Week 16 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (PPR): Is Baker Mayfield a starter for next week?

It’s championship week in fantasy football this week! There are many promising matchups for fantasy football quarterbacks this week, including Patrick Mahomes against the Falcons and Tom Brady against the Lions. Last week, Jalen Hurts put up the most fantasy points for quarterbacks with 37.82 points from four total touchdowns. Marcus Mariota made an appearance in the top ten too with the absence of Derek Carr due to injury. Check out the fantasy football rankings for quarterbacks next week.

RankTierNameAverage PointsWeek 16 Opponent
11Patrick Mahomes25.72ATL
21Tom Brady20.41@ DET
31Aaron Rodgers24.37TEN
42Josh Allen24.22@ NE
52Kyler Murray25.88SF
62Justin Herbert22.10DEN
73Ryan Tannehill20.50@ GB
83Lamar Jackson22.09NYG
94Deshaun Watson23.03CIN
104Baker Mayfield16.18@ NYJ

Tier One Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes had a solid week last week putting up 25.86 fantasy points and 3 touchdowns on the New Orleans Saints in a difficult matchup. Mahomes still has the second-highest scoring average for fantasy amongst any other quarterback and has been quite consistent. Next week, he will have a favorable matchup against the Falcons, who have allowed the most fantasy points to quarterbacks and wide receivers this season. I expect Mahomes to top the fantasy list.

Tom Brady led a comeback against the Atlanta Falcons like it was the 2017 Super Bowl all over again. After being down by 17, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers came back against the Falcons to reclaim the victory. Brady had excellent help from his solid receiving core with Evans, Godwin, and Brown. Next week, Brady and the Bucs have a favorable matchup against the Detroit Lions, who will be without two of their starting defensive backs in the game. Plus, they allow the fourth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks and wide receivers this season.

Aaron Rodgers had a really easy time against the Carolina Panthers last game, where he only put up 143 yards and two total touchdowns for 18.32 fantasy points. Rodgers placed 16th last week in fantasy points, but I expect him to make a return to the top ten against the Tennessee Titans next week. This game should be an offensive shootout, but Rodgers has an advantage on the Titans’ weak defense considering that the Titans have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks and wide receivers this season.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Josh Allen had a monster game against the Denver Broncos last week putting up 359 passing yards and 4 total touchdowns, two of which were rushing touchdowns. He scored the second-most fantasy points on the week with 37.66 points. The New England Patriots will be a tough competition for him and the Bills next week, considering they have allowed the third least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks. But, Allen has been on a roll in fantasy going for 10 touchdowns in the last three weeks.

Kyler Murray had an excellent week with a challenge against the Philadelphia Eagles last game. Kyler put up a whopping 406 passing yards and four total touchdowns in this one to give him the fourth-most fantasy points on the week with 33.14 fantasy points. Kyler and the Cardinals need to win out to make the playoffs (if the Bears also win out) so they will be at their maximum effort against the San Francisco 49ers in a divisional battle. The 49ers allow 18.9 points per game to quarterbacks but Kyler should exceed that.

Justin Herbert put up 314 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and an additional rushing touchdown last week against the Las Vegas Raiders. He had the sixth-most fantasy points with 27.96 points on the week last week. The Chargers will be facing off against the Broncos next week in a divisional matchup that the Chargers could win. Josh Allen just put p 37.66 points on them last game, so Justin Herbert should be able to place in the top ten again for standings. Keenan Allen had a bit of an injury scare, but he will be good to go in this game.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill had a monster week against the Detroit Lions last week with 273 passing yards and five total touchdowns. Tannehill brought the heat to this depleted defense and led his offense to put up 46 points on them. Tannehill will be taking on the Green Bay Packers in what should be a shootout of offenses. The Green Bay Packers, however, have allowed the fifth least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. But, Tannehill should thrive in his offense.

Lamar Jackson had a terrific weak against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week to put up 243 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, and an additional rushing touchdown. He placed fifth in points on the week with 29.22 fantasy points and will be taking on the New York Giants next week. Baker Mayfield just put up over 20 fantasy points on them with zero turnovers. They allow the third least amount of fantasy points to quarterbacks this season, but they have a pretty weak rushing defense which will play right into Lamar’s hands.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson had quite the battle in what he had wanted to be a revenge game against the Indianapolis Colts. Last game against the Colts, he fumbled on the goal-line to lose them the game. While the Texans came up short again, Watson still put up 343 yards in the air and two touchdowns. That was enough to put him in 10th for the fantasy standings with 23.22 fantasy points. He will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals next week.

Baker Mayfield has been putting up some excellent numbers in fantasy in the last few weeks. He has averaged 26.82 fantasy points over the last three weeks and has placed in the top three twice in that span. Last week, he put up 20.98 fantasy points against the New York Giants tough secondary. Next week, he will be taking on the New York Jets, in what should be an easy win for them. The Jets have allowed third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season and the ninth most fantasy points to wide receivers.
Miami Dolphins

Honorable Mentions

Tua Tagovailoa has put up the 7th most fantasy points in the last two weeks, including a 27 point performance against the Kansas City Chiefs. Last week, Tua placed 15th in the standings in a tough matchup with the New England Patriots. Next week, he has a favorable matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, who have allowed the ninth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

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