Week 16 K Start, Sit: Who to Play at Kicker


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Kickers are easily the most controversial position in fantasy football with a community of fantasy football players wanting to get rid of the position as a whole due to its somewhat unpredictable scoring. Kickers who are not on high flying offenses are tough to have consistent production in fantasy. The most consistent kickers are on the teams with the best offenses. So kickers like Will Lutz on the Saints, Justin Tucker on the Ravens, Harrison Butker on the Chiefs, and Matt Gay on the Buccaneers are the top 4 kickers on the best offenses. Finding matchups that benefit the team’s offense as a whole is the best way to predict a kickers success. The higher scoring the game, the most opportunity the kicker will have to produce as the kicker comes in every time a team scores. You will also find statistics like how often a team attempts field goals, extra points, offensive production, and the opponents defensive statistics. Below you will find the best kickers to start, besides the four already listed, and the kickers to sit in week 16. All statistics used in this article can be found on our website https://www.lineups.com/nfl/player-stats/kicker-stats.


Ka’imi Fairbairn (HOU) vs TB –

Projected to score 6.7 fantasy points in week 16. Fairbairn has fallen some after being one of the best kickers in fantasy last season. Currently ranking as the 18th best fantasy kicker this season. The Texans have only attempted 22 field goals this season which ranks 23rd in the NFL. However, the Texans have the 5th most extra points attempted. The low amount of field goals attempted can be explained by the Texans aggressive play style. Going for it on 4th down the 8th most in the NFL. Facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their high flying offense will force the Texans to score as much as they can to compete with the Buccaneers. This matchup could be one of the highest scoring games of the season with both teams having sub-par defenses at best with explosive offenses. There will be plenty of opportunity for Fairbairn to score this week.

Zane Gonzalez (ARI) vs SEA –

Projected to score 7.1 fantasy points this week against the Seattle Seahawks. Gonzalez currently ranks as the 5th best kicker in fantasy but only being rostered in 42.7% of leagues. The Arizona Cardinals offense has been productive but has not been able to finish drives with touchdowns and are forced to settle for field goals. Attempting the 3rd most field goals in the NFL so far this season. The Cardinals will face their division rival Seattle Seahawks in week 16. Seattle’s defense has given up the 6th most total yards to opposing offenses, mainly through the air. Arizona has stayed competitive in a lot of their games despite the record they have. Having such a high amount of field goal attempts against a defense with some weaknesses makes Zane Gonzalez a great start this week.

Randy Bullock (CIN) vs MIA –

Bullock is projected to score 7.2 fantasy points against the Miami Dolphins. Being on the worst team in the league hasn’t helped Bullock’s case this season. Attempting the 15th most field goals so far this season, the Bengals have struggled to score otherwise. Facing the Miami Dolphins in week 16 provides a chance for this Bengals’ offense to finally see a good matchup. The Dolphins have given up the 3rd most offensive yards so far this season to opposing teams. This is the game that many are calling the toilet bow. A fitting name for two of the worst teams in the league currently. A mixture of the plus matchup for the Bengals offense and Bullock’s high field goal attempts makes him a great play this week against the Dolphins.


Stephen Hauschka (BUF) vs NE –

One of the most anticipated games of the week, the Bills will have a chance to upset the New England Patriots and possible take control over the AFC East for the first time since 2008. Both the Bills and Patriots are a defensive led teams with disappointing offenses. This makes a recipe for a low scoring game to decide the fate of the AFC East. This game has an over/under of 37, a very low total for two of the best teams in the AFC. With the nature of how low scoring the game will be combined with Stephen Hauschka’s low field goal attempts, 18th in the league, he is a definite sit option at the kicker position.

Austin Seibert (CLE) vs BAL –

Projected to score 8.3 points in week 16 against the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns have failed to live up to their elite level expectations for this year. They will face a team who exceeded their expectations in nearly every measure. The Ravens defense has been playing lights out recently, shutting down team after team after team. Seibert has had solid field goal attempt volume this season, but against a defense that has been playing as well as the Ravens has. Seibert is best left on your bench or dropped to the waiver wire in exchange for a better option listed above.

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