Week 2 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Eagles’ O-Line Looks Shaky

There was one defensive touchdown last week which was scored by the New Orleans Saints. Who would have thought it would Tom Brady who threw the first pick-six? Another surprise was from the Washington Football Team who recorded eight sacks on Carson Wentz. This could lead to fantasy owners targeting teams facing the Eagles as Carson Wentz seems unprotected in the backfield. This week showed everyone that the defenses considered the top in the league will not always finish the week at the top in the league. Streaming proved to be the best option this week. As we move into week 2, we have some numbers to back the assessments of who is the best option out there. I will be using their numbers from this past week along with looking at matchups to evaluate who is the best streaming option this week.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Los Angeles RamsPhiladelphia Eagles13.0
Arizona CardinalsWashington Football Team1.1
Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns3.1
Tennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars23.2
Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers20.2
New York JetsSan Francisco 49ers3.8

Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Own %: 13.0

Los Angeles RamsAs I mentioned above, the Eagles’ offensive line is off to a shaky start. After allowing eight sacks in a game, there will likely be some distrust between Carson Wentz and his line, forcing him into some tricky situations where mistakes will abound. Wentz threw two interceptions last week, likely because of his lack of protection. If the Washington Football Team can do it, the Rams certainly can. With Aaron Donald putting pressure on the line and Jalen Ramsey covering behind, the Rams certainly have the talent they need to put up some numbers this year. Adding that to the Eagles’ offense and we have a great matchup to target for the week.

Arizona Cardinals

Opponent: Washington Football Team
Own %: 1.1

Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals are not a highly ranked defense by any means, but I think it can be taken with a high amount of certainty that defenses playing the Washington Football Team will favorably score for the week. My top waiver wire add last week was the Eagles who managed to score in the eight teams. The Eagles were not a highly ranked defense either. Washington did manage to score 27 points which might be of concern but that is not likely to happen again as it was the Eagles’ offense that allowed Washington to have so many opportunities. The Cardinals have a high octane offense that will not be punting the ball very much, leaving Washington with fewer chances to score.

Cincinnati Bengals

Opponent: Cleveland Browns
Own %: 3.1

Cincinnati BengalsThe Bengals made my list last week and gave an average score in return which was nothing great, but if they made my list last week, they certainly have to this week with a better matchup. The Browns look like the typical Browns last week on both sides of the ball. The offense failed to score a single touchdown against the Ravens. The Bengals are not the Ravens by any means, but they will likely find similar success this coming week. They managed to hold the Chargers to just 16 points last week which favors well against a team struggling to score. If they can manage to get a turnover or two like the Browns gave the Ravens, they will be sitting pretty this week.

Tennessee Titans

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 23.2

Tennessee TitansThe Titans are another team to make my list the first two weeks. As of writing this, the Monday night games have yet to happen, so we will see how the Titans look defensively against the Broncos. Looking ahead to their next matchup, the Jaguars are another team that will likely be targeted a lot by fantasy owners. The Colts gave up 27 points which will be on the high end for the Jaguars moving forward. The four sacks by the Colts are favorable when looking at picking up the Titans. The Titans should be able to match that and maybe even come away with a couple of turnovers which the Colts were not able to do.

Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: Los Angeles Chargers
Own %: 20.2

Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs started off the entire NFL season on Thursday by taking down the Texans. The Chiefs have never been the best defensive team as it is their offense that stands out, but they held their own against the Texans and scored in the top eight this week. They managed to sack Deshaun Watson four times and picked him off once. Carrying this type of performance into week 2 will be a big factor. Their opponent, the Chargers, is coming off a poor offensive performance in which they only scored 16 points. They stayed turnover-free but I cannot see Tyrod Taylor staying that way for long. With the Chiefs removing the zero in their turnovers forced column, there will only be more to come.

New York Jets

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Own %: 3.8

New York JetsThe Jets are a very underrated defense. The team is not very good at all, but their defense is where they stand out the most. They are no top defense by any means, but they are the reason why the Jets stand any chance against any team. The Bills hold a very solid offense, but the Jets were still able to get two fumbles and three sacks on them. The 27 points allowed are the only concern. Moving into week 2, they face the 49ers who are not known for putting up a tremendous amount of points. They scored 20 points in week 1 but were also sacked three times with also a blocked kick. The Jets are not the best option available, but if you run out of options, they are a risky but potentially solid option with few eyes on them.

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