Week 16 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds: Can Forbath Deliver?

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As the fantasy playoffs start reaching their culmination, every point matters. A good game from a kicker could be the difference between a win and a loss for you. Here are my recommendations for kickers that might be the difference makers in a close win for you in week 16.

Kai Forbath

Forbath is the Cowboys new place kicker after they let go of Maher. He’s 4 for 4 on field goals and 6 for 7 on field goals in the two games he’s played since taking Maher’s spot. The Cowboys are up against the Eagles this week which is looking like it could be a very high scoring game for them. They’re coming off of a 44 point game against the Rams, and the last time they played the Eagles this season they put up 37 points. The more the Cowboys offense does against the Eagles, the more chances Forbath should get, which means this could be a great matchup for him.

Josh Lambo

Lambo is 28 for 29 on field goals and 16 for 17 on extra points this season, making him one of the most accurate kickers this season. He averages just above 2 attempts per game and had some bigger two-digit fantasy games in the beginning of the season but has since then started to average in the single digits. I think he could have a bigger game against the Falcons, their next matchup. Their defense hasn’t been the best so Minshew could be more productive and give Lambo more chances this week.

Ka’imi Fairbairn

Fairbairn has a great matchup this week against Tampa Bay. While it might not be the easiest matchup for his team, as the Buccaneers can put up a ton of points and outscore opponents, it’ll be a good matchup for the powerful Texans passing game against the weak Tampa Bay secondary. Fairbairn is 17 for 22 on field goals and 36 for 41 on extra points this season. He hasn’t been the most accurate, but I still think he might be a worthwhile pickup this week considering the strong matchup the Texans offense has.

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Joey Slye

Slye is 22 for 29 on field goals and 30 for 34 on extra points this season. The Panthers have fallen off from their height at the beginning of the season and aren’t looking as powerful as people were expecting them to be. Regardless, I think they have a good matchup this week against the Colts. The Colts just got nearly blown out by the Saints, losing 7-34. The Panthers still have a great offensive weapon in McCaffrey who can put the offense on his back and lead them to big games, so I wouldn’t count Slye out. He wouldn’t be my first choice from this list, but the matchup is good enough to consider him.

Younghoe Koo

Younghoe Koo continues to look good since taking over in Atlanta. He’s now 17 for 19 on field goals and 11 for 12 on extra points this season. He’s still averaging over 3 field goal attempts per game, which makes him a very valuable pickup. He had a season high 18 fantasy points against the Panthers in week 14 so he’s clearly capable of big games. They’re matched up against the Jaguars this week who have been a relatively easy opponent and considering the Falcons have been playing pretty well lately I’d expect a big game from Koo.

Chris Boswell

Boswell is one of the more accurate kickers this season, going 27 for 29 on field goals and 26 for 26 on extra points so far. The Steelers have been figuring things out on offense lately, discovering new weapons as well as getting old ones back like James Conner who returned last week, or JuJu who might be back for their upcoming game against the Jets. The Jets have a pretty strong defense but that hasn’t stopped some of the more underpowered offenses like the Dolphins and Bengals from putting up over 20 points in weeks 12 and 13. I think the Steelers are going to have a good game on Sunday that Boswell will benefit from, and that your fantasy roster could benefit from.

Jason Myers

Myers is 21 for 26 on field goals and 36 for 40 on extra points this season. He doesn’t get a ton of chances but I think that is going to change this week. They’re up against the Cardinals this week, who allow 290.4 passing yards per game, the most in the league. They also allow 122.7 yards per game on the ground, the 8th most in the league. The Seahawks have a very powerful offense this year and I think they’re going to have a great game against the Cardinals, meaning Myers should get a chance or two at a field goal, as well as a few extra points.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 22 for 24 on field goals and 38 for 42 on extra points this season. Bailey has been fairly accurate on the season, he just doesn’t get a lot of chances. I’m expecting more from him in a tough matchup against the Packers. Last time they played the Packers this season Bailey only put up 3 points, but the Vikings are looking a lot better than they did at the start of the season so I’m expecting more production out of him.

Nick Folk

Folk is coming off of his best game of the season with 12 PPR points in the Patriots’ game against the Bengals. Folk is 10 for 13 on field goals and 8 for 8 on extra points. The Patriots offense has been a little weak this late in the season, which is going to be tough against the Bills defense they’ll be facing this Saturday. I think that means Folk will actually get a fair amount of chances if the Bills defense can hold them to field goal range instead of allowing a touchdown. Therefore I think he might get high single digit to low double digit points in PPR leagues this week against the Bills.

Jason Sanders

Sanders is 20 for 26 on field goals and 21 for 22 on extra points this season. The Dolphins offense hasn’t been horrible as of late. They have averaged 23 points over their last six games, their biggest being a 37-31 win over the Eagles and their lowest a 16-12 win over the Colts. They’re up against the Bengals this week which is a great matchup for their offense which hasn’t been awful lately. I’m expecting the Dolphins to stay on trend this week and therefore I think Sanders will get some good chances at the ball in this matchup.

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