Week 6 Fantasy Football PPR Streamers: Bye Week 6 Prep

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The Bills, Bears, Colts, and Raiders all have a bye in week 6. These teams all have some pretty productive players, and some of your starting players might be out this week. If your roster’s taken a hit and you’re lacking players for Sunday, here are some suggestions for players you could throw in there to help you get a win.

Gerald Everett

A lot of people, including myself, have Raiders TE Darren Waller on their roster. Therefore, a lot of people are going to be looking for somebody to fill in while he’s on his bye week. If this includes you, check out Gerald Everett. Everett has 19 targets over the past three games. The Rams, usually a run-heavy team, have been pass heavy as of late due to Gurley’s lingering injury. He had a huge game against the Seahawks, catching the ball 7 times for 136 yards, the most yards for a Rams receiver that game. While he may not get a ton of targets, he’s clearly effective with the receptions he gets. The TE pool is pretty small this year and you’re not going to be getting a ton of points from any waivered TE, but with an ownership percentage at 40% Everett is a pretty great option who has a 60% chance of being available to you.

Ito Smith

Josh Jacobs is another player a lot of you might be replacing. He’s made a pretty effective RB1 or RB2 this year and a lot of people are going to be feeling his absence. As the writer of the RB waiver wire pickups articles, I know that the free agent pool for running backs has run pretty dry already. Ito Smith is a back that I’ve been recommending for the past couple of weeks. His ownership percentage still sits around 14%, so he should be available to you. Smith has been getting numbers that are on par with, if not better than, Davonte Freeman’s stats. He is also chosen sometimes for redzone runs despite being smaller than Freeman, and therefore has the potential to have some pretty big games.

Malcolm Brown

If you’re not convinced with Ito Smith, check out Malcolm Brown for this week. Todd Gurley has an injury to his quadricep and hasn’t practiced for the past couple of days. McVay says he would like him to play on Sunday, but my guess is that even if he plays, he’s going to be splitting carries with Malcolm Brown. The Rams won’t want to aggravate Gurley’s injury. Brown hasn’t been getting many carries so far this season, but he got 11 in week 1 and took them for 53 yards and two touchdowns. From what he showed in week 1, he has the talent. Brown just needs the opportunity to showcase it, and there’s a high chance he’ll be getting that opportunity on Sunday.

Mohamed Sanu

If you’re missing any wide receivers this week, check out Sanu. Atlanta is a pass-heavy team, meaning that there’s already a higher chance of Sanu getting targets. Last week, Sanu went 5 for 42 yards and a touchdown, a pretty good point haul for somebody you might pick up off the waiver wire. One downside is that with a lot of talented receivers like Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, Matt Ryan is going to be splitting targets so Sanu is not as likely to get as many targets as one would hope. However, they’re going up against a Cardinals secondary that’s in the bottom 10 for average yards per game, so you can expect a big air performance from the Falcons and therefore a better chance of Sanu getting points.

The Cowboys Defense

I usually wouldn’t put a defense on a list like this, but the Bears are on a bye week and therefore a lot of people are going to be looking for a defense to fill their spot. The Cowboys are playing the Jets on Sunday. The Jets, one of four remaining winless teams this season, are last in the league for average yards per game with only 113.5, and second in total points with 39. While they will be getting Darnold back this Sunday, his absence obviously wasn’t the only thing preventing their offense from doing well. Plus, Darnold hasn’t played since week 1. I don’t think Darnold is going to come in off of a 5 week break and immediately start chucking bombs and putting up huge numbers, even if he has the potential to later in the season. I’m expecting the Cowboys defense to pick up some respectable points off of Darnold and the Jets on Sunday.

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