Week 13 QB Start, Sit Fantasy Strategy: Sam Darnold on a Hot Streak

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A lot of the quarterbacks on the “start” section of this list make great streamers if you’re looking for some extra points in your week 13 matchups. A couple of tough matchups have put some more popular fantasy quarterbacks in the “sit” category, so be careful with quarterbacks you may have been comfortable with up for most of the season. Here’s some recommendations for who to start and who to sit this week.

Start ‘Em

Sam Darnold

Darnold has had three 20+ point fantasy games in a row, the latest installment being a 28.2 point game against the Raiders. He completed 20 of his 29 passes for 315 yards and two touchdowns, no picks. Suffice to say, Darnold has been hot lately. They’re carrying that momentum into a great matchup against the Bengals, who allow an average 250.9 passing yards per game. In my opinion, Darnold is a top choice this week.

Kyler Murray

Over the past three weeks Murray put up 23, 26.8, and 26.7 fantasy points. What’s even more impressive is that two of those games, the first and third, were against a terrific San Francisco defense. The Cardinals are matched up against the Rams, who just allowed Lamar Jackson to score five touchdowns. Murray is another mobile quarterback who plays in a similar style to Lamar Jackson, so I think he’s in for a big game as well this week against the Rams defense.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill put up a whopping 32.4 fantasy points last week in his matchup against the Jaguars. He threw for two touchdowns and ran for two. He’s really catalyzed the Titans offense, who has gone 4-1 since he was given the starting position. The Titans are up against the Colts, who are definitely a tougher defense than the Jaguars. However, despite the tougher matchup I still think Tannehill is a great add. Even in their one loss with him as a starter this season he racked up 23 fantasy points, and has been consistently in the high teens or above over the past five weeks. I think he’s another top choice for a starter and a good streamer this week despite a tougher matchup.

Jameis Winston

Despite the amount of turnovers Winston throws, he’s been a pretty solid fantasy quarterback this season. He only has four games below 17 points, and his high was a 29.3 point performance against the Rams in week four. The Buccaneers are playing the Jaguars this week, which is a good matchup for Winston. The Jaguars just allowed Tannehill to rack up 32.4 fantasy points in their matchup last week. The Buccaneers throw for an average 288.1 yards per game and are one of the more powerful passing attacks in the league, so I’m expecting big numbers for Winston against the Jaguars.

Aaron Rodgers

I like Rodgers in this matchup against the Giants, who allow the 7th most passing yards per game with an average of 260.0. Rodgers had a sub-10 point performance last week against the 49ers, but I don’t think that should dissuade you from starting him this week. The 49ers are one of the toughest defenses in the league. Rodgers has shown he can put up huge fantasy numbers with his 43.8 point performance against the Raiders in week 7. I think he’s in for another big game against an easier defense this week, looking to redeem himself after a tough loss to San Francisco last Sunday.

Sit ‘Em

Daniel Jones

Last week against the Bears Jones put up 14.7 fantasy points. He’s capable of big games and has put up two 30+ point performances this season, but he’s fairly inconsistent. The Giants are up against the Packers this week, which is going to be a tough matchup. Opposing quarterbacks average less than 15 points against the Packers defense, so I’m expecting another low-scoring game for Jones.

Derek Carr

Carr put up only 4.2 points against the Jets last week before being benched. One of Carr’s more popular targets, Hunter Renfrow, is out with injuries to his ribs and lung, which is definitely going to affect their passing game. The Raiders are playing against the Chiefs this Sunday. Usually, I might consider the Chiefs an easier matchup for an opposing quarterback. However, in their last game against the Chargers they picked Philip Rivers off 4 times. They’re coming off of a bye week as well so they’ll be fresh. I’m not expecting Carr to score as low has he did against the Jets, but there are definitely better options out there this week.

Baker Mayfield

Mayfield put up 21.8 fantasy points against the Steelers when they played two weeks ago, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to do it again. The Steelers defense has been especially tough at home, and this game is at Heinz Field. Mayfield averages 12.4 fantasy points while on the road, and the Steelers allow an average 12.1 points to opposing quarterbacks when playing at home. These two stats combined look like a tough wall for Mayfield to climb.

Tom Brady

Brady has averaged only 11.1 fantasy points over the past three weeks. The Texans, their week 13 matchup have had a couple of good games as of late. They held Minshew to only 7.8 points in week 9, and Brissett to 13.2 in week 12. The glaring exception is, of course, their week 11 loss to the Ravens, 41-7. Obviously, Brady could have a big game here. I don’t think it’s certain enough to deem him a starter, however.

Jimmy Garoppolo

To start or not to start, that is the question for Garoppolo in his upcoming matchup against the Ravens. Clearly, I chose “not to start.” The 49ers offense has been strong this year and scores the 2nd most points per game on average, behind the first place Ravens. However, Garoppolo has had 7 games under 16 fantasy points this season. The 49ers are playing in Baltimore, where the Ravens have allowed just two touchdown passes to opposing quarterbacks all season. I’m expecting another low-scoring fantasy game for Garoppolo.

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