Week 17 Top 5 Fantasy Football Matchups: Texans vs. Titans should be high scoring

Last week, there were many low scoring games throughout the NFL. However, there were a few games that were high scoring, like the Saints vs. Vikings and even the Jaguars vs. Bears game. There were many thriving offenses too, like the Buccaneers and the Packers, who each scored 40+ points against their opponents. This week is the final week for fanasty football championships, and many teams have already made the playoffs and will not be playing their best players. Check out what teams will be playing next week and what matchups serve as the most opportunistic for fantasy football success.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Run Game vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens need to win this game to get into the playoffs, or they can make it in with a loss to the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts. Nevertheless, John Harbaugh and his team will not be taking any chances, especially since they have been given a pretty easy matchup in the final week. Therefore, the Ravens’ run game should thrive in the final week of play. The Cincinnati Bengals allow the tenth most fantasy points per game to running backs. Moreover, they have allowed the eighth-most rushing yards per game this season to their opponents and 4.8 yards per attempt. The Ravens have one of the best rushing quarterbacks with Lamar Jackson. Plus, J.K Dobbins and Gus Edwards have been successful in recent weeks. Last week, the duo combined for 27.9 fantasy points against the New York Giants. Lamar Jackson has projected for 24.4, after putting up 21.2 fantasy points last week. J.K Dobbins has projected for 11.9 and Gus Edwards is posed for 9.55 points.
Indianpolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Run Game vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Indianapolis Colts are in a tough spot for getting into the AFC playoff picture. The Colts need to win versus the Jacksonville Jaguars and they also need the Tennessee Titans to lose to the Houston Texans next weekend too. Either way, the Colts will be playing hard against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars have one of the worst rushing defenses in the league, and they have allowed the third-most fanasty points to running backs this season. The Jaguars have also allowed the third-most rushing yards and rushing touchdowns per game this season too. This bodes well for running backs Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines for the Colts. Last week, Jonathan Taylor had 19.4 fantasy points from 74 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. Nyheim Hines recorded 10.4 points from 44 rushing yards and 4-20 from the passing game. In week one against the Jaguars, Hines put up 27.3 fantasy points against the Jaguars and Taylor put up 14.9 points. Next week, Taylor has projected for 17.45 fantasy points and Hines has projected for 14.55 fantasy points.
Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Passing Game @ Detroit Lions

Last week, the Minnesota Vikings put up 33 points on the New Orleans Saints defense in their blowout loss. Adam Thielen had 23.7 fantasy points, the ninth most for receivers last week. Justin Jefferson was just outside the top 25 standings with 14.5 fanasty points. Irv Smith Jr. put up his second two-touchdown game last week for the most tight end fantasy points on the week with 23.3 points. Next week, the Vikings will be taking on the Detroit Lions, who have allowed the most points to quarterbacks in fantasy football and the second-most points to wide receivers. Last week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put up 34 points on them in the first half, and their top three wide receivers accounted for 73 total fantasy points. Next week, Adam Thielen has projected for 16.1 points, Justin Jefferson 17.4 points, and Irv Smith Jr. for 8.95 points.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Passing Offense vs. Atlanta Falcons

I have put the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense on my list of favorite matchups frequently on this page, but it checks out every week. Last week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Detroit Lions 47-7 after putting up 34 points in the first half. Tom Brady recorded 29.92 fantasy points from 348-4-0, Mike Evans led receiver points with 40.1 points from 10-182-2, Chris Godwin had 19.4 points from 5-84-1, Antonio Brown had 13.9 points from 4-35-1, and Rob Gronkowski 19.8 points from 2-58-2 last week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing off against another poor NFL secondary next week with the Atlanta Falcons. They have allowed the most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks and the third-most fantasy points to wide receivers this season. The Falcons allow the second-most passing yards per game and the fifth most passing touchdowns per game too. Next week, Brady has projected for 20.3, Mike Evans 14.65, Chris Godwin 12.4, Antonio Brown 12.1, and Rob Gronkowski 8.6 fantasy points.
Houston Texans

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

For my fantasy game of the week this week, I have selected the Houston Texans vs. the Tennessee Titans game. The last time these teams played each other, they went to overtime and scored a combined 78 points in the game. For the Texans, they will have Deshaun Watson, David Johnson, and receivers Brandin Cooks and Keke Coutee. Last time against the Titans, Watson had four touchdowns and put up 32 fantasy points for the week lead. David Johnson had 13.9, Cooks had 21.8, and Coutee had not stepped into his current role yet. However, the Titans have allowed the fourth-most points to quarterbacks, the seventh points to running backs, and the fourth most fantasy points to wide receivers. Next week, Watson has projected for 23.6, David Johnson 14 points, Cooks 14.8, and Keke Coutee 9.7 fantasy points.
Tennessee Titans
The Tennessee Titans, like the Texans, had a phenomenal offensive game that brought many great fantasy football outings. Ryan Tannehill had four touchdowns of his own for 28.64 fantasy points, Derrick Henry led the week for 212 yards and his game-winning touchdown in overtime for 40.4 fantasy points, and A.J Brown and Adam Humphries both made the top 15 for wide receiver standings. This season, the Texans have allowed the eleventh most fantasy points to quarterbacks, the most fantasy points to running backs, and the seventh most fantasy points to wide receivers. Next week, Ryan Tannehill has projected for 20.6 fantasy points, Derrick Henry 23.35 as the projected RB1 for fanasty, A.J Brown 15.75 points, and Corey Davis 13.55 fantasy points. All of these players are bonafide starters for the last week of fantasy football.

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