Week 15 K Start, Sit: Who to Play at Kicker: Have A Day Matt Prater

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Jason Sanders had a game to remember. When do you last recall a kicker getting 8 field goal attempts right after a game where he scored a touchdown. It has never happened yet here we are. Sanders scored a touchdown two weeks ago and converted seven of his eight field-goal attempts this week. Younghoe Koo also continued his dominance by nailing all four of his field-goal attempts and four extra points. I will be going over the kickers that you should be watching out for. Here are my starts and sits at kicker for Week 15.

Start ‘Em

Matt Prater, Detroit Lions

Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In what will likely be a shootout of a game, Matt Prater should be busy this week. The Buccaneers have allowed the most field goals by any team this year and Prater is known for knocking down some long ones. With the Lions offense starting to fall apart, this should serve as their rebound game. Even better, if they can’t figure out how to score, they should at least fall into field goal range. We all know that Praters’ range goes on for a long way. I’d expect a 50-yarder or two this week.

Austin Seibert, Cleveland Browns

Opponent: Arizona Cardinals

Austin Seibert has hit two field goals in each of the past three games and that streak could likely continue with how many field goals the Cardinals give up. The Cardinals have allowed the third-most points per game and lately, that number has been rising. With the Browns’ offense heating up from the beginning of the season, Seibert has seen an increase in his numbers. He has remained perfect in his last two games and looks to continue his streak of field goals in Arizona.

Robbie Gould, San Francisco 49ers

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons

Robbie Gould had a busy day last week in a high-scoring affair against the Saints. He hit both of his field goals while converting on six extra points. Strangely, the Falcons have only had one missed field goal against them all year despite the increased number of misses. Whether that is luck or whatever it is, it goes in Gould’s favor. He has been shaky this season and even sat out with an injury for three games. The Falcons’ defense ranks seventh-worst in points against which all benefit Gould’s performance this week.

Aldrick Rosas, New York Giants

Opponent: Miami Dolphins

To put it quite frankly, the Giants have been trash this year. Eli Manning is back at quarterback and Saquon Barkley has been recovering from his ankle sprain. In the meantime, Aldrick Rosas has felt the impact of the atrocity that is the Giants’ offense. While these reasons would all be reasons to sit him, I would give him reach this week. The Dolphins have been by far the worst defense in terms of giving kickers points. Kickers score a ton against the Dolphins and this shouldn’t be affected by the Giants. Even the Bills’ offense scored over 30 twice on them.

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Sit ‘Em

Zane Gonzalez, Arizona Cardinals

Opponent: Cleveland Browns

Zane Gonzalez has been one of the best kickers all year with how bad the Cardinals’ offense has been at finishing off drives. He gets so many attempts per game because of that, but the Cardinals have gone to an even deeper level of disastrous play as they can’t even get in field goal range. In the past two games, Gonzalez has had a total of one field goal and three extra points. That wouldn’t even be good for just one game, but combined over two is even worse. The Browns don’t give a good matchup and I see no reason to trust the Cardinals to rebound.

Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers

Opponent: Chicago Bears

Mason Crosby’s value has been diminished this year by how many times the Packers score touchdowns when they put together a successful drive. He gets very few field goal attempts per game. In fact, he has averaged just 1.3 attempts per game this whole season. He has only missed one of those but he only gets points from extra points. The Bears also provide a reason not to start Crosby as they are the fourth-best defense in terms of points allowed per game. Stay away from Crosby this week if you have ever played him.

Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers

Opponent: New England Patriots

Chris Boswell has been a very valuable fantasy kicker with all the attempts he gets per game. A lot of these attempts have been long field goals as well which just makes his value even higher. With all the attempts he has tried (28) he has only missed two all season. With the growth in the number of times kickers have missed, this is very impressive. Now for why you shouldn’t start him. He is playing the Bills. Despite the recent success of teams scoring on them, the Steelers are not a high-powered enough offense to put up any great numbers.

Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers

I can see the reasoning behind wanting to start Younghoe Koo with all the success he has had so far. The Falcons use him a ton, but I think that is likely to change this week against the 49ers. Even after the Saints exploding on the 49ers’ defense, there is about to be a hard regression to the mean. I don’t expect the Falcons to put up more than 20 this week which is being generous. If I am right, Koo will also have very few points. I have been on the Koo bandwagon for my fantasy team, but I do not think it is smart to start him this week.

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