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There were a couple of defenses that surprised last week. The Falcons held the Saints to 9 points and the Dolphins held the Colts to 12 points, both winning their games as major upsets. These sorts of games open up options for starting more defenses. Are the Dolphins a startable defense? I will be going over my top waiver wire adds for defense for Week 11. All the defenses I choose are owned in under 60% of leagues.

TeamOpponent% Owned
New York JetsWashigton Redskins21.3
Washington RedskinsNew York Jets8.5
Miami DolphinsBuffalo Bills0.9
Jacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis Colts56
Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers57.1
Dallas CowboysDetroit Lions53.6

New York Jets

Opponent: Washington Redskins
Own %: 21.3

New York JetsYear long, the Jets’ defense has been the only source of anything relatively good for the Jets. They aren’t the best defense in the league in any sense, but they have shown competence. Last week, they had a great game against the Giants. They let up a lot of points, but were very active in scoring. They had two fumble recoveries, one resulting in a touchdown, and six sacks. This week they have a great matchup against the Redskins who now hold the lowest total points per game with 12.

Washington Redskins

Opponent: New York Jets
Own %: 8.5

Washington RedskinsOn the opposite side of the above game, we have the Redskins. The Redskins’ defense started out cold but in their last four games, they have allowed an average of just 17 points per game and have collected four turnovers in that span. To add to that, they have picked up 12 sacks during those four games which adds to their value. This week they play the Jets who have struggled offensively all season. They were able to put three touchdowns last week against the Giants, but this game is likely to be a very low scoring game.

Miami Dolphins

Opponent: Buffalo Bills
Own %: 0.9

Miami DolphinsLike the Redskins, the Dolphins’ defense started out poorly but has worked up to a decent looking defense. They stifled the Colts last week in a stunning victory on the road. In the past two games, they have allowed an average of 14 points with four total turnovers. They even picked up 4 sacks over the span and a safety. They still are the Dolphins so they aren’t very good, but they have looked a lot better. They face the Bills next week who have struggled offensively. They have averaged just 19.3 points per game and scored just 16 on the Browns last week.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Opponent: Indianapolis Colts
Own %: 56

Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars are coming off their bye week which is why their owned percentage is so low. In Week 9 they took a step back from their crazy performances in Week 7 and 8. During those two weeks, they averaged 16 points against, 7 turnovers, a touchdown, and 10 sacks. They will face off against the Colts this week who just got stunned by the Dolphins. It is likely that Jacoby Brissett returns as the Colts’ quarterback, but even the Dolphins were able to contain Marlon Mack on the ground. If the Dolphins can do it, the Jags should have no problem.

Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: Los Angeles Chargers
Own %: 57.1

Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs’ defense has made several improvements from last year so that they don’t have to heavily depend on the offense to win games. Because of the Chiefs’ pass rush ability, their floor is set decently high. Over the past four games, they have averaged just under 5 sacks per game with 19. They are set to face the Chargers this week who have not looked like the offense they are capable of being this year. Philip Rivers has not been able to utilize Keenan Allen in his true value. Because of this, the Chiefs are in good shape to look strong this Monday night.

Dallas Cowboys

Opponent: Detroit Lions
Own %: 53.6

Dallas CowboysA lot of Cowboys’ owners ditched them this week due to their tough matchup against the Vikings on Sunday night. Those who did were smart, but it would be smart to pick them back up this week. They have been one of the top defenses in the league with two strong performances in their games before last week. They averaged 14 points against them, with 8 sacks, 7 turnovers and a touchdown to top it off. They face the Lions next week who are likely to be without Matthew Stafford again with broken bones in his back which means backup, Jeff Driskel, would be called on again to start.

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