Week 3 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Fantasy Streamers

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There were some crazy scoring games this week. Some expected and some more unexpected. Some defenses looked amazing and lived up to what they are made to be, and some fell apart horribly. In this article, I will be diving into which defenses you should be picking up if they are available. Matchups are key to picking a defense, and I will walk you through what I think are the best matchups.

TeamOpponent% Owned
Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins
San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers
Philadelphia Eagles
Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Falcons
Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Washington Redskins
Chicago Bears

Dallas Cowboys

Opponent: Miami Dolphins
Own %: 33.8

Dallas CowboysThe Cowboys find themselves playing the Miami Dolphins this week. If you ever have the opportunity to pick up a defense playing the Dolphins… DO IT! The Dolphins look absolutely horrendous on offense this year, scoring 10 points over two games. As for the Cowboys, they are coming off a decent game against the Giants. They did not look extremely good as they let Saquon Barkley average 10.9 yards per touch. This week they won’t have to worry about an elite running back. This is your best option for streaming this week.

San Francisco 49ers

Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers
Own %: 12.9

San Francisco 49ersThe 49ers looked very good against the Bengals this week. The Bengals rushed for a combined 25 yards from scrimmage. Moving on to their next opponent, the Steelers, this is looking to be a great matchup. The Steelers have not looked very good so far this year and are not being plagued with injuries. In Week 2, both Ben Roethlisberger and James Conner left the game with injuries. Both are getting evaluated this week and their status is unclear, but the possibility of them not playing makes this matchup that much better.

Houston Texans

Opponent: Los Angeles Chargers
Own %: 56.2

Houston TexansThe Texans shut down the Jaguars last week in a close defensive battle. This week they will be facing the Chargers who struggled against the Lions. Philip Rivers couldn’t figure out how to finish drives and Ekeler had a fumble on the 1-yard line. This combined with a poor performance from the backup kicker, Ty Long, who missed two field goals that ended up costing the game. With the Chargers’ offense looking cold, the Texans are a good option for streaming this week if you can get lucky and pick them up.

Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: Detroit Lions
Own %: 56.3

Philadelphia EaglesThe Eagles have picked off Matt Ryan multiple times in their Sunday night game and have given Carson Wentz plenty of opportunities to pull ahead. They did fall apart on one play that lost them the game, but despite that, they looked great. They will move on to play a Detroit Lions’ offense that seems to only get going in the 2nd half. If the Eagles can hold Matthew Stafford to a limited role, the Eagles will find plenty of success. Stafford threw 2 interceptions in Week 2, so the Eagles can be looking to jump routes and get some turnovers.

Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Atlanta Falcons
Own %: 24.4

Indianpolis ColtsThe Colts held the Titans to 17 points and Mariota to 154 passing yards. The Falcons’ run game is still not put together fully, so Matt Ryan will be the one busy. If the Colts can figure out how to replicate their Week 2 performance for next week, they will find great success. Ryan threw 3 interceptions against the Eagles and looked out of sync in the 2nd half until the game-winning touchdown in the final minutes. This combination of the defense being hot and Ryan being cold, is a perfect matchup for Week 3.

Tennessee Titans

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 53.4

Tennessee TitansThe Titans have not allowed more than 20 points this season and should be able to keep that streak going against the Jaguars. Gardner Minshew, like expected, did not continue his high-efficiency offense style. The Titans will need to tighten up on their run defense if they want to stick in this game. The Colts were able to power their offense through the run, getting 167 yards on the ground. The main goal of the Titans has to be shutting down Fournette. If they can accomplish that, they will be a good option.

Washington Redskins

Opponent: Chicago Bears
Own %: 2.6

Washington RedskinsThe Redskins are nothing special on defense. They have given up 30+ points in both of their games with little success. I am putting them here solely on the matchup. The Bears look horrible offensively. Montgomery has yet to show how crazy he was hyped up to be and Trubisky just looks like garbage so far. There are definitely better options out there for streaming defenses, but if you are in a big league, this is an option for you.

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