Week 4 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Target the Giants’ Offense

The Colts’ defense dominated the Jets last week with two interception returns for a touchdown. In addition, they scored a safety, three total interceptions, and two sacks. If you were lucky enough to draft the Colts, you will like the upcoming schedule against the Bears, Browns, and Bengals who have all struggled on offense so far this season. Fulfilling my prediction last week, the Buccaneers were the top waiver wire add with second-most points. It has now been back-to-back weeks of success for the Buccaneers’ defense. Are they a defense to continue to look out for moving forward? As we go into week 4, we are beginning to see the best matchups to target as well as the defenses that may have gone overlooked. Looking at the defenses under 50% owned, here are the top defense waiver wire adds for week 4.

TeamOpponentOwn %
Los Angeles RamsNew York Giants20.5
Carolina PanthersArizona Cardinals0.8
Denver BroncosNew York Jets41.9
Seattle SeahawksMiami Dolphins24.3
Philadelphia EaglesSan Francisco 49ers23.8
Cincinnati BengalsJacksonville Jaguars2.3

Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: New York Giants
Own %: 20.5

Los Angeles RamsThe Rams have made it onto my list before a couple of weeks ago and managed to put up a decent amount of points. For the most part, they have been an average defense but have not failed to produce thus far. This week, the Rams have a favorable matchup against the Giants who are dealing with the loss of Saquon Barkley. The 49ers held them to just nine points with three turnovers last week in their first full week without him. The most points they have scored in a game is just 16 points. The Rams have shown that they can produce some numbers on defense even when they have faced some tougher offenses, so there is no reason to believe that they will not take advantage of the matchup in front of them.

Carolina Panthers

Opponent: Arizona Cardinals
Own %: 0.8

Carolina PanthersThe Panthers have been improving each week after a bad start to the season. They had a great game last week against the Chargers in which they had their season-best in every category. They gave up just 16 points while recording two sacks and four turnovers. They took advantage of the Chargers’ quarterback situation and have shown that they create turnovers. This will be important in next week’s game against the Cardinals. The Cardinals played the Lions last week, who have been the worst defense in the league, and threw three interceptions. With the Panthers on a roll with creating turnovers and the Cardinals coming off a lackluster offensive performance, the Panthers are a solid option going into week 4.

Denver Broncos

Opponent: New York Jets
Own %: 41.9

Denver BroncosThe Broncos have never been a complete bust so far this year but also have not boomed. They have kept high-rated offenses to average scores but have only collected two turnovers at this point in the season. The pass rush has been fairly weak as well with only four sacks. For whatever reason, their ownership is still high for how unimpressive they have been. Week 4 will be the best week to own them as they square off against the Jets. The Jets have served as a great matchup against the Bucs, 49ers, and Bills in the weeks they played. For the Bills and Bucs, it was their most successful matchup through three weeks, and the 49ers second-best matchup. The Jets have a hard time scoring points which greatly benefits all opposing defenses no matter how highly ranked they are.

Seattle Seahawks

Opponent: Miami Dolphins
Own %: 24.3

Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks had arguably the toughest matchup last week against the Cowboys who have continued to put up monster games each week. While the score did run up during the game, the Seahawks’ defense managed to put up numbers to balance it out and even ended with an above-average score. They have at least had one sack and one turnover in every game this season and managed to get a block and a safety last week. The Dolphins have shown improvement as a team over the past weeks in terms of their offense, but it is hard to imagine that Ryan Fitzpatrick can keep up the “Fitz-magic”. We have seen in the past where he heats up then cools down and as they face the Seahawks who have such a strong offense, their team will likely crumble, leaving the Seahawks’ defense a good choice this week.

Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Own %: 23.8

Philadelphia EaglesWhat the Eagles have struggled with is forcing turnovers as they have only accumulated one so far this season. Where they have excelled is in sacks. Last week, they exploded in the category with eight sacks against Joe Burrow and the Bengals. Jimmy Garoppolo sat out last week for the 49ers who ended up finding great success nonetheless against the weak Giants’ defense. The Eagles are a far better defense who would pose a much bigger threat to Nick Mullens if he were to play. The matchup is not as great as the momentum will be for the Eagles coming off a good week 3. This is a pickup that is for those in deeper leagues who have run out of the better options above,

Cincinnati Bengals

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
Own %: 2.3

Cincinnati BengalsThe Bengals have been an up and down team so far this year on defense. They are coming off a better game against the Eagles last week in which they created two interceptions and three sacks. The Dolphins beat up on the Jaguars last week who are now traveling into Cincinnati. The Bengals will have the opportunity to capitalize on the Jaguars’ recent decline. While they are not a team I would be specifically targeting, their favorable matchup is one to go after if all else fails and there are no better options out there. They are not a reliable defense, but this week could be the diamond in the rough.

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