Week 17 RB Waiver Pickups & Adds: Boone Likely Starting

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The last week of the regular season is finally here, and there are still some great options on the waiver wire. Plus, some teams like to sit their starters before the playoffs to ensure their health, which gives other backs big opportunities for points. Here’s some recommendations for who to pick up off of waivers for week 17.

PlayerTeamOpponentFAABOwnership %
Mike BooneVikingsPackers (MNF), Bears863%
Kerryon JohnsonLionsPackers439%
DeAndre WashingtonRaidersBroncos541%
Gus EdwardsRavensSteelers65%
Dion LewisTitansTexans318%
Alexander MattisonVikingsPackers (MNF), Bears 432%
Malcolm BrownRamsCardinals66%

Mike Boone

Dalvin Cook has been ruled out for the Vikings’ game against the Packers tonight, and Alexander Mattison didn’t practice until Saturday and has been ruled questionable. Boone would be taking the ball for the Vikings, which he did last week against the Chargers. He took 13 carries 56 yards and scored twice for a score of 17.6 in PPR leagues. He’s a talented back and he’s behind a good offensive line on a team that has been very good at running the ball, so he would be a great add especially if the Vikings rest Cook again on Sunday.

Kerryon Johnson

Kerryon Johnson made an underwhelming return to the field. He had 10 carries for 42 yards and one reception for one yard, a total 5.3 points in PPR leagues. He was up against a tougher Denver defense, but the Lions haven’t been a running team this season. I still think there is potential for him and that he would make a good pickup as he is a starting back. I’m expecting him to see the ball a little more as well now that he’s been back for a week. He wouldn’t be my first choice off this list but I think he has the potential to make something happen against the Packers in week 17, who will be coming off a short week and aren’t that great against the run.

DeAndre Washington

Josh Jacobs sat out against the Chargers which gave DeAndre Washington the starting role. He carried the ball 23 times for 85 yards and a touchdown, plus two receptions for 21 yards giving him am 18.6-point performance in PPR leagues. With the Raiders (nearly) out of playoff contention and having to rely on a myriad other teams to win and lose, I don’t see them starting Jacobs in week 17 and instead opting to keep him as healthy as possible for the next season. He’ll be matched up against a bottom half Denver rush defense so I think he could have a pretty strong game on Sunday.

Gus Edwards

Mark Ingram’s injury on Sunday must have thrown Ravens fans and fantasy owners alike into panic. The Ravens are hopeful that Ingram will return for the playoffs but will certainly be sitting him until that point. Up comes Gus Edwards to take the wheel in Baltimore. He’s been mostly acting as the second back to Ingram, but did have a big game in Houston when he took 8 carries 112 yards and scored a touchdown, a 17.2 point performance in PPR leagues. The Ravens are a great rushing offense and I’m sure Gus Edwards can be productive. They’re facing the Steelers who have a tough defense, but I think Edwards is still going rack up quite a few points. It is worth noting that the Ravens might sit all of their starters, so their offense might not be as productive, but I think Edwards is a good add regardless.

Dion Lewis

Lewis had his biggest game of the season against New Orleans last week as Derrick Henry was out with a hamstring injury. Lewis only carried the ball 15 times but brought those carries for a total of 68 yards, 4.5 yards per carry. Combining that with his single 19-yard reception gave him a 9.7-point game in PPR leagues. While the Titans are most likely going to start Henry in their game against Houston as important for their playoff hopes, there’s no telling how effective he’s going to be or how much they’re going to play him depending on the severity of his injury. I think Lewis is still going to see the ball a fair bit against the Texans so he might be a good pickup.

Alexander Mattison

While Mattison is listed as questionable for the Vikings’ game tonight I still think he could be a valuable addition to your roster. Dalvin Cook has been ruled out and I think they might keep him out in week 17 considering they officially clinched a playoff spot after the Rams lost to the 49ers. Mattison has been dealing with an ankle injury over the past couple weeks, but if he’s healthy he would be the backup to Cook instead of Boone. I think he has the potential to start in week 17 if his injury has cleared up, and if not a start he would probably share carries with Boone, giving him the potential for a pretty solid performance especially because the Vikings are a good running team. I think adding Mattison to your roster would be a good idea even if he doesn’t play tonight, given his potential for next week’s matchup.

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm Brown is a purely speculative pick. After their loss to the 49ers on Saturday, the Rams are officially out of playoff contention for the 2019 season. Given his history with injury I’m not sure the Rams will give Todd Gurley the start, or even the ball, in their last game of the season. They’re out of playoff contention so they might want to sit Gurley just to keep him healthy for the next season, as he’s a very important part of the Rams’ offense. Malcolm Brown would take his place if this were the case. His biggest game of the season was their first game of the season which was against Carolina in which he had 11 carries for 53 yards and two touchdowns. The Rams are up against the Cardinals who allow 120.6 rushing yards per game, the 9th most in the league. If Brown were to play, he has a good matchup, so I would keep an eye on whether or not the Rams are planning to start Gurley and definitely consider Brown as a waiver wire pickup.

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