Week 17 Kicker Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds: Crosby Has Big Game Potential

The 2020 fantasy football season is quickly approaching which means it’s time to get a start on your research. We have you covered with our fantasy football rankings as well as projections for the upcoming season. If you are interested in the defensive side of the ball we have you covered there as well. Leave no stone unturned and check out everything we have to offer.

The fantasy season is coming to a close. You never know, a kicker could be the make-or-break when it comes to winning your league’s championship. While that knowledge makes the construction of this list a little more of a pressured endeavor, I think I’ve put together a list of kickers that could all net you some solid points, including a couple with potential for pretty big games. Here’s some suggestions for kickers you could pick up off the waiver wire for the final week of the regular season.

PlayerTeam OpponentFAABOwnership %
Younghoe KooFalconsBuccaneers355%
Josh LamboJaguarsColts349.5%
Nick FolkPatriotsDolphins57.2%
Ka'imi FairbairnTexansTitans349.3%
Chris BoswellSteelersRavens542.8%
Zane GonzalezCardinalsRams341.6%
Jason MyersSeahawks49ers430.2%
Mason CrosbyPackersLions629.5%
Austin SeibertBrownsBengals 326.5%
Dan BaileyVikingsBears325.2%

Younghoe Koo

Koo is 18 for 21 on field goals and 14 for 15 on extra points this season. He gets an average 3 attempts per game, which makes him a pretty valuable add to your roster especially considering he’s been fairly accurate. The Falcons have been playing pretty well lately and they’re going up against the Buccaneers. I think their pass-heavy offense is going to have a big day against a weaker Buccaneers secondary and therefore I’m expecting a bigger game for Koo

Nick Folk

Since he took over for the Patriots this season Nick Folk is 13 for 16 on field goals and 9 for 9 on extra points. The Patriots are going up against the Dolphins this week which should be a fairly one-sided match. The Patriots get a first-round bye if they win this game, so they have some extra incentive to get the job done on Sunday. The Dolphins have a bottom-ten defense this season and even though the Patriots offense hasn’t been incredibly productive in the latter half of the season they’re coming off of a stronger performance against a tough Bills defense, so I think they’ll have no problem getting a fair amount of points and giving Folk a fair amount of chances in this matchup.

Josh Lambo

Lambo is 30 for 31 on field goals and 16 for 17 on extra points making him one of the most accurate kickers across the league for the 2019 season. The Jaguars are going up against a Colts defense that has been pretty middling this season, but they did just hold the Panthers to 6 points. I’m not sure the Jaguars will be super productive this game but Lambo should get a few chances and statistically speaking it’s very likely he’ll hit them

Ka’imi Fairbairn

Fairbairn is 20 for 25 on field goals and 38 for 43 on extra points this season. The Texans have a big game against the Titans this week. Last time the two faced off, Fairbairn put up 6 points. The Titans defense underperformed against the Saints and let them put up 38 points, so I think the Texans have a chance to put up more than their 24 points like last game, and therefore get Fairbairn some more points.

Chris Boswell

I might have left Boswell off this list due to their matchup against a solid Baltimore defense, but rumor has it that Baltimore will be sitting their starters in this matchup. I think the Steelers have a good chance at putting up more points than they would against the Baltimore starters, and considering how accurate Boswell has been this season (28 for 30 on field goals, 27 for 27 on extra points) I think he has the potential for a bigger game against the Ravens.

Zane Gonzalez

Gonzalez is 30 for 34 on field goals and 31 for 32 on extra points this season. The Cardinals have started to turn it on toward the end of the season and are coming off of a big win over the Seahawks. I think they’re going to have another good game against the Rams this week. The Rams’ defense has been shaky over the past couple of games, and I think the Cardinals have a pretty solid chance at putting up quite a few points against them. With points for the offense comes points for Gonzalez, so I think he could be a solid add off of waivers.

Jason Myers

Myers and the Seahawks have a big game against the 49ers this week. Last time these two teams faced off Myers had a 9-point game. Given injuries to the 49ers secondary, I’m expecting an equal or higher scoring performance from the Seattle offense, which means Myers has potential to get close to or even top his 9-point game. Myers is 23 for 28 on field goals and 37 for 41 on extra points, so while he hasn’t been entirely accurate, I think he’ll get enough chances to put up a good fantasy performance in this matchup even if he misses one.

Mason Crosby

Crosby is 19 for 20 on field goals and 38 for 39 on extra points this season. He’s been really accurate, he just hasn’t gotten a lot of field goal opportunities which has made him a less lucrative fantasy target. The Packers are matched up against a weak Lions defense and they should have a big game especially if they’re going to be playing their starters. I’m expecting more chances for Crosby this game even if they don’t play starters, as I think without their starters they would end up finishing drives within field goal range more often than scoring a touchdown anyway, giving Crosby even more chances.

Austin Seibert

Seibert is 24 for 28 on field goals and 28 for 32 on extra points this season. The Browns are matched up against the Bengals this week, which should be a good game for them. I’m not sure if they’ll be playing their starters or not, but I think Seibert would be a good start regardless, and a great start if the Browns end up playing their starters. The Bengals defense has been one of the weakest in the league this season and the Browns have an offense that could definitely do damage against a defense like that, so Seibert has the potential for a big game this weekend.

Dan Bailey

Bailey is 23 for 25 on field goals and 39 for 43 on extra points this season. Again, like somebody like Crosby, he’s been pretty accurate but doesn’t get a lot of chances which makes him a less valuable fantasy target. The Vikings are going up against the Bears this week. The Bears defense just allowed 26 points to the Chiefs last week and I’m expecting similar numbers from the Vikings, which means that Bailey might get a couple of chances. I don’t think he’ll have a super high scoring game, but he could get a solid high single-digit performance.

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