are playing the Dolphins this week, and I’m expecting them to put up a lot of points against the Dolphins defense. If this is the case, Vinatieri is going to get a few chances to improve that accuracy rating. He is, after all, the league’s highest scoring player ever. Despite having an off year, he’s still a great kicker and I think he’s going to see an improvement this weekend.

Matt Gay

Gay scored 10 points in the Buccaneers’ matchup against the Seahawks. On the year, he’s 16 for 19 on field goals and 20 for 22 on extra points. The Buccaneers are playing the Cardinals this weekend, which is a good matchup for Gay. The Cardinals defense has been a bit weaker this year, and I’m expecting a shootout for this matchup. I think that Gay is going to get a good amount of chances on Sunday and has proven to be fairly accurate.

Joey Slye

Slye is 15 for 21 on field goals this season and 20 for 22 on extra points. The Panthers have been a good offense this year, with Kyle Allen stepping up as quarterback and Christian McCaffrey putting on an offensive performance for the books. They have a tough matchup against the Packers this week, but it’s not that bad for Slye. The Packers have allowed the fifth most field goal attempts to opposing kickers this season. Slye is most likely going to get some good chances this weekend.

Robbie Gould

Gould is 13 for 20 on the season for field goals and 26 for 26 on extra points. While he hasn’t been the most accurate kicker when it comes to field goals, he still has merit in his position on a great team. The 49ers have a tough matchup against the Seahawks for Sunday. However, I think a harder matchup might be better for Gould. Last week, he only had chances at extra points, but I think he’s going to get some field goal chances against a tougher Seahawks defense.

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