Week 12 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds: % Owned

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New matchups means new kickers are more viable for week 12. A couple of newer additions, Nick Folk and Younghoe Koo, have shown to be reliable and made their way on to the list this week as well. Here’s my kicker waiver wire recommendations for week 12.

Chris Boswell

Boswell is 18 for 20 on field goals and 20 for 20 on extra points so far, making him one of the more accurate kickers this season. He’s had a couple of low point games lately, however. Against the Rams he only scored 4 points for his team, and against the Browns he scored only one. However, he has a much more promising matchup this week against the Bengals. The Bengals allow an average 27.6 points per game, the 5th most in the league. Last time the Steelers played the Bengals they fell right below this average, scoring 27 points. Boswell put up 9 points in this matchup, and I’m expecting a similar high single digit to low double-digit game from him this weekend.

Brett Maher

Maher is 16 of 22 for field goals and 32 of 32 for extra points on the season. The Cowboys are one of the most powerful offenses in the league. They score 28.6 points per game on average (4th most in the NFL) and get an average 444.6 yards per game, the most in the NFL. Any kicker on a team with an offense this effective is going to be a good waiver watch. I assume the reason his ownership is at 55% is because he hasn’t been incredibly accurate on field goals. The Cowboys are going up against the Patriots, a tough defense to play against. However, I think Maher is still going to see some chances and is a pretty good waiver pickup for week 12.

Ka’imi Fairbairn

At 13 for 18 on field goals and 24 of 29 on extra points, Fairbairn hasn’t been as accurate as most of the other place kickers in the league. However, he’s still part of a great offense. The Texans are rated 7th in yards per game and 10th in points per game. The Texans are going up against the Colts this week. Last time the Texans played the Colts this season, Fairbairn put up 11 points. I think we’re going to see similar numbers out of Fairbairn this week, as I think the high powered Texans will be moving the ball a lot, but be stopped short of the end zone by a relatively tough Colts defense quite a bit this weekend.

Chase McLaughlin

McLaughlin is 10 for 14 on field goals and 11 for 11 on extra points so far this season. He took the injured Robbie Gould’s place in week 9, and since then has 14 attempts. That’s a solid 4.7 attempts per game, which is a great look for fantasy. The 49ers have a tougher matchup against the Packers this week, but I think McLaughlin’s high attempt trend will continue against the Packers and he’ll still be a good pickup for week 12.

Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott is 13 of 13 for field goals and 21 for 23 on extra points. He’s one of two kickers who’s still 100% on field goals this season, and the only one with more than 5 attempts. Considering his accuracy rating, he’s pretty low in attempts this season, getting an average of just over 1 attempt per game. They’re going up against the Seahawks this week, which is actually a pretty good matchup for Elliott. The Seahawks are 8-2 on the season and a great team, but they allow an average 25.4 points per game. I think Elliott is going to get more attempts than usual this game, and based on his record so far he’ll nail them all.

Austin Seibert

Seibert is 16 for 18 on field goals and 16 for 19 on extra points this season. The Browns have been on and off this season, but they have a great matchup against the Dolphins this week. The Dolphins allow an average 30.5 points per game, the 2nd most in the league. The Browns looked pretty good offensively last week and I’m expecting that to carry over against the Dolphins, which means more points for Seibert, making him a viable pickup.

Jason Myers

Myers is 14 of 19 on field goals and 27 of 29 on extra points this season. He hasn’t been the most accurate, but he’s part of a strong offense which makes him a pretty viable pickup. The Seahawks are playing the Eagles this week, and I’m expecting this to be a shootout. On average, both of these teams allow an above-average amount of points, and both have pretty strong offenses which score an above-average amount of points. With a shootout comes a lot of opportunities for Myers to score points both for his team and for your fantasy team. I think he’d be a good pickup off of waivers if you don’t mind risking it with his accuracy, and he’ll probably be available to you coming in at only 10% ownership (in ESPN leagues)

Nick Folk

Nick Folk is the latest kicker for the Patriots. He’s 5 for 5 on field goals and 2 for 2 on extra points in the two games he’s played for the Patriots this season. The Patriots are up against the Cowboys this week. The Cowboys allow an average 19.7 points per game, which is the 26th most in the league. However, the Patriots are a very strong offense and I think they’ll go above and beyond that 19.7 point average, especially because the Cowboys defense hasn’t looked as strong these past couple of weeks, allowing 28 and 27 points in their last two weeks.

Younghoe Koo

Koo is 7 for 8 on field goals and 4 for 4 on extra points this season over the two games he’s played for the Falcons. That’s an average 4 field goals per game, which is a pretty solid number. The Falcons are up against the Buccaneers this week. The Falcons are a pass-heavy team, and the Buccaneers allow the second most passing yards per game with 290.9. I’m expecting big points out of the Falcons this week as they’ve been doing over their past couple matchups, and I think Koo is going to continue to get a lot of attempts in week 12, making him a pretty great pickup.

Daniel Carlson

Carlson is 10 of 13 on field goals and 27 of 28 on extra points this season. The Raiders have a good matchup against the Jets this week and are looking to add a fourth win to their win streak. The Jets allow an average 25.5 points per game, which bodes well for Carlson and the Raiders. I think Carlson will get more than his average 1.3 attempts, and might be a good addition to your fantasy roster especially with how widely available he should be.

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