Week 12 Top 5 Fantasy Football Matchups: Falcons vs. Raiders should bring fantasy success

Last week, there were a lot of lucrative games for fantasy football with players scoring high from the same team. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp both had impressive games, ranking in the top six for wide receivers last week. Curtis Samuel and D.J Moore both ranked in the top ten for wide receiver fantasy points. Chase Edmonds and Kenyan Drake both put up performances in the top 15 too. This weekend, we will be seeing a lot of critical matchups from teams looking to make the playoffs and numerous close games. Check out my picks for the best fantasy football matchups for week 12.

Cleveland Browns

Browns Run Game vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

While the Browns’ have been forced to run the ball twice as much as they pass it over the last two weeks because of the weather, this strategy works quite well for them. Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb have both averaged double-digit figures over the past two weeks. Chubb has averaged about 15 per game while Hunt has averaged 12.5 fantasy points per game. They will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to running backs this year. Especially if the Browns go up on them quickly, we may see a lot of the run game from the Browns in this one. Chubb has projected 17.2 fantasy points and Hunt has projected 12.85 points. Both of these running backs should be considered RB1 options for next week.
Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Passing Game vs. Seattle Seahawks

I fully realize that I am pointing out that the Eagles could be good at anything offensively this season, but hear me out. The Eagles are in quite a bind in the NFC East, where they are leading, but all three other teams have the same amount of wins as them. They will be fighting for an upset loss to stay on top of the division, forcing them to have to throw against Seattle. That being said, Seattle has allowed the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and the most to wide receivers. This points well for Travis Fulgham, Dallas Goedert, Jalen Reagor, and Richard Rodgers, who has been doing well lately. Fulgham has projected 11.05, Goedert 7.75, Reagor 9.2, and Rodgers 3.05 points. Consider all of these players potential starters, but better flex options for next week given the inconsistency of this offense.
New York Giants

New York Giants Offense vs. Cincinnati Bengals

While I mostly want to talk about the passing potential of the Giants against the Bengals, I say offense in total because of Wayne Gallman. Wayne Gallman has been in the endzone every game in the past four weeks and had a season-best game against the Eagles, who have a strong rushing defense. Meanwhile, in the passing game, the Bengals have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to wide receivers this year and the 5th most to tight ends. This bodes well for Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, and Evan Engram for this weekend. Shepard has projected 11.05, Slayton 10.2, and Engram 10 points as a projected top-five tight end for next week. With the Bengals having to go without Joe Burrow this weekend, the Giants may put a hurt on them in this game, so be aware of the Giants’ offensive weapons being useful for fantasy.
Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Passing Game vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Carolina Panthers had an excellent passing game last week, even without Teddy Bridgewater. XFL quarterback P.J Tucker led a shutout against the Lions and had three receivers over 7 receptions in the game. Considering the Panthers will be without Christian McCaffrey again this week, they may pass a decent amount with Bridgewater back in the game. Curtis Samuel and D.J Moore both placed 9th and 11th last week in wide receiver standings, while Robby Anderson still had 11.6 of his own points. The Carolina Panthers will be facing the Minnesota Vikings next week, who have allowed the fourth-most fantasy points to wide receivers for an average of 29.6 per game. They also allow the 13th most fantasy points to quarterbacks and Teddy Bridgewater should capitalize in this one. Eric Kendricks and the Vikings defense have been defending the run pretty well, so Mike Davis may be stopped in his tracks too. D.J Moore has projected 14.25, Robby Anderson 14.2 points, and Curtis Samuel 12.15 next week.
Oakland Raiders

Atlanta Falcons vs. Las Vegas Raiders

My fantasy game of the week. This game includes two high profile offenses with very lackadaisical defenses behind them. The Raiders have put up 28.6 points per game this season as one of the higher scoring offenses in the league. Derek Carr has been a reaching QB1 option that is a definite starter this week against the Falcons, who have allowed the most points to quarterbacks this season. He saw his first 20+ point game last week against Kansas City since his previous game against KC in week five. Josh Jacobs has been on a roll with four straight games over 12 points in fantasy. Atlanta is one of the most difficult defenses for running backs, but with an open pass game, he should see solid numbers. Darren Waller is going up against the team that allows the most points to tight ends in fantasy, so he is bound for a solid game too. Carr has projected 17.6, Jacobs 18.1, and Waller 14.5 next weekend.
Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons are also above average in points per game and have one of the best offenses in the league. Their wide receiver core of Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and even Russell Gage may see big fantasy weeks. Jones is struggling with an injury at the moment but has been practicing a decent amount this week. The Raiders have allowed the 9th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and the 14th most to receivers, making this a big opportunity for their receiving core. Todd Gurley has a big chance of a great fantasy week, which is well worth knowing for his shaky fantasy performances this season. The Raiders have allowed the 4th most fantasy points to running backs this season and the second-most rushing touchdowns on the year. Gurley has projected 13.1, Ridley 16.2, Julio 17.8, and Gage 9.45 points.

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