Week 12 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Target The Eagles

The Browns’ defense erupted against the Eagles this past Sunday with three turnovers, a touchdown, a safety, and five sacks. They have jumped into a top 10 defense with that performance and have the potential to be a viable defense moving forward. The Saints dominated once again for the third week in a row. In the past three games, they have given up a total of 25 points with just one touchdown against them. They picked up eight sacks along with two turnovers to continue to boost their stats. With a game against the Broncos next week, there is virtually no reason why they will not outperform once again. In most league setups, there are two weeks remaining in the regular season. If you are in a tight race, gaining the additional few extra points becomes that much more important to make the playoffs. It can even come down to picking the correct defense. Here is a list of a few good options for you if you are in need of a new one this week.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Seattle SeahawksPhiladelphia Eagles19.6
New York GiantsCincinnati Bengals15.6
Los Angeles RamsSan Francisco 49ers55.2
Washington Football TeamDallas Cowboys48.2
Green Bay PackersChicago Bears34.8
Las Vegas RaidersAtlanta Falcons2.3

Seattle Seahawks

Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Own %: 19.6

Seattle SeahawksDespite playing the best offense in the league in the Cardinals, the Seahawks’ defense put up some points with three sacks on the elusive Kyler Murray and a safety. They have picked up at least three sacks in each of the past four weeks which is a huge step up from where they began the season. They take on the Eagles next week who practically hand points to opposing defenses. The Browns took them to town last week with eight sacks, three turnovers, and a touchdown. Even if the Seahawks only managed half of those numbers, they would be in great shape. They are currently trending up and with a good matchup, they are a good pickup this week.

New York Giants

Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals
Own %: 15.6

New York GiantsThe Giants have been one of the most consistent fantasy defenses in the league. A few sacks along with a turnover or two have resulted in a bunch of quality games for the Giants. They are coming out of a bye week to get rested up and ready to take on the Bengals who will be without their quarterback, Joe Burrow, along with a banged-up Joe Mixon who missed last week. These key injuries put a giant (no pun intended) hindrance on their offensive capabilities. Seeing how the Giants have been able to handle teams all season long, they should have no problem dealing with Ryan Finley and the Bengals. It has already been a struggle of a season for the Bengals and these injuries will only make matters worse, giving the Giants a great opportunity to put up points.

Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Own %: 55.2

Los Angeles RamsThe Rams are just a tad above 50% ownership, but there is a good chance they will be available to you. They are coming off a great span of three games in which they have picked up at least two turnovers per game. They have a tough game against the Buccaneers on Monday Night Football, so this performance could sway ownership, but the matchup next week is too nice to pass up along with how good they have been. The 49ers have been plagued with injuries all season long and that has shown in some of their games this season. They are coming off a bye to rest up but they have not scored above 20 points in the past two games and now come against a solid Rams’ defense. At the end of the day, the Rams are a top 6 fantasy defense and should be owned a lot more than they are.

Washington Football Team

Opponent: Dallas Cowboys
Own %: 48.2

washington football team 1After a failed attempt at challenging the Lions two weeks ago, the Washington defense stepped up against the Bengals last week and put up four sacks, two turnovers, and held them to nine total points. They play on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys who they faced earlier this season. Washington held them to just three points last time and produced six sacks, a safety, and an interception. It was a miserable day for the Cowboys to say the least as ever since Dak Prescott went down with his injury, the Cowboys have been in rough shape. When Washington is on its game, they have the ability to put up league-leading points, and the only reason they are not a top defense is that they are hit or miss. Seeing how the Cowboys matchup was a hit last time they played, there is a reason to believe it is going to be a hit once again.

Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Chicago Bears
Own %: 34.8

Green Bay PackersThe Packers have been an average defense this season with a mix of good and bad performances. This week is all about the matchup with the Bears coming to Lambeau. Nick Foles went down with an injury which leaves him questionable. Backup quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, is also dealing with an injury, leaving the quarterback situation in jeopardy. The Bears’ offense has already been in bad shape with their faulty offensive line, and an injured quarterback will only add to the problems. The Packers have the opportunity to capitalize on this unfortunate predicament for the Bears and cause mistakes like many forced sacks and turnovers as they try to avoid hits.

Las Vegas Raiders

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons
Own %: 2.3

Oakland RaidersThis pick is a complete shot in the dark as the Raiders have been among the worst defenses in the league, but the matchup against the Falcons could add to one of the few decent performances this year. Last week, the Falcons only managed to score nine points on the Saints and had eight sacks against them. Given the recent failure of the Falcons’ offense, now is the best time for the Raiders’ defense to step up and make a run for a wildcard spot. They will be fully motivated to do so after being walloped by the Chiefs’ last week. There really is no reason to go with the Raiders this week unless you are in a very desperate situation, but if you can, stay away from the bottom-ranked defenses as they are ranked low for a reason.

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