Week 11 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Dolphins Are Rolling

No one could have guessed that the Jacksonville Jaguars would lead all defenses in fantasy scoring this past week, especially given their matchup against the Packers. They were actually projected to score the least number of points this week but ended up with the most. A punt return touchdown and an interception return for a touchdown would send them ahead of all other teams even though they allowed 24 points. The Raiders also superseded expectations with five turnovers against the Broncos. The Broncos have been a team to target and now that definitely continues on if the Raiders’ defense can put up points like that on them. We inch ever closer to the end of the fantasy regular season and starting a good defense can give you the boost of points that you need to overcome the margin of victory and can turn out to be the difference-maker. Here are some options for you if you are in need of picking up a defense off of waivers this week.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Miami DolphinsDenver Broncos32.4
Los Angeles ChargersNew York Jets28.1
Los Angeles RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers49.6
Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys30.6
Cleveland BrownsPhiladelphia Eagles16.0
Washington Football TeamCincinnati Bengals40.5

Miami Dolphins

Opponent: Denver Broncos
Own %: 32.4

Miami DolphinsThe Dolphins continued their defense roll last week against the Chargers. It has been five straight games in which the Dolphins have scored favorably. This week they put up an interception, two sacks, and a block. The upcoming matchup against the Broncos is looking to be another big week for them as the Broncos allowed the second-most points to a defense last week even when the defense is one of the worst in the NFL. They turned the ball over five times, so there is probably a lot of frustration in the offense which could lead to even more turnovers when not being careful with the ball. The Dolphins have forced at least one turnover in each since since week 2, and with how the Broncos played last week, that streak will likely live on.

Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: New York Jets
Own %: 28.1

Los Angeles ChargersThe Chargers have had a run of good matchups but did not get a game in which they greatly impressed, but they also have not been a bad defense as they have forced a turnover in each of the last six games. What has been the nail in the back of the Chargers’ defense is allowing points on the board. They have averaged 30 points against in the last four weeks even though some of the offenses they have faced have been on the bottom of the totem pole. Despite that, they have found success in creating points through sacks and turnovers. If they keep the points down, they could be a solid defense. This matchup marks the end the easy road as they face the Jets who have been the worst offense in the NFL. Locking down in the redzone could lead to a mass amount of points this week for the Chargers.

Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Own %: 49.6

Los Angeles RamsDespite being a top five defense in the league, the Rams are owned in under 50% of leagues. For three weeks in a row, the Rams have put up solid numbers with at least two turnovers in each game. Six sacks and three turnovers in last week’s matchup against the Seahawks solidified the Rams’ dominance even against some of the top offenses in the league. They have another challenging matchup against the Buccaneers who dominated last week, but if we look back to two weeks ago, the Saints dismantled their offense. We have seen evidence of the Bucs failing to get anything done when they face a good defense, and that can be the case again. With how well the Rams are playing, the odds seem to be in their favor.

Minnesota Vikings

Opponent: Dallas Cowboys
Own %: 30.6

Minnesota VikingsIt has been a shaky season for the Vikings’ defense who has given up 40+ points twice this season, but at the same time they have had a few sunny days in the midst of the storm. Last week, in particular, was one of their best on the season against the Lions in which they picked off Matthew Stafford three times while sacking him twice. These kinds of numbers bode well for their next matchup against the Cowboys who are in a bad quarterback situation after losing Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton. Pressuring the quarterback like they did last night will lead to mistakes in which the Vikings’ defense can capitalize and create a great game for fantasy owners.

Cleveland Browns

Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Own %: 16.0

Cleveland BrownsThe Browns have allowed less than 20 points in two straight games. Last week was one of their best games in allowing just 7 points to the Texans. They have not been able to cause any turnovers in the past two games, but their low points against total has made up for it. They face another weakened offense with the Eagles next week in which they are poised for yet another solid defensive performance. The Browns’ lack of offense has hurt them defensively, but they have held strong despite all that. The Eagles have allowed the most sacks in the NFL which when you have a weak offensive line, everything breaks down which has been what we have seen. The Browns now have the opportunity to exploit that weak offensive line of the Eagles with their bulked up defensive line.

Washington Football Team

Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals
Own %: 40.5

washington football team 1Before last week’s atrocity, the Washington Football Team had three straight games of solid performances. Their sack total had raised exponentially with the only thing down being their turnover margin. Seeing their ability to get sacks, it is fortunate that they are playing the Bengals who have allowed the second-most sacks in the league. They should be focusing on putting pressure on the Joe Burrow whose inexperience could instigate some problems and forced errors that Washington’s defense can pounce on. Perhaps they can accumulate a turnover or two with some added pressure.

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