Week 5 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Dak Prescott coming alive for fantasy owners

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RankTierNameWeek 4 Fantasy PointsWeek 5 OpponentWeek 5 Projection
11Russell Wilson20.9vs. Minnesota Vikings34
21Dak Prescott37.28vs. New York Giants33.5
31Josh Allen25.42@Tennessee Titans31.5
42Lamar Jackson25.02vs. Cincinnati Bengals29
52Patrick Mahomes20.2vs. Las Vegas Raiders26
62Kyler Murray23.12@New York Jets25
73Matt Ryan12.4vs. Carolina Panthers24
83Deshaun Watson20.9vs. Jacksonville Jaguars22
94Justin Herbert23@New Orleans Saints21
104Teddy Bridgewater26.24@Atlanta Falcons20

Tier One Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson finally showed that he is human in terms of fantasy football. He had a down week of 20.9 points last week against Miami but has still averaged over 30 points on the season. It would be difficult to leave him out of the #1 spot for fantasy football rankings, especially when he goes against a weak Minnesota Vikings defense next week. His team is staying healthy and dominant, while the defense is still letting up a healthy amount of points to their opponents which has been making him have to perform through every game.

Dak Prescott struggled in week one against the Los Angeles Rams, but since then, he has put up fantasy points in the top five of quarterbacks every week. His defense is also one of the worst in the league, which similarly to Wilson, makes him have to work through every game. I expect him to have a solid week against an atrocious New York Giants team.

Josh Allen has been extremely consistent for fantasy football this season. Week four was the first week he was not in the top three for quarterback fantasy points, even though he ranked fifth this past week. The Titans could be a slight challenge compared to what the Bills have seen in their opponents this season. The Bills will want to secure their undefeated record and will continue to run the offense through Josh Allen.

Tier Two Quarterbacks

Lamar Jackson had a bounce-back week last week after being held to under 100 passing yards against the Chiefs in week three. He put up 25 fantasy points against the Washington Football team off of 193 passing yards, 53 rushing yards, and three total touchdowns. Next week, Lamar and the Ravens will stay at home to face the Cincinnati Bengals. The hope is that Burrow helps to put up some points to keep Lamar active in the game and set him up for another top-five fantasy week.

Patrick Mahomes has been in and out of fantasy football consistency this season so far. Whether it’s not needing to play with full energy against mediocre teams or being held by solid defenses like the New England Patriots, Mahomes has not been living up to his preseason fantasy value. However, next week they have an interesting divisional matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, who have been productive on offense enough to make an interesting run against the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

Kyler Murray started off the season hot but has fallen to under top-five quarterback fantasy numbers in the past two weeks. He has averaged around 22 points in the past two weeks after averaging above 30 in the first two weeks. Next week, the Cardinals face off against the New York Jets, who are still winless on the season. Also ,the Jets may be without Sam Darnold, who has carried the Jets’ offense to stay in their games, due to a shoulder injury during the game last week. I expect Kyler Murray to go back to putting up top-five fantasy numbers in week five.

Tier Three Quarterbacks

Matt Ryan expectedly struggled against the Green Bay Packers in week four on Monday night. He was held to 14.2 fantasy points and struggled to get throws to his receiving core. The Falcons did suffer a tough loss of Julio Jones after the first half due to a hamstring injury and Calvin Ridley did not have a single catch against the Packers. Despite the adversity against a very tough defense, the Falcons are in a must-win situation next week against division rival Carolina Panthers. The Falcons are due for a win and can certainly grab one against a below-average Panther team.

Deshaun Watson has been seriously struggling this season in fantasy football. He is ranked 12th in total fantasy points on the season when last year he finished 4th in the league for fantasy points. Now, Bill O’Brien has been relieved of his coaching and managerial duties after starting off the season 0-4. Maybe this change could help Watson turn the offense around for the coming weeks ahead. Nonetheless, the Texans face off against the Jaguars at home, who have been very generous to opposing quarterbacks in fantasy football. Watson should produce a top-ten fantasy week next week.

Tier Four Quarterbacks

Justin Herbert has been a solid replacement for the Chargers after losing Tyrod Taylor to injury. He is just outside the top 15 quarterbacks in the last two weeks for fantasy points after putting up 23 points against the Buccaneers. Last week, I said he should put up top-ten numbers against the Bucs, and he came through. This week, against a similarly poor New Orleans’ Saints passing defense, he should be able to produce in or around the top ten for fantasy points.

Teddy Bridgewater has been a dark horse quarterback this season. He is ranked in the top ten in yards, completions, and completion percentage. However, his kryptonite has been leaving himself short in passing touchdowns, with only four on the season. That being said, the Panthers are going up against arguably the worst defense in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons. I expect Bridgewater to be successful against an atrocious Falcon defense.

Honorable Mentions

Jared Goff should arguably be in the top ten this week after being in the top five of fantasy quarterbacks in the last two weeks. He will go up against the Washington Football Team, who is below-average at containing opposing quarterbacks in fantasy football. Look for Goff to have the potential at continuing his hot streak and landing in the top ten. The only thing that keeps him out is his inconsistency.

The Miami Dolphins have started off their season 1-3 after only beating the Jacksonville Jaguars in week three. After yet another loss to the Seattle Seahawks, there have been possible conversations about whether or not it’s time for rookie Tua Tagovaiola to see the field. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been an above-average quarterback for fantasy football this season, ranking ninth on the season in points, but the chance of his new teammate seeing the field is concerning for the future. Nevertheless, the Dolphins are also facing a tough 49er defense that has allowed some of the least amount of fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks.

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