Week 14 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): Herbert cools off against the Patriots

Last week, Derek Carr shined for the first time amongst any other quarterback this season, taking the first place spot in quarterback fantasy football standings. He put up 31.74 points in a gut-wrenching game against the New York Jets, in which they won on a game-winning 46-yard touchdown from Carr. Baker Mayfield rejoined the top ten standings for fantasy football last week in a surprising game against the Tennessee Titans, where he put up four passing touchdowns in the first half. Big time fantasy quarterbacks Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Justin Herbert all struggled last week, but they should be making appearances in the top ten again.

RankTierNameAverage PointsWeek 14 Opponent
11Russell Wilson24.9NYJ
21Aaron Rodgers23.8@ DET
31Tom Brady20.8MIN
42Ryan Tannehill20.8@ JAX
52Patrick Mahomes26.2@ MIA
62Kyler Murray26.5@ NYG
73Justin Herbert22.6ATL
83Deshaun Watson23.6@ CHI
94Josh Allen24.1PIT
104Taysom Hill9.1@ PHI

Tier One Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson has had a tough go at it. In the last five weeks, he has been left out of the top ten of quarterback standings for fantasy standings. However, next week the Seattle Seahawks will play the New York Jets, in a must-win game to ensure their position in the playoffs. The New York Jets have allowed the 4th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season as well and allowed 31.74 to Derek Carr last week. I expect Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to seek vengeance on their upsetting loss to the New York Giants last weekend and turn out some exceptional fantasy weeks.

Aaron Rodgers has not been left out of the top ten since week six of the season. Last week, he put up nearly 300 yards and three passing touchdowns on the Philadelphia Eagles to rank 8th on the week. I have a hunch he will have a great week next week in fantasy due to his matchup with the Detroit Lions. The last time Rodgers played the Lions he put up nearly 20 points on them. The Lions may be without Desmond Trufant next week which could seriously hurt their passing game. Plus, they have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Rodgers should have a solid week against one of his division opponents.

Tom Brady will be coming off of a bye week next week to take on the Minnesota Vikings at home. In week 12, Brady ended up 5th in the quarterback standings after having his hands full with the Kansas City Chiefs. He put up a 345-3-2 line against them for 21.7 fantasy points. The Vikings have a poor secondary and allowed Mike Glennon to put up nearly 300 yards on them last weekend. The Vikings allow the 16th most fantasy points to quarterbacks and the third most to wide receivers, so I expect Brady to have a solid day after his bye week.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill had a stellar week last week against the Cleveland Browns put up a line of 389-3-1 for 27.56 fantasy points and the third-highest score in fantasy for quarterbacks on the week. Tannehill ranks seventh in fantasy points over the last two weeks and eleventh over the past four weeks. Next week, Tannehill has a very favorable matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have allowed the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Last week, they allowed 21.7 fantasy points to Kirk Cousins while holding their own in the game. Tannehill should have an excellent week next week.

Patrick Mahomes was put to the test last game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. The defense proved to be tougher than he had expected and their offense schemed well enough to hold the ball away from him. Nevertheless, Mahomes still ended up with 19.32 points with 318 passing yards and one touchdown. Mahomes will have a difficult matchup next week against the Miami Dolphins, who are above average in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks and wide receivers this year.

Kyler Murray had a tough game against an adverse defense in the Los Angeles Rams last week. He was kept to a 173-3 line against them and only 15 rushing yards for 16.42 fantasy points, which landed him 14th on the standings for week 13. Murray still has the highest average point total per game with 26.5 points per game. Next week, the Cardinals will have another tough matchup with the New York Giants, who have allowed the fourth least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. His best receiver, Deandre Hopkins, will have an interesting matchup with James Bradberry, who is one of the best defensive backs in the league. Murray has moved down in the rankings but should be in the top ten.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Justin Herbert had a large struggle last week against the New England Patriots. He put up a measly 209-0-1 against the Patriots in a 45-0 rout. This is the first time Herbert had been under 14 points this season and one of the few times he has been kept out of the top ten standings for the weekly fantasy points. Despite his recent woes, he should have a stellar comeback next week against the Atlanta Falcons, who have allowed the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and the fourth most points to wide receivers on the year. Herbert’s ranking dropped a little due to his most recent performance but he should return to the top ten next week.

Deshaun Watson had a tough week last week, losing a fumble on the Colts’ 2-yard line to cost his team the win they fought so hard for last Sunday. They ended up losing to their division rival Indianapolis Colts, but Watson still had a successful day. He put up 341 yards, one rushing touchdown, and two turnovers. Despite the turnovers and his first game without a passing touchdown since week six, Watson still ended up in the 11th place spot for point standings with just under 20 fantasy points. Next week, the Texans will have a similarly tough matchup with the Chicago Bears, who have allowed the sixth least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks this year. However, they allowed over 400 passing yards to Matthew Stafford last week and have been falling apart on defense lately.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Josh Allen has not made the top ten list since week 10 and had a tough go against the Chargers two weeks ago. He put up a 157-1 line with an additional 9 rushes for 32 yards and a rushing touchdown. But, he turned the ball over twice in the game to give himself just 15.48 points on the week. Next week, the Bills and Allen will take on the San Francisco 49ers, who have allowed the 11th least amount of points to quarterbacks and the 7th least to wide receivers.
New Orleans Saints
Taysom Hill took over for Drew Brees three weeks ago and will get possibly just one more shot at playing quarterback before Brees makes his return. Last week, Taysom Hill threw for his first career touchdown to Tre’Quan Smith and put up 23.58 fantasy points for 6th place in the standings. Hill has been included in the top ten standings every single week he has started except for one week. Next week the Saints will take on the Eagles, who have allowed the 8th least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks and will be a challenge.

Honorable Mentions

Ben Roethlisberger has had a tough go in the past two weeks of football. He has not had a game over 20 points since having nearly 30 over the Cincinnati Bengals. He just put up 18.20 points against the Washington Football team on Monday night football with a 305-2-1 stat line. Next week, he will take on the Buffalo Bills, who have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Look for Big Ben to have a great week of fantasy next week.

I have been playing fantasy football every year since I was 12. Whether it was with family or friends, I’m always looking for a league to be in. I love researching odd stats that compile a list of my yearly favorites.

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