Week 5 RB Waiver Pickups & Adds: Running Back Fantasy FAAB Bids

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Running backs have been a very sought after position in fantasy this year. Especially with Barkley going down for a month, many owners are looking for replacements for injured or otherwise underperforming running backs. Here are some recommendations for those who are still looking for a good pick up.

Frank GoreBillsTitans656%
Ronald Jones II BuccaneersSaints442%
Darrel WilliamsCheifsColts644%
Nyheim HeinsColtsCheifs438%
Ito SmithFalconsTexans514%
Gus EdwardsRavensSteelers29%
Ryquell ArmsteadJaguarsPanthers22%

Frank Gore

Frank Gore was on this list last week, but his ownership percentage has been creeping up since last week so it’s important to hop on Gore before it’s too late. Gore had a huge game last week, getting 109 yards on 17 carries for an average of 6.4 yards per carry. What’s more, is that he did this against the New England Patriots’ rush defense, which (before the matchup against the Bills) was ranked number one in the league. Gore’s performance actually knocked the Patriots rush defense down a ranking, just a couple of yards below the Buccaneers. Gore is a great player, and the Bills offense looks promising this year. Gore is definitely a pickup you should consider before it’s too late, as he’s going fast and putting up big yardage.

Ronald Jones II

Another member of the list from last week, Ronald Jones II is looking like another addition that should be made sooner rather than later. His ownership percentage has almost doubled since last week, now in the low 40s. Ronald Jones is not just a potentially good pickup because of his performance as of late, but also because of Peyton Barber’s disappointing performances throughout the season. Against the Rams on Sunday, Jones had 19 carries for 70 yards and a touchdown, while Barber only went 9-19-1. The tides seem to be shifting compared to earlier in the season when Barber was getting more touches. Over the past two weeks, Jones has been getting more touches and putting up bigger numbers, and therefore might be a good addition to your roster.

Ito Smith

Ito Smith had more carries and more yards in the beginning of the season than Davonta Freeman did. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry in week 1 against the Vikings, and 8 yards per carry in week 2 against the Eagles, two very respectable rush defenses. What’s unfortunate about Ito Smith is that he hasn’t been getting the ball a lot. In those two great performances, he only got 6 and 4 carries, respectively. Then, Davonta Freeman put up big numbers against the Colts in week 3, and Ito only touched the ball once. In week 4, the Falcons stuck with Freeman again with disappointing results, taking his 12 carries only 28 yards for an average of 2.3 yards per rush. Due to his efficiency, and Freeman’s disappointing numbers so far this season (except for week 3) Smith may be seeing the ball more throughout the season. Furthermore, he is being given the ball in the redzone a lot, picking up a touchdown in their week 4 matchup. Ito may be a good player to look out for if Freeman can’t run against the Texans.

Nyheim Hines

Hines hasn’t been getting many touches this season. However, he got more involved and put up his biggest numbers of the season last week, getting more touches due to Mack’s injury. Hines is an especially good pickup for PPR leagues. He only went 3 carries for 6 yards on Sunday, but went 6 catches for 39 yards. In a PPR league, that’s just above 10 points on his performance. However, with Mack still looking a little questionable due to his injury, it’s looking like Hines may be getting the ball a little more, and if he can prove himself effective like he did on Sunday, he could have a chance at being a really good pickup.

Darrel Williams

As long as Damien Williams is out, Darrel Williams is a good addition to your team. Damien Williams is questionable to return in Week 5, which is why Darrel Williams is on this list. Darrel Williams was very important in Sunday’s close matchup between the Chiefs and the Lions. While he only rushed for 13 yards on 8 carries, he scored two touchdowns off of them. He also had 3 receptions for 43 yards. He put up 18.6 points in PPR leagues on Sunday, a big game for somebody who was barely seeing the ball earlier in the season. I’d highly suggest picking up Darrel Williams for the foreseeable future, as he’s looking really effective in the high-powered Chiefs offense.

Gus Edwards

Gus Edwards is more of a backup add. Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram are obviously the leading rushers for the team, leaving Gus Edwards with few carries. However, he took 6 carries for 28 yards against a great Cleveland Browns rush defense on Sunday. If Ingram ever goes down, Edwards is up. And with a team like the Ravens which is designed to run the ball and does so very powerfully, if Ingram does succumb to an injury, Edwards is going in and will most likely be racking up big numbers under the Ravens’ play design.

Ryquell Armstead

Ryquell had a promising performance against the Broncos but was overshadowed by Leonard Fournette. Fournette had a monstrous game on Sunday, taking 29 carries 225 yards for an average 7.8 yards per carry. Armstead, however, had 8 carries for 42 yards and a single reception for 7. Next, the Jaguars are going up against the Panthers, who are in the bottom 10 rush defenses. After showing promise against the Broncos, Armstead could be getting the ball more this week against the Panthers, and has the potential to put up some big numbers.

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