Week 15 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): Tom Brady gifted with easy matchup next week

Last week, Lamar Jackson topped the quarterback points for fantasy with 34.92 fantasy points from 287 total yards and 3 total touchdowns. Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts made their first top ten fantasy standings last week too. Tua had a 316-2-1 line with an additional rushing touchdown added to the mix for 27.04 fantasy points and the fourth spot on the standings. Hurts put up 167-1 line with 106 rushing yards for 19.28 fantasy points and the 10th spot in the standings too. Check out the fantasy football quarterback rankings for week 15.

RankTierNameAverage Points Week 15 Opponent
11Josh Allen24.22@ DEN
21Tom Brady20.41@ ATL
31Aaron Rodgers24.37CAR
42Kyler Murray25.88PHI
52Russell Wilson24.75@ WSH
62Justin Herbert22.1@ LV
73Patrick Mahomes25.72@ NO
83Jared Goff17.39NYJ
94Lamar Jackson20.92JAX
104Derek Carr17.91LAC

Tier One Quarterbacks

Josh Allen picked apart the Steelers’ defense really well on Sunday night. Even though it did not show entirely in the standings, he put up 238-2-1 with 28 additional rushing yards against the Steelers. The Steelers allowed just 14.9 points per game on average to opposing quarterbacks, so Allen’s 18.32 is pretty impressive in that regard. Allen will be taking on the Denver Broncos next week, in a game where he will see another tough passing defense. But, his average of 24.22 should be exceeded in this one for a great outing.

Tom Brady has a great divisional matchup next week against the Atlanta Falcons that makes his outing for fantasy contain a big ceiling. Last week, he put up 196-2-0 for a small 15.64 point outing. However, against this defense, he should thrive and be a big part of another hopeful win for the Buccaneers. The Falcons have allowed the most points to quarterbacks this season, allowing an average of 24.4 points per game. Plus, they allow the fourth-most to receivers with over 28 fantasy points per game. Brady and his strong supporting cast should have a great day against the Falcons and put up an impressive fantasy standing.

Aaron Rodgers scored second in fantasy points last week with 30.9 points against a team he is all too familiar with, the Detriot Lions. He put up 290 passing yards and two total touchdowns for another successful week in fantasy. Next week, Rodgers will take on the Carolina Panthers, who only average giving up 19 points per game to quarterbacks, and allow the fifth least amount of points to wide receivers. This will be a tougher matchup for Rodgers, but after capturing the only bye in the NFC playoffs, Rodgers will want to hold onto that for the remainder of the season.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Kyler Murray had an average game last week against the Giants, where he did not need much effort to get by them. Nevertheless, the Giants have a decent passing defense and kept Murray to just 244-1 with 47 rushing yards. He put up 18.46 fantasy points last week for himself. The Cardinals are looking to withhold their final wild card spot that they achieved last game. Murray and the Cardinals will be taking on the Eagles, who have a tough defense and an improving offense after Jalen Hurts led his team to beat the New Orleans Saints. However, Kyler Murray and his team will be in full force looking for this win.

Russell Wilson had an outstanding game last time out against the New York Jets to keep them winless on the year. Wilson put up 206 passing yards and four total passing touchdowns for 22.14 fantasy points on the week. Wilson had a relatively easy week against the Jets and did his job for fantasy owners. Next week, he will have a tougher time against the Washington Football Team, who are on a four-game win streak and have defeated the Steelers and the 49ers. The Seahawks will have to be dialed in behind Wilson to get through this win and maintain their lead in the NFC West.

Justin Herbert had a lowkey game against the Atlanta Falcons last week, where he put up just 15.72 fantasy points from the 243-2-1 line. But, he did lead his first game-winning drive in the final minutes of the game to win over the Falcons. Herbert has not seen a game with 20+ points since week 11 against the Jets, but his matchup next week is certainly favorable. He will take on the Raiders, who have allowed the ninth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks and the fifth-most to running backs. This bodes well for Herbert and the help of his pass-catching running backs, Austin Ekeler. Expect Herbert to have a big game next week for fantasy.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes struggled a bit last week against the Miami Dolphins. Coming into the game, he only had two interceptions on the year and he left the game with five on the season. Nevertheless, he did throw for nearly 400 yards and two touchdowns on the game to earn him the 10th spot on the fantasy standings with 18.62 points. Certainly a down week for Mahomes, and he will have a tough matchup next week again against the New Orleans Saints, who have allowed the third least amount of points to quarterbacks this season.

Jared Goff has one of the more favorable matchups next week against the New York Jets. Goff certainly has been up and down this season. But, if you require a quarterback for the playoffs, Goff is an excellent choice for the next two weeks. He will play the Jets next weekend and the Seahawks in week 16. The Jets have allowed third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Goff should see an appearance in the top ten for next week.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Lamar Jackson has a favorable matchup himself next week going into a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Lamar topped fantasy standings on Monday night with 34.92 points in a spectacular finish against the Browns on Monday night. Lamar has bounced around the top ten standings in recent weeks and he should see an appearance again against the Jaguars, who have allowed the fourth-most points to quarterbacks this season.

Derek Carr had a great week last week against the Indianapolis Colts in a high scoring loss. Carr put up a line of 316-2-2 with an additional rushing touchdown against an extremely difficult defense. This gives me a lot of hope that Carr can reappear on the top ten fantasy standings next week against the Los Angeles Chargers, who have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points this season to quarterbacks.

Honorable Mentions

Ben Roethlisberger had a tough outing against the Buffalo Bills last week that handed them their second straight loss. The Steelers need to battle harder now than ever to get the playoff bye spot for the AFC. Luckily, they have an easier matchup next week with the Cincinnati Bengals, who have major offensive struggles and are below average at defending. This should provide a lot of time for Roethlisberger to make some noise in this game and put up a solid fantasy outing.

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