Week 5 Fantasy Football PPR Streamers: Bye Week 5 Prep

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The Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins are the two teams with a bye in week 5. This isn’t going to pose much of a problem for most fantasy owners, as these teams don’t have a ton of fantasy hard-hitters, especially the Dolphins. However, you may be down a running back in Kenyan Drake, a quarterback in Matthew Stafford, or even a receiver with the Lions’ productive receivers being out. Here are some suggestions for replacing those players you might be missing in week 5.

Golden Tate

If you have one of the Lions receivers as a WR1 or WR2 and are looking for a replacement, Golden Tate might be your pick. He’s coming off of his four game suspension into a promising Giants offense. The Giants offense has been looking good since Daniel Jones took over, and they’ve won both of the games they’ve played with him at the helm. They already have a couple of powerful receivers with Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram, and adding Tate into this mix is going to make their offense even more powerful. Look out for Tate in their upcoming game against a strong Vikings defense.

Philip Dorsett

Dorsett has been getting a lot of targets in New England. New England is going up against Washington this Sunday. While nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the Patriots are going to put up big points against the Redskins. Dorsett has been doing well for the Patriots, with 15 receptions, 197 yards, and three touchdowns. He didn’t perform too well against the Bills in week 4, but I wouldn’t let that dissuade you from picking him up. He’s talented, he gets a lot of targets, and he’s part of a very high powered offense. Plus, he’s going up against the Redskins. A receiver under a Tom Brady offense against a middle-ranking pass defense should be an easy pickup. Plus, the Patriots have a relatively “easy” schedule going forward, so Dorsett might be someone you’d like to pick up anyway.

Daniel Jones

If you’re looking for a quarterback to replace Matthew Stafford for the week, you might want to check out Daniel Jones. Jones has been making waves in his first couple of starts in the NFL. Leading his team to a great comeback win against the Buccaneers, then nearly blowing out the Redskins, Daniel Jones couldn’t really ask for a better start to his career as an NFL starter. Jones went 23/36, 336 yards, 2 touchdowns, no interceptions, plus 28 yards rushing for 2 rushing touchdowns in his first career start. He put up less impressive numbers against the Redskins, however, at 23/31 for 225 yards, one touchdown and 2 interceptions. He ran the ball 5 times, gaining 33 yards. Still an impressive performance from Daniel Jones, especially for a second career start. Daniel Jones is a pretty safe pickup, and depending on how he continues to play, might even replace your starting quarterback.

Ronald Jones II

If you need a running back to replace Kenyan Drake, check out Ronald Jones II. Ronald Jones II is looking like an addition that should be made pretty soon. Peyton Barber has been putting up some disappointing numbers this season. Jones, on the other hand, has been putting up better numbers as the season progresses. This is in part due to the coaches giving him more chances at the ball after Barber’s less than ideal performances. He’s been capitalizing on these opportunities, and may very well be the Buccaneers’ new starting running back in the near future. The Buccaneers are starting to look like a powerful offense this year, putting up 55 points against the Rams last week. Jones II might be a very worthwhile pick to replace Drake, and for the future of your team.

Ito Smith

Ito Smith is another good choice to patch up any running back sized holes that might have been left in your roster this week. Ito Smith shares the ball with Freeman in the Falcons offense. Surprisingly, the Falcons have been giving Ito Smith the ball in more goal line/redzone situations than they have to Freeman, despite Freeman being larger. This gives Smith the potential to score a lot of fantasy points. Smith might be seeing the ball more in the future. Except for a big game in week 3, Freeman has put up some less-than-ideal numbers throughout the season, while Smith has been pretty efficient with the carries he’s gotten. Ito Smith is a promising add to your fantasy team, considering the possibility that the Falcons go with him more and more as the season progresses.

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