Week 13 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): Mahomes unstoppable against any opponent

Deshaun Watson led fantasy scoring for the second straight week in a row this week with a line of 318-4 with an additional 24 yards rushing. Patrick Mahomes lived up to the challenge of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense to put up the second-highest fantasy total on the week with 31.28 points. Mike Glennon and former teammate Mitchell Trubisky both made the top ten in standings, while Josh Allen and Kyler Murray struggled this week and missed out on the top ten standings. This weekend is the final week of regular season play for fantasy football. Check out who you should be starting going into the final week of fantasy football.

RankTierNameAverage PointsWeek 13 Opponent
11Patrick Mahomes26.21DEN
21Russell Wilson26.81NYG
31Aaron Rodgers23.68PHI
42Kyler Murray29.17LAR
52Josh Allen24.89@ SF
62Justin Herbert24.96NE
73Ryan Tannehill20.24CLE
83Deshaun Watson22.92IND
94Ben Roethlisberger19.58WSH
104Kirk Cousins17.5JAX


Tier One Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes had another outstanding week of fantasy football, even against one of the best defenses in the league, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mahomes put up a stat line of 462-3 against the Bucs for 31.28 fantasy points. Mahomes electrified fans last week connecting with Tyreek Hill 13 times for 269 yards and all three of his touchdowns. Mahomes will play against the Denver Broncos in a divisional matchup they will need to keep ahead in the division and compete for teh AFC bye week in the playoffs.

Russell Wilson has declined a bit in the last three weeks averaging 17.7 over the last three weeks, which is seriously below his average. While he was averaging over 30 points per game earlier in the year, he is still one of the most valuable quarterbacks in fantasy. Plus, Seattle has been given an easy schedule and needs to fight to stay in the playoff picture. Next week, Seattle will take on the New York Giants, who have allowed the 5th least amount of points to quarterbacks, but the 17th most to wide receivers on the season.

Aaron Rodgers has been floating in the top five for standings for all but one week in the last five weeks, excluding his bye week. Rodgers has been averaging 23.68 points this season for the sixth-best average in fantasy. Last week, he went off on the Chicago Bears for 211-4 and 25.64 fantasy points. Next week, Green Bay will take on the Philadelphia Eagles, who have allowed the fourth least amount of points to quarterbacks. The challenge should bring out the best in Rodgers for fantasy.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Kyler Murray struggled hard last week for 170-0-1 against the New England Patriots for only 7.9 fantasy points that ranked him 23rd on the week. This was his third week under 200 passing yards put his first game that he went without a touchdown this season. Even though he is listed as healthy, his throwing shoulder may still be bugging him. Next week holds a tough task for him against division rival Los Angeles Rams. A fourth-place projection is generous for him, but he still is the most valuable fantasy quarterback this season.

Josh Allen failed to make the top ten standings for the first time since week 8. He put up 157-1-1 with an additional rushing touchdown against the Chargers last week. Allen still has the fifth-most fantasy points of the season, and outside of last week, put up 64.36 points over his last two games. Next week against San Francisco will not be a walk in the park, but Allen should come back with a solid stat line.

Justin Herbert lost his five-week streak of being in the top ten for quarterback standings last week, standing 13th on the week. He put up 316-1-1 for 16.44 points on the week. Herbert’s motivation to perform should be high, considering he is bound to break the single-season rookie passing touchdown record and possibly the yards and completions records. The fact that he has Austin Ekeler back is also a big positive. Herbert will play against New England next week, which will be tough considering they just held Kyler Murray to under 10 points.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill is one of the few active quarterbacks that has been averaging over 20 points per game in fantasy this season. Last week, he put up 221-1 with a rushing touchdown to put up 19.14 points. This week was a low scoring fantasy week for quarterbacks since Tannehill’s performance got him 7th ranked on the week. The Titans will play against the Cleveland Browns next week, who have allowed the 10th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and the 10th most to wide receivers.

Deshaun Watson had his second straight week of topping the fantasy football standings last week. Watson put up 318-4 on the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving to lead his team to a 41-25 win. Watson will have some adversity in the coming weeks, with the loss of Will Fuller to suspension, and their matchup next week against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have allowed the third least amount of points to quarterbacks this season.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Ben Roethlisberger is ranked fifth in fantasy points in the last four weeks, with a line of 1088-11-1 during that time. Big Ben is certainly heating up with his play for fantasy in the past few weeks. He is averaging over 300 passing yards and 3 touchdowns in the last three weeks of play, with only one interception that he threw last week against Jacksonville. Big Ben will take on the Washington Football Team, who showed how well they can play defense against the Cowboys last week.

Kirk Cousins has been unbelievable in the last four weeks for his fantasy expectations, having three of his last four weeks over 20 fantasy points. He ranks 9th in fantasy points over the last four weeks and 7th over the last two weeks. He has been pretty efficient with turning the ball over. In his first six weeks, he turned the ball over 11 times, and in the last five weeks he has turned it over 3 times. Kirk will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars next week, who have allowed the third-most fantasy points this season to quarterbacks. Kirk is only owned in 20.4% of fantasy leagues on ESPN, so if you need a quarterback, Kirk is your guy.

Honorable Mention

Philip Rivers, similar to Kirk Cousins, has been hot lately for fantasy with being ranked well in the past few weeks. He is ranked 13th in fantasy points in the last four weeks and 9th in the last two weeks. He has averaged near 300 yards and two touchdowns over the last three weeks. Rivers gets a favorable matchup next week against the Houston Texans, who have allowed the 12th most points to quarterbacks and the sixth most to wide receivers.

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