Week 15 Top 5 Fantasy Football Matchups: Titans vs. Lions should be lucravtive

Last week, we saw a thriller between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns where both teams combined for 89 total points in the game. Both teams had their quarterbacks in the top three and four running backs in the top 20 of fantasy football standings. Week two of the fantasy football playoffs holds a lot of potential for high scoring games within teams that are still looking for playoff spots. Check out which games have the best opportunities for teams to deliver high scoring fantasy performances in week 15.

Indianpolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Run Game vs. Houston Texans

Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines have been excellent in fantasy over the last three weeks. Nyheim Hines has put up double-digit figures in all of the last three weeks of football, averaging 13.7 points per game. Jonathan Taylor put up the second-highest fantasy score last week in fantasy football, putting up 30.5 fantasy points from 150 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns over the Las Vegas Raiders. He, along with Hines, has also put up double-digit figures in the last three weeks of play. As we know by now, the Houston Texans are terrible at defending the run this season and have given up the second-most fantasy points to running backs this season. Hines and Taylor are both solid fantasy starters for next week. Taylor has projected for 16.2 fantasy points and Hines has projected 12.15 fantasy points next week.
Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Run Game vs. New York Giants

The Cleveland Brown duo put up incredible numbers against the Baltimore Ravens last week. Nick Chubb put up 24.3 fantasy points off of 82 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns, with some action in the passing game. Kareem Hunt led the duo from 33 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown, and 77 receiving yards with an additional receiving touchdown for 29 fantasy points. Nick Chubb has put up double-digit figures in each game he has played since his return from injury and has averaged 19.7 fantasy points per game over the last five weeks. Kareem Hunt has struggled a bit but has gotten touches in the run game and the passing game. The New York Giants have allowed the 10th most fantasy points to running backs this season and can cover the pass quite well behind James Bradberry and the Giants’ outstanding secondary. I foresee the Browns running the ball a lot in this game to get by the Giants. Nick Chubb has projected 17.15 fantasy points and Kareem Hunt has projected 10.9 fantasy points next week.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Passing Game vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have seriously struggled to defend the pass this season and it has shown. They allow the most fantasy points to quarterbacks per game this season and the third-most fantasy points to wide receivers. However, they allow the fifth least amount of points to running backs and can defend the run quite well. Considering the Buccaneers will be without Ronald Jones in this game due to COVID-19, I fully anticipate the Buccaneers passing the ball, as Bruce Arians is quite used to. This bodes well for Tom Brady to be a solid starting quarterback against the Falcons. Plus, wide receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown have solid upside in this game. Chris Godwin has projected for 13.55 fantasy points next week, Mike Evans has projected for 13.35 fantasy points, and Antonio Brown has projected for 11.4 fantasy points. They should all be considered fantasy starters for next week’s matchup.
Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Passing Game vs. New York Jets

While Cam Akers has been going off for the Rams in the backfield, I certainly like the Rams’ passing offense for this one. The Jets have allowed the second-most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks this season and the seventh-most fantasy points to wide receivers. I would consider Jared Goff as a possible contender for the top ten standings next week in fantasy as the quarterback. He has projected for 18.8 fantasy points as QB10 against the Jets. This matchup helps the upside of wide receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp as well next weekend. Robert Woods is projected to be WR9 with 15.75 points, and Cooper Kupp has projected 15.1 fantasy points himself. Both of these receivers have averaged double-digit figures all season and have a high ceiling to have a big game.
Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans vs. Detroit Lions

The Titans vs. Lions game should be considered the fantasy game of the week for week 15. The Lions defense has been completely eradicated with injuries to their secondary, while already giving up some of the most fantasy points to each position this season. They have given up the seventh-most points per game to quarterbacks, the most to running backs, and the fifth most to wide receivers. This should end well for many players on the Titans. Ryan Tannehill is a fringe-starter for this matchup, but it helps that all areas are wide open for him to do well. Derrick Henry should have a monster game and could even go over 30+ points in this one. A.J Brown and Corey Davis are solid options for starting receivers too. Ryan Tannehill has projected for 20.3 fantasy points next week. Derrick Henry has projected for 23.2 fantasy points as the week’s projected leader. A.J Brown and Corey Davis have projected for 15.4 and 13.45 points next week.
Detroit Lions
The Lions should be quite excited for next week’s matchup as well. The Titans have allowed the fifth-most points to quarterbacks, the seventh most points to running backs, and the eighth-most points to wide receivers this season. Depending on whether or not Matthew Stafford can play or not is a large contingency for the offense. However, considering his toughness and the fact that the X-Rays on his ribs were negative, he should play. He has projected for 16.5 points next week. D’Andre Swift made his comeback from a concussion last week with 15 fantasy points in the run game. He has projected for 14.6 points next week. Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay are slated to put up 12.5 fantasy points and 10.6 points next week. But, Golladay has yet to practice this week from his hip injury and may not play. Danny Amendola could be a nice streamer considering he put up 12.6 on the Packers last weekend. He has projected for 9.4 fantasy points in this one.

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