Week 14 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds: Boswell with a Promising Matchup

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With certain teams like the Cleveland Browns and the Falcons coming into their own a little more, their kickers have new relevance, especially with good matchups. There are a lot of usual suspects on this list, so pay close attentions to the matchups this week as that will be the decider on who’s going to score big for your roster. Here are my kicker recommendations for week 14.

Joey Slye

Slye is 19 for 26 on field goals and 25 for 29 on extra points this season. He’s not the most accurate, but he gets a fair amount of chances. Carolina is up against Atlanta this week, who allow an average 26.9 points every game, the 6th most in the league. Last week the Falcons played the saints, and allowed Will Lutz to put up 14 points, which was good for 17 fantasy points. I think a powerful offense like Carolina can put up a lot of points against Atlanta’s defense, and therefore Slye would get some good opportunities.

Ka’imi Fairbairn

The Texans are coming off of a huge win against the Patriots. Fairbairn only scored 4 points in this matchup, but that’s a sub-average game for him. He’s 15 for 20 on field goals and 30 for 35 on extra points this season, so he hasn’t been the most accurate. But he’s still a part of one of the stronger offenses in the league this season and therefore is set to get a fair amount of opportunities. The Texans are playing the Broncos this week, who have allowed 8 points to kickers in each of their last two games, so I’m expecting Fairbairn to get high single to low double digit points.

Younghoe Koo

Koo is 12 for 14 on field goals and 5 for 6 on extra points this season. His value comes from the amount of chances he gets per game: a solid 3.5. With those, he’s been fairly accurate. The Falcons are going up against a Carolina defense that just allowed 29 points to the Redskins, the lowest-scoring team in the league. I’m expecting Koo to get a fair amount of chances against this Carolina defense this weekend.

Chris Boswell

Boswell is 23 for 25 for field goals and 23 for 23 on extra points this season, making him one of the more accurate kickers this year. Last week Boswell put up 8 fantasy points, and the week before he had 11. The Steelers are up against the Cardinals this week, who allow 29.2 points per game on average, the 2nd most in the league. The Steelers have a good matchup and I think Boswell will benefit from it.

Michael Badgley

Badgley is 10 for 13 on field goals and 7 for 7 on extra points this season. He gets an average 3.25 chances per game on average, which makes him a valuable pickup (the reason his actual attempt number is so low is due to an injury that kept him out for a while). Badgley has averaged 9.5 points per game in PPR leagues since returning from injury. The Chargers are playing Jacksonville this week, whose defense has been on and off (but mostly off) this season. I think Badgley is going to continue that high average this week.

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Mason Crosby

Crosby came back from a 0 point game in week 12 with an 8 point one in week 13 against the Giants. On the season, he’s 14 for 15 for field goals and 33 for 33 on extra points. Despite his accuracy, he doesn’t get that many attempts at field goals, which makes him less of a lucrative target for the waiver wire. However, the Packers have an easier matchup against the Redskins this week, in which I expect them to put up a fair amount of points, so I think Crosby would be a good pickup for this weekend as well.

Austin Seibert

Seibert is 20 for 23 for field goals and 22 for 25 for extra points on the year. Despite a tough start to the season the Browns have been starting to live up to some of their expectations lately, and their offense has looked a lot better. They’re coming into a matchup against the 1-11 Bengals this week. While the Bengals held a hot Jets offense to just 6 points last week and netted their first win of the season, I don’t think they’ll be holding Cleveland in the same way. I’m expecting a good game for Seibert due to this great matchup.

Jake Elliott

Elliott had a 12-point performance in PPR leagues in the Eagles’ surprising loss to the Dolphins this past Sunday. He’s 17 for 18 on field goals and 23 for 25 on extra points this season and therefore has been one of the more accurate kickers so far this season. They’re up against the Giants this week, and I think they’re going to put up a lot of points given the amount they put up against the Dolphins. I’m expecting a high single digit to low double-digit performance from Elliott.

Jason Myers

Myers is 18 of 23 on field goals and 33 of 35 on extra points this season. Myers had his best fantasy game yesterday against the Vikings, putting up 13 points in PPR leagues. Myers and the Seahawks are up against the Rams this week, who returned to form against the Cardinals. The last time the Seahawks and Rams faced off, Myers put up only 6 points. However, I’m expecting a better game for Myers based on how the Rams have been playing as of late (excluding the game against Arizona).

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 16 of 18 on field goals and 33 of 36 on extra points so far. In his last matchup, against the Seahawks, he put up only 7 points. However, he’s shown big game potential, with two 16-point games on the season. The Vikings are up against the Lions this week. Last time the two faced off in week 7, Bailey had only 5 points. But, the Vikings put up a total 42 points. When there’s this much scoring going on, the kicker always has a chance to have a big game, which makes me think Bailey might be a good bet for week 14.

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