Week 6 Defense (DEF/DST) Waiver Wire Pickups: Fantasy Streamers

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If you streamed the Eagles this week, you made out amazingly this week. I did include them on my list last week, so maybe I have a clue of what I’m doing. Again, I will be going over the defenses that you will want to be picking up this week if you’re streaming defenses. I don’t pick defenses owned in over 60% of leagues, but if you find a top defense available, pick them up first. Here is my top defense waiver wire adds for Week 6.

TeamOpponent% Owned
Dallas CowboysNew York Jets38.9
Washington RedskinsMiami Dolphins4.4
Pittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Chargers25.2
Carolina PanthersTampa Bay Buccaneers52.3
Denver BroncosTennessee Titans20.7
Baltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals47
New York JetsDallas Cowboys9.1

Dallas Cowboys

Opponent: New York Jets
Own %: 38.9

Dallas CowboysBased on what happened last week, the Cowboys have the best matchup this week. The Jets gave up two touchdowns to the Eagles defense last week along with only 6 points against and 10 sacks. While it was still Luke Falk at quarterback for the Jets which might not be the case next week, this is still a great matchup. Even if Sam Darnold is cleared to come back, the Jets’ offense has not looked good. The Cowboys aren’t new to facing good matchups as they have had debatably the easiest schedule so far.

Washington Redskins

Opponent: Miami Dolphins
Own %: 4.4

Washington RedskinsThe Redskins don’t have a very special defense, but it’s hard to pass up the team that plays the Dolphins. In Week 4, the Redskins pulled out 4 turnovers against the Giants which is a more comparable kind of team to the Dolphins. The Dolphins are coming off their bye week so there is nothing to go off for them. Have they improved or are they the same Dolphins that we have seen all year? I highly doubt that they have been able to change anything productively and will continue to be the same Dolphins that have looked horrible offensively.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Opponent: Los Angeles Chargers
Own %: 25.2

Pittsburgh SteelersThe Steelers are coming off a big game against the Ravens where they picked Lamar Jackson off 3 times. While the defense wasn’t able to pull through in overtime, they did all they could for their undrafted quarterback. They also picked up 5 sacks in their efforts. On the other side of the ball, the Chargers’ offense looked horrible in their last game against the Broncos. Philip Rivers got picked off twice and they had a field goal blocked. This is a good situation for the Steelers which makes them a good streaming option this week.

Carolina Panthers

Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Own %: 52.3

Carolina PanthersThe Panthers have been and are still one of the top fantasy scoring defenses in the league, yet they are barely owned in over half of leagues. In my fantasy league, they are ranked number 4 which makes no sense why they aren’t owned in at least 80% of leagues. They have yet to put up a bad week this season which only amazes me further of why they aren’t owned more. The Buccaneers are a good offense but very reliant on their passing game. The Panthers ranked number 3 in terms of passing yards allowed per game which is perfect for this matchup.

Denver Broncos

Opponent: Tennessee Titans
Own %: 20.7

Denver BroncosThe Broncos had a real strong game against the Chargers last week. They had 2 interceptions and a blocked field goal. They held a very good offense with many weapons to 13 points. The Titans are coming off a similar week which looks good for the Broncos in this matchup. The Titans only managed to score one touchdown and Mariota came back down to earth after his huge game. He was held to only 183 passing yards. All of this leads to the Broncos defense performing above expectations again for a consecutive week.

Baltimore Ravens

Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals
Own %: 47

Baltimore RavensThe Ravens started the season as the defense to pick up. They looked amazing out of the gate but haven’t been themselves the last few weeks. Last week, they had a much better performance against the Steelers to regain their confidence with 2 turnovers and a sack. This was in large part into Mason Rudolph’s injury but this should be a momentum booster for them moving into another divisional game, this time at home. The Bengals have been a very hit or miss kind of team and most have missed. This week looks to be a rebound week for the Ravens.

New York Jets

Opponent: Dallas Cowboys
Own %: 9.1

New York JetsThe Jets is a team that you wouldn’t expect a good defense out of since their offense is so miserable, but they do have a top fantasy scoring defense. Despite the Eagles scoring 31 points, the Jets’ defense only gave up 19 of those, 2 of those being extra points off defensive touchdowns. They aren’t a bad defense and are facing a Cowboys’ offense that struggled early last week against the Packers. They picked it up in the end, but Dak Prescott had 3 interceptions and was sacked 3 times. While the final score might not be pretty, they will get some points from turnovers and sacks.

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