Week 5 Kicker Rankings: Fantasy Kickers Pickups & Streamers

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Week 5 brings an interesting twist for fantasy owners at an unexpected position: kicker. With Stephen Gostkowski put on IR due to a season-ending hip operation in his near future, one of fantasy’s most consistent kickers is out.

NameTeamOpponentFAAB Own %
Joey SlyePanthersJaguars42%
Harrison ButkerChiefsColts98%
Justin TuckerRavensSteelers98%
Greg ZuerleinRamsSeahawks99%
Will LutzSaintsBuccaneers94%
Matt GayBuccaneersSaints23%
Josh LamboJaguarsPanthers8%
Zane GonzalezCardinalsBengals49%
Eddy PineiroBearsRaiders4%
Patriots KickerPatriotsRedskinsN/A

Joey Slye, Carolina Panthers

Opponent: Jaguars

Ownership: 42%

Slye has one of the highest field goal completion percentages this season, at 91%. He also comes in at 2.75 field goal attempts per game, which is the second highest number in the league. Furthermore, he ties for first in the league with his 2.5 field goals made per game. Not only does Slye get the most field goal attempts per game, but he also makes the most per game. He gets solid numbers on extra points as well, going 9 for 9. Slye is a great player to have on your fantasy team.

Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: Colts

Ownership: 98%

Harrison Butker is always going to be high on this list. The Chiefs are tied for the most points scored in the league. With a high powered offense like theirs, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for Butker to hit extra points (Butker leads the league in extra point attempts with 16%, and ties for first in extra points made with 15%), and even field goals when Mahomes and that Chiefs offense can’t make it to the end zone.

Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

Opponent: Steelers

Ownership: 98%

The case for Justin Tucker is very much the same as the one for Harrison Butker. The Ravens are on the other end of the tie for most points scored with 135. Therefore, Harrison Butker is going to get a lot of points from extra points and field goals. He’s placed under Butker on this list because the Ravens haven’t looked as powerful in weeks 2, 3, and 4 as they did in week one, when they put up 59 points against the Dolphins. He is, however, 100% accurate so far this season, and still part of a high-powered offense, so expect big points from Tucker.

Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams

Opponent: Seahawks

Ownership: 99%

Greg Zuerlein hasn’t earned the nickname “Greg the Leg” for nothing. Zuerlein has been very consistent this year hitting 9 for 11 field goals. However, what’s more impressive is his ability to nail long field goals, earning his nickname. Zurelein is the first NFL player to hit a 60 yard field goal and a 50 yard field goal in the same game, a record he set in 2012, his rookie year. His career long is 61 yards in 2015, and nailed his 3rd longest kick, a 58 yarder, this season. His consistency from range puts him at number 3, especially when paired with a powerful offense like the Rams.

Will Lutz, New Orleans Saints

Opponent: Buccaneers

Ownership: 94%

Will Lutz has also been really consistent this year. 10 for 11 on field goals and 6 for 7 on extra points, putting near the top of the league for field goal percentage with Joey Slye at 91%. Also part of an elite offense, he’s going to get a lot of chances at the ball just like Butker, Tucker, and Zuerlien will. However, with Drew Brees out for another month or so, the Saints offense has been thrown for a bit of a loop. They looked good in their week 4 matchup, and it looks like Teddy Bridgewater has gotten into the swing of things, so their offense might not take that much of a hit without Brees. That being said, Lutz is going to get a lot of chances, and his stats show he will nail them.

Matt Gay, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Opponent: Saints

Ownership: 23%

The Buccaneers offense is starting to look dangerous. Putting up 55 points against the Rams is certainly not an easy feat; putting up 55 points against any team (except, maybe, the Dolphins. Sorry Miami) is no easy feat. Matt Gay hasn’t proved quite as accurate as the other guys on this list, going 9 for 11 on field goals and 12 for 14 on extra points, but if the Buccaneers offense keeps improving at the rate it’s going, Matt Gay is going to get a lot more chances at the ball, and will be hitting most of those.

Josh Lambo, Jacksonville Jaguars

Opponent: Jaguars

Ownership: 8%

Josh Lambo is another one of the six kickers with a 100% accurate season. He also has 10 field goal attempts, which is the third highest in the league. With 100% accuracy and 10 attempts on the season so far, Lambo should probably land higher on this list. Unfortunately, the Jaguars’ quarterback Gardner Minshew has injured his leg and may be out on Sunday; or worse, for multiple weeks. This would be a huge loss for the Jaguars, and their offense would certainly take a hit, giving Josh Lambo fewer chances in the future.

Zane Gonzalez, Arizona Cardinals

Opponent: Bengals

Ownership: 49%

Gonzalez sits in an interesting place. He’s not like Butker, Tucker, or Zuerlien, where he gets a lot of attempts due to his team’s high powered offense. Instead, his team is good enough to get into field goal range but pretty bad in the red zone, giving Gonzales a lot of chances. In fact, he leads the league in field goal attempts per game, with 3.

Eddy Pineiro, Chicago Bears

Opponent: Raiders

Ownership: 4%

After being kicked out of the playoffs due to the infamous “double doink” from their previous kicker, who the kicker would be for Chicago was a huge question coming into 2019. Pineiro, so far, has shown up for the Bears. 8 for 9 on field goals and 6 for 6 on extra points, he’s been the reliable kicker they were looking for. Chicago is looking like one of the best teams in the league at the moment, so Pineiro is going to be a pretty reliable choice.

Whoever the kicker is for the Patriots

Opponent: Redskins

Ownership: N/A

We don’t know yet who will be taking Gostkowski’s place in New England. However, we do know that the Patriots are undoubtedly one of the most powerful offenses in the league. We also know that they have great staff, so whoever is chosen to replace Gostkowski will be coached very well. He sits at number 10 for now as we don’t even know who will be kicking, let alone if they’re reliable. We do know, however, that he will be coached very well, and will be getting a lot of chances, which makes him a pretty reliable choice for your team.

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