Week 3 Quarterback Rankings and Projections: Is Herbert’s stock rising as a fantasy football player?

Want to see more rankings and projections like this? Our NFL fantasy football rankings and projections are updated weekly to keep up to date with each week of the NFL. Make sure to check out the weekly rankings and projections to keep your fantasy football team successful this season. Last week many quarterbacks had very solid fantasy football outings and we should be expecting more fantasy points from key matchups for week three.

RankTierNameWeek 2 Fantasy PointsWeek 3 OpponentWeek 3 Projection
11Russell Wilson33.42vs. Dallas Cowboys38
21Josh Allen34.48vs. Los Angeles Rams36
32Lamar Jackson17.56vs. Kansas City Chiefs35
42Kyler Murray32.14vs. Detroit Lions34
52Patrick Mahomes27.48@ Baltimore Ravens33
63Cam Newton34.58vs. Las Vegas Raiders32
73Dak Prescott39.8@ Seattle Seahawks28
83Matt Ryan28.52vs. Chicago Bears27
94Aaron Rodgers19.2@ New Orleans Saints26
104Ryan Tannehill26.76@ Minnesota Vikings23


Tier One Quarterbacks

At the moment, I think Russell Wilson and Josh Allen are going to separate themselves in the fantasy football category against other quarterbacks. Russell Wilson is putting on his showcase to be in the MVP talks for a second straight year. Josh Allen’s ability to pass the ball just as well as he can run it makes him a deadly fantasy player.

In week three, Russell Wilson will take on the Cowboys at home in an NFC battle. Last week, Wilson posted 288 yards and five touchdowns for a little over 34 points in a tough matchup against the Patriots. Honestly, I was nervous for Wilson and thought he would meet his match against the hardest secondary in the NFL. Clearly, my assumptions were wrong as he put on a show with five touchdowns and only one interception. His matchup against the Cowboys is favorable since they just allowed 39 points to the Falcons. The game should not be a blow out either, making Russell have to pass most of the game.

Josh Allen and the Bills will take on the Los Angeles Rams in week three at home. Allen is yet to throw an interception this season and has added 75 yards rushing with his league-leading 729 passing yards. The Rams have not been giving up a lot of fantasy points to quarterbacks, but I think Josh Allen is ready for the challenge at home in week three.


Tier Two Quarterbacks

While Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes have been slightly disappointing this season for fantasy owners, we know they are still in the top three for best quarterbacks in the NFL. The problem for them, outside of the Chiefs last week, has been that they have been dominating their opponents thus far in the season, giving them no reason to play as hard as they need to. However, now that the two are facing off each other and each of their great defenses, both of them will need to perform and will end up producing in fantasy. I think Lamar will outperform Mahomes in fantasy because he will run the ball more, but Mahomes should be in the top five for fantasy quarterback points in week three.

Kyler Murray is certainly part of the deadly rushing quarterback group that is helping out fantasy owners an unbelievable amount. However, I think the Cardinals have a good chance of going up on the Lions early allowing Murray to relax for the rest of the game. He should still put up top-five fantasy numbers as he has in the first two weeks.


Tier 3 Quarterbacks

Cam Newton and the Patriots will take on the Las Vegas Raiders at home in week three. The Raiders have been an above-average team this year on offense, but I think the Patriots will get the best of their defense by running the offense through Newton. I expect him to remain consistent with top ten fantasy numbers.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons will take on the Chicago Bears at home in week three. Matt Ryan may not always be the best quarterback in the league, but he is always consistently good in fantasy football. His pass-heavy offensive scheme and extremely deep wide receiver core give him the tools to remain successful in Atlanta. The Bears are certainly a defensive challenge, but he put up solid fantasy numbers last week against the Cowboys and in week one against the tough Seattle Seahawks’ defense.

Dak Prescott had a great week last week in the second half after his offense let up three fumbles in the first half. Dak had a league-leading 39.8 fantasy points against the Falcons last week. Seattle poses as a threat on defense and for the Cowboy defense, but I anticipate Prescott will be throwing most of the game and Prescott should put up good fantasy numbers.


Tier 4 Quarterbacks and Notable Names

Aaron Rodgers has one of the most dominant offenses in the league. Last week, it came up all Aaron Jones and not Aaron Rodgers against the Detroit Lions. Rodgers deals with the same issue as Mahomes and Jackson with not needing to contribute as much on offense to win against weaker teams. This week they face the New Orleans Saints which should be more of a challenge than their first two week matchups.

Ryan Tannehill has been quietly been putting up top ten fantasy quarterback numbers behind the works of Derrick Henry and the help of their defense. Last week Tannehill took advantage of the bottom league defense of the Jaguars and put up 26.76 fantasy points. This week the Titans play against the Vikings who struggled a lot last week against the Colts. If the defense can contain the Vikings, as well as the Colts last week, Tannehill will have all game to put up solid fantasy numbers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been putting up starter-like fantasy numbers this year against solid defenses. He struggled in week one, but he put up 24.32 points against the Bills defense. This week they face the Jacksonville Jaguars who have given up a plethora of fantasy points to their opponents. I suspect he will hover around the top ten for fantasy points in week three.

Justin Herbert surprised many people last week by taking over for Tyrod Taylor and putting up 22.24 points against the difficult Kansas City Chiefs defense. If Herbert starts again in week three, he could put up top ten fantasy numbers against the below-average Carolina Panthers defense. He is certainly worth the waiver wire pick up for fantasy teams in need of a quarterback. The only question that remains is: will he play in the weeks to come?

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