Week 2 QB Start, Sit: Quarterback Fantasy Football Strategy – Joe Burrow a Target

Week 1 gave us some surprises, some odd game scripts, and some crazy QB play. Going into Week 2 I am here to help solve all your QB related start/sit questions. If you have one of Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, or Kyler Murray then congrats you have a top QB that is basically a starter every single week. If you are not fortunate enough, or in reality played the draft smart and did not draft a QB early, then continue reading to find out who should be starting and who should be sitting on your fantasy roster for Week 2.

Start Them

Joe Burrow

vs Cleveland Browns

Joe Burrow looked rather impressive in his Week 1 matchup against an elite defense in the Chargers. He drove the ball down the field twice to tie the game, one ending in an unlucky interception and the other with a missed ‘gimmie’ field goal. Rewatching the game there is so much to love with Burrow, he was accurate, decisive, and had good pocket presence. Any mistakes looked to be simple jitters and issues you were going to see without an NFL pre-season.

In this matchup against Cleveland not only will Burrow give you the good running baseline, and he also should be able to connect up with AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, and John Ross for multiple big plays. Cleveland’s secondary looked lost in the matchup against Baltimore and I would argue the Bengals have even more weapons. Have no hesitations starting the rookie this week on Thursday Night Football.


Kirk Cousins

vs Indianapolis Colts

Kirk looked a little spooked at times in the game versus the Packers but made up for it with an incredible garbage time 4th quarter. After watching Minshew shred up the Colts’ secondary I see no reason as to why Cousins will not do the same. The front 7 for the Colts is good enough to force the Vikings to pass; however, I do not think that the Colts’ secondary is good enough to stop them. It is pretty simple logic for this play. The Vikings will not stop the Colts’ offense and the Colts’ secondary will not stop Cousins, it should be a high scoring game all-around.


Gardnew Minshew

vs Tennessee Titans

Minshew looked great in his game against the Colts and I think showed why I have him finishing as a QB 1 this year. The Jacksonville defense did impress in the matchup but I still think that the group is extremely weak. This means high-scoring games where Minshew will be called upon to make plays and make plays he will.

DJ Chark and company are good enough to go up against almost any defense and with the injuries to the Titans secondary this is a prime matchup for them. I fully expect the Jags to lean on the pass and Minshew to score points in this game. Start Minshew knowing he will provide a good baseline and should end up with just as good of a week as the last.


Matt Ryan

vs Dallas Cowboys

Dallas’ D seemingly did well against Goff from a fantasy perspective; however, the secondary looked extremely weak and the problem for fantasy simply came down to the Rams rushing in all their scores. Matt Ryan and his weapons are better than Goff and his. He will outperform Goff and if the touchdowns just revert to the median for the level of production Dallas gave up, Ryan is an easy QB 1 on the week. Do not fear starting Matt Ryan in this game. He will be a good QB1 with a chance to end up in that upper tier with Mahomes and Jackson this week.

Sit Them


Jimmy Garoppolo

vs New York Jets

I have seen a lot of people calling for a Jimmy G play this week against a bad Jets team. However, the Jets are so bad that I am worried about this play. The 49ers want to run the ball and they will have literally zero issues doing so in this game. They will be able to run all over the Jets and Jimmy G will not be needed. Even if he is, this last game against Arizona has scared me. Jimmy Handsome does not look like a good quarterback. I do not see how he will score you big points even in plus matchups. The script is against him and his talent does not warrant a start. There are simpler better plays with higher upside available.


Matthew Stafford

vs Green Bay Packers

This prediction may come back to bite me; however, I just do not see the weapons for the Lions getting open against this tough Packers’ secondary. I think the only way to approach this game for the Lions is try and win it against the weak rush defense of the Packers. Of course, Stafford will still get big shots in the game, but if Golladay is out, where is he going to go with the ball? Marvin Jones with Jarie Alexander draped all over him? I do not think so. Quentez Cephus? Good luck with that.

I think that the best bet for production in the air this game will be TJ Hockenson, but not enough to get excited about starting the QB in Stafford. What you will be hoping for in this game is the Packers to dominate to the extent Stafford is gifted some garbage time TDs like Cousins was last week.

Tyrod Taylor

vs Kansas City

I do not care what the script is, Tyrod Taylor is not good. I made the mistake last week of putting Taylor in my start category against a bad Bengals’ secondary, and honestly just a bad Bengals’ defense in general. It was a bad play. Tyrod Taylor simply cannot produce in real life or fantasy, and if you have any weapons on that Chargers’ offense you better hope Herbert is put in there soon. Maybe Tyrod ends up being an okay play if the Chargers are down HUGE super early in this game. However, that is the only world where he ends up being startable. Stay away from Tyrod Taylor.

Matthew is a UC Berkeley economic and philosophy graduate. He has played DFS, Football pools, and survival leagues for most of his adult life. Matthew brings to the table great strategies for both your GPP and Cash plays as well as a winning track record with his picks of the week.

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