Week 10 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds

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With week 10 comes new matchups, which means new kickers who could make a big impact on your fantasy team. Here are 10 kickers who have potential off of the waiver wire coming into week 10.

NameTeamOpponentOwn %
Matt GayBuccaneersCardinals55.7%
Mason CrosbyPackersPanthers53%
Brett MaherCowboysVikings41.6%
Jason MyersSeahawks49ers35.4%
Michael BadgleyChargersRaiders31%
Don BaileyVikingsCowboys15.6%
Aldrick RosasGiantsJets8.1%
Stephen HauschkaBillsBrowns5.1%
Austin SeibertBrownsBills2%
Sam FickenJetsGiants1%

Michael Badgley

Badgley kicked his first game of the season last week against the Packers. He scored 14 points for his team, and ended up with 15 fantasy points. Due to his absence from the league, his ownership is still relatively low, coming in at around 31%. He’s going to be the kicker from the Chargers from now on, and it looks like he’s going to be an effective one. The Chargers are playing the Raiders on Thursday to kick off the week, and Badgley will likely get some chances against the middling Raiders defense.

Austin Seibert

Seibert scored 13 points in the Browns game against the Broncos in week 9, and therefore put up 13 points for fantasy owners. Seibert is 14 for 14 on the year for field goals, and 12 for 14 on extra points. Safe to say he’s been a pretty reliable kicker this season. His offense hasn’t been super effective, which is most likely why he hasn’t had more chances at the ball. The Browns are playing the Bills, and while it is a tough defensive matchup, their run game has a lot of potential. I think Seibert is going to get a couple chances this week, and his record this season shows he’ll likely hit them.

Sam Ficken

Sam Ficken is 5 for 7 on field goals and 7 for 7 on extra points. As you can see, he clearly hasn’t gotten a lot of chances. His combined (extra points and field goals) total is lower than or equal to the field goal attempts of 20 other kickers in the league. However, the Jets offense has gotten a bit of a boost thanks to Sam Darnold’s return, and they’re playing against an easier Giants defense. I’m expecting him to get a couple of chances, and he’s been fairly accurate with the ones he’s gotten. I wouldn’t say he should be your first choice off this list, but if others are taken and you’re feeling good about the matchup, go for it.

Jason Myers

Myers is 12 of 17 on the year for field goals and 24 of 26 for extra points. Obviously, the reason he is not owned more widely across fantasy leagues is because of his 71% field goal accuracy. However, I think he’s still a pretty viable pick based on how powerful the Seahawks’ offense is. The Seahawks have a tough matchup against the 49ers, but I’m not expecting them to get completely shut down like some other teams have against the 49ers. I think a tough defensive matchup could even mean more attempts for Myers, if the Seahawks offense is held to field goal range. I think Myers is a good pick based on how good the Seahawks offense is, despite his lower accuracy this season.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 13 of 15 for field goals and 25 for 27 for extra points on the season. He’s gotten a fair amount of chances, and has been pretty accurate with them. Plus, he’s part of an offense that’s been looking really strong this year, especially lately. His matchup against the Cowboys isn’t the best, as the Cowboys have been a pretty good defense this year, but the Vikings are strong enough to get Bailey some chances this Sunday.

Aldrick Rosas

Aldrick Rosas is 8 for 10 on the year for field goals and 18 of 20 on the year for extra points. He’s been accurate, he just hasn’t gotten a ton of chances this season. The Giants are playing the Jets on Sunday. The Jets have been pretty good defensively, but in week 9 they allowed the Dolphins to put up 26 points and get their first win of the season. I think the Giants are going to put up a fair amount of points against the Jets which means some good chances for Rosas.

Stephen Hauschka

Hauschka is 8 of 11 for field goals and 16 of 17 for extra points on the season. He hasn’t gotten a ton of chances this season, but he’s been fairly accurate. The Bills are playing the Browns this weekend, which is looking like a good matchup for them. Devin Singletary, the Bills running back, had a big game against the Redskins, and most likely going to power their offense to a win against a Browns defense that has allowed the 3rd most rushing yards per game. Therefore, I think Hauschka is going to get a lot of chances on Sunday.

Brett Maher

Brett Maher is 13 for 18 for field goals and 26 for 26 on extra points this season. He set a record this season for most 60+ yard field goals made, and is pretty reliable from distance despite his 72% accuracy ranking this season. Maher is on the other side of the Vikings matchup discussed with Dan Bailey, which is going to be a tough matchup. However, I think he’s still going to get a fair amount of chances and would be a good waiver add.

Mason Crosby

At 12 of 13 for field goals and 26 for 26 on extra points, he’s one of the more accurate kickers this season. He’s also part of a really strong offense, which makes him a valuable pickup. The Packers are matched up against the Panthers this week in what is looking to be a great game. I think it’ll be more of a shootout, however, and therefore I’m expecting Crosby to be getting a lot of chances.

Matt Gay

Matt Gay is 16 of 19 on field goals and 20 of 22 on extra points this season. The Buccaneers’ matchup against the Cardinals this week is a good one for Matt Gay. The Cardinals defense has been pretty mediocre this year, and I’m expecting the Buccaneers to score a lot of points. When the offense is scoring points and driving down the field, the kicker is going to get more chances, and therefore I’m predicting a bigger game for Matt Gay on Sunday.

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