Week 11 Kicker Rankings: Fantasy Kickers Pickups & Streamers

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The top 10 kickers list of week 11 brings a lot of the familiar faces in a lot of the same places. However, some kickers have shifted around and some new suspects have made their way onto the list due to good matchups. Here’s the top 10 kickers for week 11.

Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker is still perfect for field goals on the season, making 17 of his 17 attempts. He’s missed an extra point, and is 31 for 32 this year on extra points. Clearly, he’s one of if not the most reliable kicker in the league. Plus, he’s on the Ravens, one of the most powerful offenses in the league. He gets a lot of chances at the ball and has nailed every single kick except for one this season. He’s matched up against the Texans this week, and I’m expecting the Ravens to put up big points against the Texans, meaning big points for Tucker.

Will Lutz

Lutz is 19 for 23 for field goals and 19 for 20 for extra points this season. Lutz is pretty accurate and is part of a powerful offense, which makes him one of the most valuable kickers in the league. On top of this, he has a good matchup against the Buccaneers this week. The Buccaneers have allowed 279 points this season, the third most in the league. A great team like the Saints is bound to put up big points on a defense that already allows a lot of points, meaning a lot of chances for Lutz this weekend.

Harrison Butker

Much like with Tucker and Lutz, Butker’s position on a powerful team makes him a good option off the bat. He is 23 for 27 on the season for field goals and 29 for 31 on extra points, making him the 12th most accurate kicker (among kickers with more than 6 attempts) this season. He is also tied with Gonzalez among kickers who have more than 6 attempts for the most attempts per game at 2.7. The Chiefs are playing the Chargers in week 11. The Chargers are a pretty strong defense, allowing the 6th fewest total yards per game with an average of 318.3. The Chiefs are up for a tough battle, but with an offense as strong as theirs I think Butker is still going to get some chances.

Zane Gonzalez

Gonzalez is 24 for 27 on field goals and 18 for 18 on extra points. He’s also tied with Butker for most field goal attempts per game among kickers who have more than 6 attempts, with an average 2.7 per game. He makes 2.4 of those attempts, compared to Butker’s 2.3, but still falls below Butker on this list due to his position on a weaker offense. The Cardinals have a tough matchup against a great 49ers defense, but their offense has gotten a boost after their acquisition of Kenyan Drake, who had a big game for them against the Buccaneers, so I think Gonzalez is going to get a few chances in this matchup.

Brett Maher

Maher is 14 for 20 on field goals and 29 for 29 on extra points this season. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been super accurate this season, or else he’d fall quite a bit higher on this list. He’s part of a great offense, and the Cowboys have an even better matchup this week against the Lions. The Lions allow an average 402.1 yards per game, the 3rd most in the league. The Cowboys gain an average 437.4 yards per game, the most in the league. This matchup is super conducive to points for Maher, giving him a spot on the list for week 11.

Joey Slye

Slye is 16 for 22 for field goals and 21 for 23 for extra points on the season. Even though they’re missing Cam Newton, the Panthers have been a pretty great offense this season. Not only are they a powerful team, the Panthers have a good matchup, adding to Slye’s “pros” list for this week. The Pathers are playing the Falcons who allow an average 371.8 yards a week. I’m expecting McCaffrey and the Panthers to put up some big yardage against the Falcons, which probably means a lot of chances for Slye.

Greg Zuerlein

Zuerlein is 17 for 22 on field goals and 23 for 23 on extra points. He used to sit higher on this list, but the Rams offense hasn’t looked as powerful as they did last season. They have a matchup against the Bears, who have a pretty strong defense this season. I’m still expecting Zuerlein to get a few chances this week, as the Rams are still a productive offense. He just falls lower on this list until the Rams can get back into the swing of things.

Stephen Hauschka

Hauschka is 8 of 13 for field goals and 18 of 19 for extra points. The Bills are matched up against the Dolphins, which is looking good for their offense, and for Hauscka. In their last meeting, Hauschka scored 11 points. Miami’s defense turned it on last week against the Colts, but I think the Bills are going to be able to run the ball pretty well against the Dolphins and net themselves another win, and a lot of chances for Hauschka.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 15 for 17 on the year for field goals and 27 for 29 on extra points. The Vikings are matched up against the Broncos this week, which is a good special teams matchup. The Broncos allowed opposing kickers to score an average 11.3 points over their last three matchups. The Vikings have looked really strong this year, so I’m expecting Bailey to get a chance to match that 11.3 average.

Daniel Carlson

Carlson is 9 of 12 for field goals and 25 of 26 for extra points on the season. Clearly, the reason he doesn’t fall higher on lists like this is that he simply doesn’t get a lot of chances for field goals. However, that might change this week as the Raiders are matched up against the Bengals. The Bengals have allowed opposing kickers to score an average 8.6 points per game over their last three matchups. I’m expecting Carlson’s lack of chances this season to change in their matchup against the Bengals.

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